How to choose the best hearing aid — which are considered good

Which hearing AIDS are considered the best?

In the 21st century, increasingly there is a health problem ears. Most often, the problem relates to the elderly, however, the recent increase of hearing loss in young people. The cause of the problem lies in the trauma on the ear or in the case of complications inflammation.

In case of ineffectiveness of drug therapy, the patients are auditory devices. In this article we examine the question of which hearing AIDS are considered the best. This is a really important question, because from the comfort and convenience of the fixtures depend on many aspects of human life.

About hearing devices and its types

Choose your hearing aid device is quite difficult, because in the modern world there are several hundred thousand species. For assistance in choosing the best hearing aid you must consult a doctor, audiologist.

Since this device should meet certain modern standards, it is important to understand that the choice of a good hearing aid is an important thing that must be taken seriously.

In order to determine whether adaptations need to pass the examination. Audiometry will determine the level of perceived sounds. In the case of an inability to hear sounds below twenty decibels, the patient needs to choose the device that meets your specific requirements and classifications.

There are several criteria that have been developed by experts and scientists through case studies. Therefore, when choosing a device to maintain the hearing it is important to examine the basic requirements for the fixture.

Be aware that the limits between zero and twenty decibels is considered normal hearing.

  1. In the case of the hearing level is between 20 and 50 is considered to be a slight deviation.
  2. Medium – from 50 to 70 decibels.
  3. In the case of from 70 to 90 severe hearing loss.
  4. Above 90 decibels, there is complete deafness.

After conducting research and determine the type of hearing loss, the doctor prescribes a hearing aid. It is of two types:

  • digital;
  • analog.

When choosing the first type should be considered the basis of his actions. So, digital camera specializiruetsya on the increase of the low frequencies.

Incoming sounds are defined at sound sound and human speech.

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As a result the person gets legible human speech and reduce noise and extraneous sounds. Visually, the device resembles a small computer forms.

The distinctive form of such a device is that the device automatically increases the sound of those waves, which fell on the ear itself.

Therefore, they are considered the best hearing AIDS. It can be applied frequent headaches, as well as people suffering from hypertension.

It is worth noting that the drug can be adjusted individually.

If you select the analog or handheld devices notes easy to use and its affordable pricing.

The device main function is to amplify as noise and speech patterns. This is the main drawback of the fixture, as the constant noise irritate people.

Pay attention to this when buying the device. Remember that the main function of the hearing device, the noise reduction and the strengthening of human speech.

Additional criteria

In addition, there are several criteria that you need to pay attention when choosing the device a hearing.

There are two types of hearing devices:

  • mono;
  • stereo.

So, in the case of a hearing aid on the ear allows you to quickly analyze human speech. In addition, binaural use of the device allows you to:

  1. To facilitate sound localization.
  2. Each ear is functioning with the same load.
  3. In the case of using two devices at once, easier to distribute the height of the sounds.

Remember that stereo devices not designed for mass use. In addition, the pricing policy in this case is much higher. So before buying this type of device talk with your doctor.


In addition to the functionality of the fixture, the important design of the hearing aid. Today in the market of hearing aid there are three types:

  1. In-ear fit. They differ from other types by its size. Considered that they are the most small and convenient as it is placed in the ear canal. So they are not visible to an outsider. However, in-ear devices have some limitations in its capacity and require special care.
  2. Back view enjoys no less demand. They are located behind the ears and in the ear canal sent a small tube that is behind the ear liner. From other species, e.g., from in-the-ear, they are smaller in size, but despite this they are among the most powerful.
  3. In-ear device is on the ear and inside the ear canal. They differ from other large sizes, but because of this they have more power.
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Remember to pick up hearing aid device, you must use the doctor Sokolova. Each individual drug, and the patient there is a specific purpose.

When choosing you must consider the ease of fit when worn, as the auditory device is used daily.

Power hearing devices

After choosing the design and type, note the power of the unit. Choosing a hearing device, pay attention to a sufficient supply of power. As loss of hearing acuity over time only increases, power devices must be quite high.

Before purchasing a device, review the following features:

  1. On the unit there should be several channels. It is necessary to configure the device.
  2. The device must be capable of amplifying multiple frequencies simultaneously. The phone needs to preserve the naturalness of the sound waves.
  3. One of the main characteristics of the apparatus to maintain the hearing ability of anti-noise and extraneous sounds. This function is necessary for the intelligibility of human speech in many extraneous sounds, such as when a person is in places where a large number of people.
  4. The machine needs to be microphones. They are of two types: undirected and with a specific range.

On some devices there are additional features that were not described above. So, some digital devices have the ability to tune on the acoustic environment, and some species are regulated independently or through a special panel.

In some cases, the devices possess the function of wireless signal transmission. Because of this they can be linked to computers, tablets or mobile phones.

The best of the company’s hearing instruments

When choosing a hearing aid for the elderly need to pay attention to the well-known brand, as this tool is used daily.

Among the world’s producers noted the company «Phonak», «Siemens», «Widex». Among other global firms, there are also decent machines that with care relate to the consumer.

When choosing also pay attention to quality assurance and service system. So, in the event of failure of the device y company must present centers for repair. Therefore, preferring the company is unknown in Russia, you may encounter a maintenance issue.

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Hearing AIDS for young people

Considered the best vehicles for young people produces a firm «Siemens». The company’s products is affordability. Thus, the average price of the machine varies from four thousand. The maximum price of a hearing aid up to eighty thousand rubles.

The devices of this company are compact and reliable. These factors, they have earned the trust of customers.

Among the Russian representatives note the company «Sonata».

They differ from the same Russian companies for its quality manufactured product, and pricing.

So, a hearing aid of this company will cost you about ten thousand rubles.

Among the top ratings separately noted the company «Widex». The firm aims to manufacture custom displays. They differ from other members of the same firms as clean as possible sound.

Hearing device companies reduce all the noise, but at the same time preserve the clarity of speech and surrounding sounds, such as birdsong or the sound of rain. Price per fixture varies from twenty to seventy thousand.


After you have purchased the device to maintain the hearing it is important to study the methods of its operation. Remember that the hearing aid device requires some care. Only when you maintain cleanliness and careful use it will last quite quite a while.

Remember that besides beauty and power, the device should be comfortable to wear and use. Because hearing instruments are designed for daily use, pay special attention to this.