How to clean the ears of sulfur children 2 — 3 years

How and what to clean the ears of the child?

The young mother with a baby raises many questions. One of them is how to properly clean the ears of the child without harming the vital elements in the organ of hearing? Support hygiene an important part in human life.

Adult bathing and cleansing of the ear passages don’t cause trouble, but in the care of the child there are certain rules that are important to know and use. Because incorrect actions, your baby may become seriously ill with otitis or other ear diseases.

Ear hygiene in children

Colds, flu and runny nose can affect nasal passages of the kid in any period. To avoid these unpleasant factors should be daily cleaning of the ears.

The functioning of the organ of hearing in addition to equilibrium of a person, is to work on the sulfur.

It naturally coats the walls of the ear canal and protects against negative influences. Including bacteria, fungus, small animals.

It appears independently in the course of a conversation or meal. Effectively, the sulfur excreted while singing baby.

However, failure to comply with hygiene, sulfur may accumulate and form a tube. They cause a lot of inconvenience. The baby feels pain in the ear and the head and also losing her hearing.

Known cases when sera reached large amounts, up to 20 milligrams.

In addition, she may escape into the outer passage, causing itching and skin irritation.

To determine the presence of cerumen notice the following symptoms:

  • toddler complains of loss of sensation sounds;
  • often lays the organ of hearing;
  • in special cases, the child hears your voice from the inside.
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To get rid of the unpleasant factor, adult enough to use special drops that gently and delicately eliminate the problem. But doctors strictly prohibit their use against the kids. Therefore, the question arises how to clean the ears of children?

To diseases such as otitis media or cholesteatoma left behind, children need daily to wash my ears.

There are safety rules for the maintenance of hygiene and General well-being of the baby.

  1. Check health of ears every day.
  2. Wash the ears, the breast, and more adult children every day. Try to avoid getting water inside.
  3. After taking a shower, wipe your ear on the baby. If the liquid gets into the middle ear, it can cause acute or suppurative otitis media.
  4. Cleaned the organ of hearing is allowed not more often than once a week.
  5. Cleansing should be carried out by the specialized sticks with limiters, so as not to injure the middle ear. Baby sticks are different from the standard rounded shape and a softer composition.

If you do not keep track of the baby during the bath in the organ of hearing stiff water, use point. Stick the flagellum, pre-soaked it in olive oil, in the ear of the child. Thus, the wool absorbs liquid.

Keep in mind that the room should be free of drafts and the room should be moderately humid.

How to clean baby ears from sulfur

It is best to clean the ears of your baby after a bath or shower. In this case, sulfur is softer and easily removed.

Remember this rule of thumb! When cleaning wipe only the outer ear.

Remember, how to clean the ears of the child in 3 years different from the method of cleansing infants.

  • to eliminate the excess spend in the external ear of the child with a cotton pad or a specialized wand. They can be purchased in any pharmacy;
  • then put the baby on one side and gently wipe the outer part of the ear;
  • many parents disregard the area behind the ears. Do not forget to clean this area. It was there that accumulate the most bacteria, provoking the appearance of infectious diseases.
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Remedies for ear irrigation

To maintain the effect of the young parents use specialized solvent sulfur drops or hydrogen peroxide. These methods do not always prove to be true, so let us examine the following topic: how to clean ears of the child?

Remember an important rule: the use of hydrogen peroxide in relation to young children prohibited! Even 3% hydrogen peroxide may cause severe burns and damage to the eardrum. Don’t risk the health of the child!

In today’s world there are gentle and delicate preparations that do not harm human health. For example, ear drops «Remo-Vaks».

Bury them three drops. To do this, place the baby first on one side. Then pull the earlobe down and gently drip the drug and following the dosage.

Let the baby soak in that position for several minutes and then turn it to the other side. Put a towel under your head. The tool will dissolve the existing sulfuric tube and will flow out on the fabric.

After applying the second ear follow the same rules.

This method is convenient for young parents, because a baby does not experience discomfort or pain.


Closely monitor the health of the baby. If you notice the first symptoms of the disease, you will cure them and will be spared the more severe the ear disease.Don’t forget to clean the area behind the ears, as it contains the greatest number of infections and bacteria.

Examining the question of how to clean the ears of the child 2 year of birth and older, carefully follow the advice and keep the baby’s health. If when cleaning the child strongly cries and screams might be the first signal of inflammation. In this case, immediately consult ENT doctor for examination.

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