How to clean the ears of the baby correctly and safely

How to clean the ears of babies?

Today people often sick with colds, flu or cold. Most often diseases affect the nasopharynx and ears. In order to avoid many infections and viruses in the ears need to conduct daily hygiene of the organ of hearing.It is known that in the ear passage every day processed sulfur. It is excreted from the body during eating or in conversation, as well as other active movements of the jaw.

But sulfur can accumulate in the ear passage and reach up to 20 mg. Thus provoking the appearance of ear congestion. Thus man loses his sense of hearing and sensitivity.To get rid of such problem adult is not difficult by visiting the doctor-the otolaryngologist, or ear piercing ear drops specialized. But to clear the body of an infant is not the easiest task, so let us examine the question of how to clean the ears of the baby.

Hygiene of the ears

In order to avoid the emergence of various viral diseases, conduct daily hygiene of the ears by washing.

A person’s ears have two functions:

  • protection of inner ear organs;
  • the tracking balance.

In the first situation, for the protection of the Malleus, the incus and the stapes, and the middle and inner region of the body produces ear wax.

Every day she grows in a small volume and cover passes.

However, if the allocation of sulfur becomes increased, it flows into the sink.

Copious sulphur causes discomfort and discomfort. Watch for signs of the body and carry out cleaning of these cases at once.

Keep in mind, the active cleaning medium and the inner region provokes an abundant secretion of sulphur.

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Problems with the organ of hearing greatly affect health as well as the penetration of audible frequencies is broken. That is why it is important to wash the organ of hearing, not only adults but also infants and closely observe the progress of the hearing.

How to clean ears newborn

The natural norm of your daily child care needs to become a hygiene of ears. However, in order not to harm the child, see the safety and certain rules are important to follow:

  1. Monitor a baby’s ears every day. In order to avoid inflammation or acute illness, for example, external or otitis media, ensure that the room was not too humid, and avoid drafts.
  2. Every newborn tend to regurgitate food. During feeding the baby, try to keep it upright. Thus, food debris will not fall into the nasopharynx and avoid inflammation.
  3. And also make sure that the milk or formula left in the area behind the ears. So they can form inflammation.
  4. Cleansing the body should be held not more than once a week. So you reduce the risk of infectious diseases, without causing harm to the immune status of the child.
  5. For cleaning it is necessary to use specialized wands to cleanse the outer area. They differ from the standard cotton swabs and nevytyanutaya its rounded form and special constraints that will be an obstacle if you do not follow in depth cleansing.
  6. After bathing, wipe dry the child’s ears. Try to avoid the copious ingress of water into the ear area. So the liquid can cause inflammatory reflexes and suppurative otitis media.
  7. If the water were still, with the help of cotton swabs, make turundy and enter them in your ears for a few minutes. The wool will help to absorb excess liquid.
  8. Avoid deep cleansing of ears in newborns. Thus, you can break the eardrum and cause severe damage.
  9. Ensure that in the ears of a newborn does not hit a foreign object. If this happens, promptly contact your ENT doctor’s office. It can safely extract the foreign object.
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The technique of purification in infants

Often young parents, the question arises how to clean the ears of the children under one year.

Spend cleansing in infants immediately after bathing, since sulfur razmoyutsya and lends itself to easy removal. If after the bath the child the treatment of the ears can not be, clean the excess sulfur after feeding.

In order to eliminate the excess you’ll have at the outer region of the baby with a dry cotton swab or cotton buds with limiter.

For the procedure of cleansing, you need the following:

  1. Purchase at the pharmacy specialized sticks or make gauze alone.
  2. Put the baby on its side and gently wipe the outer shell. Definitely priorite not only the main part, but also every crease. Including don’t forget to treat the area and behind the ears.
  3. The use of physical force is inappropriate in this case. You can cause great harm to the health of the baby.


Having studied the question of how to clean the ears of the baby, do not forget to monitor the condition of the ears.

Maintain the cleanliness of the ears of infants, not only in the outer passage, but also for the ears. In this area often develop viruses and bacteria and diaper rash and inflammation. Therefore, to carry out hygiene is important in all areas.

Dry crusts behind ears baby cause severe discomfort. If you do not carry out daily hygiene in this area, the child can form a crust due to the drying of the food. They provoke severe itching.

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Don’t forget to treat the ears after bathing and then the problem of ear diseases will pass you.

Pay attention to the following sign. If when cleaning the ears, the child is very fussy and cries – consult a qualified specialist. The ENT will examine the condition of the ears and check the overall health of the baby.