How to clean the nasopharynx at home properly: rinsing the nasopharynx

How to wash the nose?

Lavage of the nasopharynx is performed to cleanse the nasal cavity of allergens, dust, pathogenic microorganisms. This method is much easier in the sinus, sore throat, runny nose.

Rinse the nasal cavity can not only adults but also kids very early age, allowing you to reduce or eliminate the medication. This article will talk about how to flush the nasal passages at home to adults and children.

Solutions for washing

Rinse the nasopharynx at home is pharmaceutical compositions prepared with antibacterial components. Experts advise to carry out the procedure the following types of solutions:

  1. The composition of sea salt is the most popular means. For its preparation you need to take 1 tbsp. of salt in 1 Cup of warm water. Rinsing is carried out after completely dissolved salt. If necessary, sea salt can be replaced by a table.
  2. Herbal solutions are made from the decoction of chamomile, succession, marigold. For the preparation you need to pour 1 Cup boiling water 1 tsp. of herb. To insist 15-20 minutes, then strain and use for rinsing.
  3. Furatsilin is widely used for the treatment of ENT diseases. 1 tablet should be crushed and dissolved in 1 Cup boiling water.
  4. Propolis tincture. 1 Cup warm water should take 10 drops of drugstore tincture of propolis, 1 tsp sea salt, 2 drops of iodine. Mix well and use as directed.
  5. The liquid from the beets and honey. For its production it is recommended to take 1 glass of fresh beet juice and warm water, 2 tbsp floral honey. Mix everything carefully.
  6. Soda solution for the preparation of which is 1/3 tsp. soda, dissolved in 1 Cup of warm water.

Good effect gives a combined procedure in which first washed the nasopharynx normal boiled water, cooled to room temperature.

Then used the soda part, then layered and finished with a solution of iodine. Wash nasal passages should be freshly prepared just solution, the temperature of which must be in the range of 25 degrees.

Today there are many medicines, which are made of sea water, these include:

  • Other types of pain;
  • Saline;
  • Akvamaster;
  • Dolphin;
  • Kviks;
  • Aquamarine.

Tip: to consolidate the curative effect after washing, you should not go out for 2-3 hours.

Washing for adults

Only correct washing of the nasopharynx can guarantee the effectiveness of the procedure. Experts recommend to wash nasal cavity of adults in the following ways.

With the syringe

This method is considered the most simple in execution. Suitable for adults syringes of 10, 20 ml of the Prepared solution should be typed in the product, with pre-beveled needle. The tip of the syringe is introduced into the nostril, this involves a gradual pressure on the piston and wypracowanie solution;

Blocked nose, it is beginning to drip vasoconstrictors, to blow your nose, then proceed to the washing of the nasopharynx.

Medical pear

Another common method is lavage with a medical bag. The prepared solution is typed in pressing the body of the syringe when you dip it in fluid. Then the tip of the pear is introduced into the nostril, and through gradual pressure, vypuskaetsya medicine.

In order not to harm the nose, you should choose a syringe with a soft tip. For adults it is recommended to use the product to 200 ml., such as the volume necessary for quality washing one’s nostrils;

Tip: when bismarkian should be slightly open mouth, thus it is possible to avoid pressure on eardrums.

A teapot with a narrow spout

The vessel should be filled with mortar and introduce it into the nostril. Gradually lifting the teapot, carefully pouring the liquid, the slightly open mouth. If the procedure is done correctly, the injected fluid exits through the mouth.

To wash should be at least 2 times a day, after waking up and before bedtime.

Lavage in children

Rinse the nasopharynx the child must be with great caution, because the wrong actions can lead to inflammation of the Eustachian tube. Before the procedure you should clean the nasal passage of a baby with a cotton flagellum or an aspirator. In Pediatrics is permitted to carry out lavage of the nasopharynx in the following ways:

  1. Irrigation is conducted by ready drugs. This method is the most gentle because it does not create reverse thrust, the solution is derived independently. At the time of the procedure, the baby needs help to take lateral position. If the child is firmly holding the head, then allowed lavage vertically. Thus, for best streaming solution, the baby’s head should be tipped slightly forward.
  2. A pipette in which to gain membership. It is recommended that the baby be laid on its side and in each nostril instill 2-3 drops. To prevent the ingress of liquid into the throat, the ear, hold a hand on the child. After putting that to his head to tilt back, thus medication does not flow from the spout.
  3. School-age children can inhale the medicinal solution. To fold hands in the shape of boats, which pours the composition. Ask the child to bend over the bath and inhale through the nose prepared the drug. The location of the body will cause the liquid will flow out of the nose, bypassing the throat.

Important! Children under 2-3 years of age should not be washing with a syringe or a pear, because due to the wide auditory passages introduced under pressure, the solution penetrates into ears, carrying with it pathogenic microorganisms.

Lavage of the nasopharynx, carried out at home twice a day can greatly alleviate the condition and to clear the nasal passages of allergens, dust, bacteria.

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