How to cook burnt sugar cough: recipe, benefits and harms, reviews

How to make burnt sugar for a cough?

Syrup of burnt sugar eliminates non-productive cough in adults and children. As a result of heat treatment sweet substance changes the set of stable relations, acquires new therapeutical properties. Consider how to prepare the medicine, to reduce the possibility of side effects and what are the variations of recipes.

Does burnt sugar cough?

Short, staccato forced exhalations – a protective reaction of the organism to adverse conditions, the actions of foreign substances. They disappear as soon as the irritant will be evacuated from the respiratory tract.

Therapeutic measures requires a long-lasting, increasing cough, which indicates a serious pathological disorder. Will be able to contribute to effective, tested by many generations – caramelized white sugar, but it helps only with a dry barking cough.

On the background of viral or bacterial lesions of the mucosa increases the production of mucus, which runs down the back wall of the larynx, accumulates in the bronchi. During the cough acts a pathological secret comes out along with air flows.

Treatment of cough burnt sugar is prescribed in diseases with opposite clinical picture. These include:

  • laryngitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • acute tonsillitis.

Inflammation irritate the cough center, causing unproductive dry cough without sputum. The patient feels discomfort in throat, burning sensation.

Caramelised sugar has a softening effect on mucous membranes, reduces the susceptibility of receptors in reflexogenic zones, facilitates expectoration, improves elimination of secreted.

For reference! Once begins to move away sputum, cough goes from being dry in the wet, you must limit the intake of sugar.

It is important to understand that to replace the pharmacotherapy of heated sugar can not. Its main purpose is the provision of palliative care that can improve the patient’s quality of life. He is able to quickly neutralize unpleasant symptom, but not get rid of the causes of the disease.

Burnt sugar enhances the action of medicinal components, and therefore are often included in a comprehensive scheme, as low-cost but effective antitussive agent.

Can children or not?

Natural eco-friendly product is a perfect treatment option for young patients. To perform therapeutic activities is permitted after consultation with the pediatrician. In children, the inflammation progresses rapidly, so self-medication may worsen the condition of the baby.

Burnt sugar cough children prescribed from the first months of life: the after years serves as a solid up to 1 year to dissolve the caramel in warm milk or water.

Tip! After each medication it is recommended to brush the teeth, because in the process of fermentation of sugar produces acid that destroys the enamel, resulting in tooth decay.

Burnt sugar is allowed during breastfeeding and pregnancy at all times of gestation, assuming no contraindications.

Prepare Lollipop

There are several variations how to make burnt sugar for cough. The product is very quickly prepared, it is therefore important to make sure that it is not burnt.

The easiest and most common recipe is the syrup. Sugar type in a tablespoon, add 2-3 drops of water (without it). Keep on weak fire, until the suspension becomes a viscous light brown color. The contents pour into 200 ml. of water or warm milk. It is necessary to prepare every time a fresh batch.

No sweet tooth will not refuse candy with caramel flavor. Heat the sugar in a metal bowl. The molten product is poured into silicone molds or wrap with foil. When the liquid is room temperature, sent in the cold for several hours for complete curing.

Important! Burnt sugar will not be able to calm the cough of allergic origin. The only solution to the problem is to take an antihistamine.

Another method of preparation: hot melted sugar is poured onto a plate. To sweet pieces are easier separated, pre-lubricate the capacity with butter.

If the sugar add the other components, it is possible to enhance the therapeutic action of the drug. Give a few effective recipes:

  • With milk. ½ Tbsp of sugar and bring to readiness on slow fire, pour in a Cup of warm milk, stir. To drink in one go. The elixir reduces the severity of pain in the throat, facilitates the patient’s condition. For a cushioning effect, it is recommended to add a small piece of butter.
  • With onion juice. In a glass bowl, combine 100 ml of room temperature water, the juice of one onion and burnt sugar from 1 tbsp to Drink 20 ml. for the reception every 2 hours.
  • With the lemon juice. The citrus enhances the effect of molten sugar. The quantity of the underlying product does not change (1 tbsp) and water (1/2 Cup). In the same way sweet bring the product to the ductility, adding fresh juice to your own taste.
  • With raspberry tea. The mixture warms, relieves inflammation, perfect time use before bedtime. The dry leaves of the bushes, pour a glass of boiling water for quarter of an hour. Cooled beverage to drain, add incomplete tablespoon of caramelized sugar.
  • With medicinal plants. For this recipe choose herbs with anti-inflammatory and expectorant action: the mother-and-stepmother, plantain, motherwort. You can use one view, but it is better to combine several options. The dry raw material, the total number to get a tablespoon, pour 200-250 ml of boiling water. You leave the infusion for 30 minutes, drain. Before use, add burnt sugar.
  • With aloe juice. In combination with heated sweet product is enhanced therapeutic effect of the plant. This syrup soothes cough, accelerates the process of epithelialization, inhibits the activity of infectious agents. In a glass of water add tablespoon of agave juice and ½ Cup caramel.

Tip! To accelerate the regeneration of soft tissues, liquefy phlegm and improve its discharge using the marshmallow root. Prepare dry raw material in the following way: 10-15 dry product pour boiling water, simmer on a water bath for 10-15 minutes. Strained decoction taken in the form of heat.

There are other recipes burnt sugar cough. To focus on the healing effect of components and contraindications. You can prepare the punch with milk and vodka, but it is suitable only for adults. Suspension with ginger and lemon juice is prescribed to children older than 10 years, because kids there is a chance of severe irritation of the pharynx.

Side effects and beneficial effects

The benefits and harms of burnt sugar cough depends on how to carefully approach the issue of treatment. In the right dosage and following the recommendations of the cooking syrup safe for the body. Positive testimonials prove highly palliative effect of a food product.

For reference! The discharge of the pathological secretion is characteristic of stage of recovery.

Burnt sugar will be effective when a dry «barking» cough. Therapeutic action lies in the following aspects:

  • helps to eliminate sore throat;
  • relieves irritation and soothes the mucous membranes;
  • changes in the chemical composition of mucus, which facilitates its evacuation from the tracheobronchial tree.

Laryngitis inflammation takes the mucous membrane of the larynx, epiglottis and vocal cords, because of what sweet medicine is used as adjuvant.

Now «a spoon of tar». Burnt sugar is not appointed in the presence of a history of the following diseases:

  • of diabetes;
  • diseases of the esophagus inflammatory disorders (esophagitis, peptic ulcer, reflux esophagitis);
  • hiatal hernia.

Thermally processed sugar in patients with hypersensitivity to the component may increase the irritation of the cough center. Therefore, if after the use of medications have any discomfort in the projection of the alimentary canal, it is necessary to abandon the product, observe the patient’s condition.

What do patients say

Nina. The child brings from kindergarten with a cold. Feel sorry for him constantly cram chemistry, decided to treat with traditional methods. Found a recipe online crispy Cappucino cough, pediatrician approved. Cooked sugar like lollipops, the son did not understand that this medicine. The coughing subsided almost immediately. Before we were saved only «Sinekoda». But the difference is palpable – antitussive costs 400 rubles., and sugar peanuts.

Marina. A good tool to neutralize the cough. But lay great hopes on him is not worth it. Sugar softens the mucosa, due to what are the attacks, and the cause itself has no effect. Be sure to take basic medicine. So if the drug has a soothing and expectorant action, why even need the sugar. Plus for budget and ease of cooking.


Burnt sugar will be suitable for the treatment of unproductive coughing in early stages of the disease. Therapeutic effect is manifested immediately, but to secure the result needed to take the product over several days. If the intensity and frequency of cough acts is not reduced, you need to go to pharmacotherapy.

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