How to cure a cold quickly-to-child

How to cure a cold in one day?

The common cold is very unpleasant phenomenon that occurs suddenly and can take quite a long period of time. So many people are interested in the question of how to cure a runny nose and how the methods of treatment will be successful.

The conditions of the disease for the rapid treatment of the common cold

In order to understand how to cure a runny nose for 2 days, you need to determine the current degree of underlying disease that caused the disease and to understand the reason for its occurrence:

  • the course of the underlying disease in the stage of completion as at this stage you can quickly get rid of unpleasant symptoms of the common cold when you use several simple procedures;
  • for allergic rhinitis involves rapid elimination of the cold. It is enough just to identify the cause of the disease and to eliminate possible allergen;
  • the presence of a foreign body in the maxillary sinuses will eliminate the development of cold and with its successful removal from the cavity of the nose;
  • the occurrence of runny nose due to the development of pathological bacteria in the background of the beginning of SARS or respiratory diseases. This coincidence is an important factor in adherence to timeframes, and successful treatment depends on timely application of therapeutic drugs. Positive practice of early therapy in this case is quite rare, as the treatment is carried out at a later stage of the disease.

Important! If you experience runny nose and other related symptoms of the disease, should start immediate and effective treatment with the use of all necessary medicines and techniques of therapy!

Fast therapy runny nose

Method of treatment resulting pathology includes the use of a variety of ways to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon. A few simple tips on how to quickly cure a runny nose

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Preparation of saline solution

At the first signs of catarrhal rhinitis should be washing the nose with saline solution, which you can prepare yourself or purchase the finished product at the pharmacy.

Salt actively fights against microorganisms and cleans the maxillary sinus, which facilitates breathing.

The recipe is quite simple. In 1 liter of boiled water add 1 tbsp table or sea salt. Further, to carry out the procedure several times throughout the day.

The use of the method of heating

The procedure is effective in the occurrence of runny nose and snot allows to cure for 1 day. Method is to use salts are more coarse, which is hot applied to the nose and keep the compress on for 15 minutes.

Also effective is the application of hard-boiled eggs, wrapped in cotton fabric. The number of procedures during the day is not less than 7-10 times. In the case of compliance with all conditions of the procedure possible quick recovery.


Inhaled treatments are very effective for quickly get rid of the disease.

Good use of natural inhalation by the use of sea or mountain air.

Also, this method is applicable in the home with cooking broth on the basis of a combination of herbs. Most suitable ingredients: chamomile, sage, St. John’s wort, oak bark, eucalyptus, mint.

The essence of the process is the process of inhaling vapor through the nose is prepared with herbal decoction. These actions should be done several times throughout the day.

Conducting rinsing

This method is effective at strong supercooling and the appearance of the common cold on the background of the development of colds. To prevent illness should be parallel treatment of the throat and actively use procedure rinse. In this case, apply the decoction on the basis of medicinal herbs (chamomile, sage, St. John’s wort).

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A certain effect brings the use of the solution with salt, soda and iodine. Proportion equal to the ratio of 2 teaspoons of dry matter with the addition of 10 drops of antiseptic in 200 ml of liquid.

You can also use the connection of boiled water with Apple cider vinegar per 1 Cup warm water 2 tablespoons essence. Rinsing should be at least 10 times a day for maximum impact.

Foot bath

Special baths for warming the feet, which positively affect the overall course of the disease.

As additional features, you can use mustard powder and add it to hot water to enhance the therapeutic effect.

It is also possible to pour the substance into your socks before going to sleep, as the warming properties of the powder help to eliminate the symptoms of cold and runny nose.

Drug therapy

If you experience runny nose use vasoconstrictors quick impact (Nazivin, Tizin, Otrivin). The effectiveness of these drugs is visible immediately after application and is valid for 5-6 hours.

The application of drops of a hormonal nature also implies a long term period of exposure (up to 12 hours, but the effect is felt after some time). Such drugs include: Nasobek, Natural, almost four years.

With allergic rhinitis is prescribed an antihistamine medication (At all, Allergodil, Histime). Symptoms of a cold disappears after 30-40 minutes, when suppressed allergen exposure.

Emergency treatment of rhinitis in children and in pregnant women

In the treatment of rhinitis, the above methods are not always suitable for young children and pregnant women. Therefore, the following detailed description of the methods of treatment and prevention of disease:

  • the use of permitted drugs during pregnancy (Akvamaris, Phrase, Marker, Humer) content of natural sea water;
  • nasal lavage in children with the salt solution;
  • lubrication of the nostrils moisturizing oils to prevent drying of mucous and crust formation in the maxillary sinuses;
  • burying special treatment of infusions based on natural herbs (chamomile, eucalyptus, sage);
  • preparation of aloe juice with water also facilitates breathing and quickly relieves the symptoms of nasal congestion. The solution is prepared in a ratio of 1:9 and instill three drops in each nostril several times throughout the day;
  • removal of possible allergens, contribute to the occurrence of rhinitis.

Important! To one day cure the common cold the child should follow all of the above recommendations, and the development of side diseases contact your doctor.

A runny nose is a serious pathology, but in the absence of proper treatment can develop into severe complications such as sinusitis and other diseases. While there are quite a number of methods to fight the disease in a short time and to obtain full recovery.

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The fulfillment of all the prescribed and appointed methods of treatment is the key to everyone’s health!