How to cure chronic nasal congestion?

How to cure chronic nasal congestion?

The cause of nasal congestion may be not only infection and a cold. A person can lay the nose if the polyps are formed. Unpleasant symptoms can also begin because of allergies to certain substances.

Why is there congestion?

How to get rid of chronic nasal congestion? This question arises in many people with impaired respiratory function.

Allergic rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis occurs because of the strong allergen. Swelling of the mucous membranes is most often caused by dust, dander or certain foods. You must remove the cause that provokes swelling.


Nasal congestion may be associated with the growth of polyps. They are formed in the nasal sinuses. The growth of polyps affect the entire nasopharynx. The tumor grows slowly enough. People can for years to experience symptoms of nasal congestion.

Important! Do not try to get rid of the polyps with medication. High probability of further growth of these formations in the nasal cavity. To eliminate nasal congestion due to polyps is possible only by surgical methods.


When infected adenoids inflammation develops. The patient is a partial overlap vodokachka in the throat. Bacteria spread to neighbouring tissue. When microbes in the sinuses of the patient inflamed. Due to swelling of the mucous person difficult to breathe.

Pathology of the nasal membranes

Chronic nasal congestion without a cold can start after a mechanical impact.

Some patients in the picture you can see the deformation of the nasal septum.

The defect is either congenital or acquired. This pathology cannot be resolved with medicines.

To restore the nasal septum it is necessary to carry out the operation.

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Hormonal disturbance

Regular intake of hormonal drugs affects the condition of the respiratory tract. In this case, you must consult with your doctor.

Bad environment

Constant inhalation of harmful components leads to postponement of irritants in the nasal sinuses. Patients begin to complain of difficulty breathing due to the narrowing of the space in the nasopharynx.

Hobby nasal sprays

Long-term use of drops causes of chronic nasal congestion. The patient’s condition is normalized immediately after discontinuation of the drug.

Vasomotor rhinitis

From the nervous system depend on the metabolic processes that occur in the nasopharynx. Severe reaction can cause a partial blockade vodokachka in the sinuses.

Often people don’t know how to cure vazomotornyi rhinitis. The disease usually occurs in the chronic form. Patients with such symptoms prescribe hormones. They normalize hormonal balance and restore respiratory function.


Severe hypothermia can provoke a complication of a cold. Copious clog the sinuses. Because of this, the patient difficult to breathe. In humans, increased temperature, and pain in the nose and throat.

The ingress of foreign bodies

A curious toddler can stick his nose to a small object. The situation is aggravated by damage to the mucous membranes, which leads to bleeding. The patient in this case needs urgent medical care.

Nose injury

After impact, the damaged vessels which go in the nose. The victim formed a hematoma, which deprives a person of proper breathing.


The specialist must determine the causes of chronic nasal congestion. After the external examination of the patient can guide the diagnosis. Based on the obtained results, the doctor chooses a treatment method.

In allergic rhinitis patients prescribed antihistamines (loratadine, Diazolin).

To reduce the swelling of the nose, if the use of vasoconstrictors (Naphazoline, Britain).

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Treatment of chronic nasal congestion by such means does not always bring positive results. Remember that vasoconstrictor drugs are not able to eliminate the cause of the disease. They can only give temporary relief.

When drying of the nasal mucosa recommend patients to use products based on sea water.

Important! Drops with vasoconstrictor action, is forbidden to take more than 5 days. These funds cannot be used for patients with glaucoma.

For the treatment of bacterial sinusitis antibiotics are used. However, the medicines don’t help all patients. In such cases, doctors resort to sinus puncture. Procedure to clear the nasal passages from purulent contents.

As additional funds to the patient is recommended to take an immunostimulating drugs.

Vazomotornyi rhinitis requires long-term treatment.

Patients prescribed hormonal medications that help to normalize the work of the glands.

To help patients with a deformed septum is possible only by surgical methods.

The surgery is performed under General anesthesia. Surgery was necessary in the formation of polyps. During treatment, the surgeon removes education, which block the nasal passages.

The cause of nasal congestion may be a foreign body. From getting different items often affects children. Especially hard to remove objects that are deeply stuck in the nasal pathways of the child. Do not attempt to remove a foreign body yourself. Procedure for deleting the subject should be carried out by a specialist.

People’s ways

At home you can use herbal decoctions:

  1. Ease breathing is possible with the help of a mixture of aloe and Kalanchoe. They need to mix in proportion 1:1. Don’t forget to dilute the solution with boiled water in the ratio 1:2.
  2. To prepare a decoction of chamomile prepare a tablespoon of chopped raw materials. Pour the flowers with water and pour a glass of boiling water. The solution has anti-inflammatory action. This way you can kill the bacteria and reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa.
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Nasal congestion can occur without a cold. To understand the causes of the disease the person can be directed to the survey. Don’t try to ease breathing by using drugs with vasoconstrictor effect. They can cause serious harm to the body. The duration of use of such funds should not be more than 5 days.

It makes no sense to fight symptoms of nasal congestion. It is necessary to eliminate the causes of disease. Patients with polyps in the nose direct the operation.

Congestion can occur in people suffering from allergies. To help these patients, doctors prescribe antihistamines. You need to get rid of the source of Allergy.