How to cure sinus infection at home quickly and without puncture

Treatment of sinusitis without puncture at home

To meet someone whose nose is never faced with a cold, unreal. This is one of the most obvious and frequent manifestations of colds, which in several cases leads to serious complications in the form of sinusitis. The greatest number of inflammation accounts for the maxillary sinuses, called the maxillary, respectively, the disease gets the name «sinusitis» (or maxilla).

Methods of treatment involve multiple approaches, such as conservative (medical supplies, and irrigation) and radical (puncture, opening of the sinuses). And the majority of patients looking for effective treatment of sinusitis without puncture at home, relying on people’s formulation, the body’s defenses, and sometimes on the sudden change of fortune.

Causes and symptoms of sinusitis

Most often the pathogen in the nasal cavity are the many faces of viruses and bacteria, less often the reason lies in the allergic and fungal nature. Getting on unprotected mucous membranes of the nose, a disease-causing organism is back and begins to reproduce, thereby destroying healthy cells. This process is accompanied by certain symptoms:

  • edema;
  • the congestion or abundant mucus;
  • sneezing;
  • an increase in temperature;
  • pain in the head, cheeks, bridge of nose radiating to the jaw and ears;
  • redness of the eyelids, nose, sometimes cheeks;
  • a strengthening of pain when tilting the head down;
  • the loss or significant reduction of smell.

During viral infection the nasal discharge is usually clear or white, while the bacterial origin of disease, the mucus becomes yellow-green with a distinct touch of the purulent mass. Often the companion of sinus infection is the cough, especially at night, due to syndrome postnatalnogo flowing mucus. Translated into ordinary language this means that the secretions flow down the rear surface of the throat and provoking reflex expectoration.

Undertreated or missed on the course of acute sinusitis may become chronic.

Therefore, the relevance of the topic, how to cure sinus infection at home quickly and without puncture (a video description you can find in the gallery), depending on the severity of the condition. Mild form occurring without additional of sinusitis (e.g., sinusitis or sphenoiditis), it is possible to eliminate yourself. A situation when nasal breathing is disrupted capital, free flow of mucus and pain with the impossible every day, require a definite medical intervention.

Action home care

All independent actions in the sinus and other diseases of the nose are reduced to two positions:

  1. Not to make things worse.
  2. To alleviate the condition and, if possible, to speed up recovery.

Folk medicine has a huge number of tips on how to treat sinusitis without puncture, but not all of the recipes are effective and safe. A few rules that will help not to harm themselves or loved ones and to achieve a greater effect:

  • use only those tools that are not allergies;
  • not to use traditional recipes towards small children, particularly babies;
  • do not replace the ingredients in the medicines on your own;
  • carefully follow the recommended cooking parameters;
  • at the slightest suspicion of Allergy or unwanted action to stop home treatment immediately;
  • prolonged treatment of sinusitis without puncture, bringing relief – about going to the doctor;
  • dubious recipes better not to use.

Kerosene, «ihtiola», alcohol, brilliant green, methylene blue and other favorite «Granny» methods not only work, but also a dangerous serious burns (can be applied to their mucous membrane or instilled into the nose is strictly prohibited).

Folk-popular drops on the basis of the juice of onions, garlic, carrots and other vegetables – a good opportunity to Prachatice, scaring away the household, however, the medicinal effects of such measures do not have.

What should I do? How to cure sinusitis without puncture, without leaving home? You can rely purely on people’s technique, but it is better to combine advances in medicine with time-tested products.

  1. You need to ensure a regular flow of mucus from the maxillary sinuses. To do this at home, use the rinsing salt solutions. There are special systems, such as «Dolphin», which include ready-made mixture for breeding and a special bottle. Two caveats: you can not wash the nose children 3-5 years; should not create too much pressure. Both are fraught with getting infected by «pests» of mucus in the Eustachian tube, causing otitis media.

  2. To snot in the sinus did not dry up, need constant hydration of the mucous membranes. It is recommended to drink warm liquid (the more the better), constantly irrigating the nasal cavity saline drops or saline solution, to regularly moisturize and ventilate the area. The warmer the air the faster the body loses fluid. It is better to maintain the temperature in the house is not above 22 degrees.
  3. Homemade inhalation is a good alternative mucolytic funds, designed to liquefy sputum and encourage its excretion. In the water you can add essential oil or decoction of herbs, but only in the absence of Allergy. In fact, the beneficial effect of inhalation for sinusitis is based on the inhalation of warm vapor, and what it will smell – a matter of personal preference.
  4. Another old method – heating salt, cooked hard-boiled egg, pressed a handkerchief and other items. However, this method is extremely risky, if we are talking about purulent inflammation. Warming the source of infection for any disease is able to lead to unpredictable consequences, and in General the appearance of pus speaks about the severity of the disease. Therefore, if the patient has purulent sinusitis, treatment without puncture can be performed only under the supervision of doctors.
  5. Vasoconstrictors – faithful companion patients with sinusitis or other types of sinusitis. Elimination of edema, and restore free breathing significantly easier overall. Only use them longer than 3-5 days is not recommended without supervision of a specialist, as it can develop addiction (a well-known expression «nose-addict» just from this Opera).

  6. Of medication in addition to vasoconstrictor drops and sprays are acceptable to use only antipyretic drugs. They are also painkillers, although some of the compounds also possess anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen, analgin). Self-medication with antibiotics, hormones or antihistamines is really dangerous, and therefore unacceptable.

Is it possible without puncture to cure sinusitis with the help of experts? No doubt. In ENT practice, apply gentle methods without full surgical intervention to save the patient from perpetual nasal congestion, pain, and rich «CompleteCare». Unlike punctures (punctures), these methods almost painless and less traumatic. Against sinusitis there are two civilized and highly effective approach:

  • use Yamik catheter, which «sucks» the mucus from the sinuses;

  • the use of a balloon catheter, expanding fistula – a passage for air between the sinuses and drain the mucus.

These methods are widely used not only to adults but also to children.

Home prevention

A surge of diseases in the offseason, when lyutuyut a variety of viruses. So the first rule of prevention – as little as possible to be in closed and crowded spaces and to make possible regular through-ventilation.

Help protect against colonization of harmful microorganisms:

  • walking away from people;
  • sufficient fluid intake;
  • delicacy with fruits and vegetables;
  • hydration of the mucous membranes of the nose;
  • rational use of medicines;
  • timely vaccination against the flu;
  • moderation in dealing with vasoconstrictor drugs in normal viral rhinitis;
  • wearing a sick member of a family of masks;
  • thorough hand-washing;
  • wet cleaning.

Preventive action for the prevention of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses do not lose their relevance and the stage of the disease, helping the body to cope successfully with the invaders. And yet: in looking for information about how to cure sinusitis without puncture, you should pay a visit to the doctor. At least to exclude threatening to health and life in General conditions.

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