How to get rid of nasal congestion without the drops

What to do to nose breathing without drops?

One of the important components of the normal operation of a nasal device – the natural nasal breathing. Therefore, any inflammation in the nasal cavity causing nasal congestion or difficulty breathing through the nose, which causes a lot of discomfort. At this time it is important not only to establish the cause of the resulting disease, but also to get rid of nasal congestion where possible without medication.

To restore nasal breathing easily, you can use vasoconstrictive drops or other medicines. But during pregnancy or because of other contraindications, the patient can prohibit standard treatment, resulting in some inconvenience. Therefore, we consider the question of how to get rid of nasal congestion without drops and more.

Causes of nasal congestion

Nasal congestion caused due to various reasons, which need to be identified in the process of diagnosis. Most often, this symptom occurs due to the inflammation of the mucosa of the nasal cavity. In this case, there is tissue swelling and narrowing of the passages, causing difficulty of nasal breathing.

In the case of swelling of the tissues occurs blocking or deterioration of the outflow, causing a deadly threat in case of inflammation of the infant.

During pregnancy, nasal congestion can cause oxygen deprivation that causes the formation of undesirable processes in the body.

It is therefore important to identify the cause, which could be the common cold or flu.

Often congestion occurs in lesions of the body by viruses or allergens. In this case, the absence of nasal breathing accompanied by headache, feeling of pressure in the nasal cavity and frontal sinus, as well as fever and malaise. At this time you need to seek qualified help and get the complete diagnosis.

Other reasons for the formation of nasal congestion include:

  • trauma to nasal passage;
  • a deviated septum;
  • pathological nose;
  • anatomical features;
  • congenital predisposition;
  • defeat of an organism by viruses and infections;
  • untreated, a cold or the flu;
  • improper use of medicines;
  • side effects from taking antibiotics.
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In the presence of these reasons it is necessary to determine all the symptoms and start treatment. Most often, the physician, after examination of the patient, appoints vasoconstrictor drops or other medications. But in the case of a child or the serious contraindications of the medication unacceptable. At this time you need to determine what to do to nose breathing without drops.

How to break a nose at home

It is known that drugs in most cases, only relieve the symptoms of the disease, facilitating the patient’s condition.

Such drugs have the desired effect, so many patients have replaced the pharmacy receiving funds for more gentle methods.

The main treatment of nasal congestion in case of colds lies in washing the nasal passages with various solutions, and the use of methods of cleaning and warming up.

To use such methods allowed in the home, making treatment more widely available. The treatment it is important to follow all the rules and in case of any complications seek medical assistance.

In the case of pregnancy do not self medicate. In this case, any move must be discussed with your doctor.

Nasal lavage

The first thing for nasal congestion, flush nasal passages with salt water. This method helps to improve nasal breathing and eliminate viruses and infections that affected mucosa.

Keep in mind, the stronger the stuffy nose, the more often you need to wash procedure.

Some patients do not use salt solutions and decoctions of medicinal herbs. For this purpose, suitable chamomile, rose hips, yarrow, anise, Valerian, aloe, nettle, Mordovin, sea buckthorn.

Rinse nasal passages as follows:

  1. To start, prepare a decoction of plants or add water, three teaspoons of salt.
  2. Dissolving salt in water, rinse the nose in accordance with all requirements.
  3. To do this, slightly tilt your head and enter the solution into one nostril.
  4. The second nostril at this point it is necessary to close the finger, and at the end of the introduction means to remove the hand.
  5. If the procedure is done correctly, the tool will emerge from the other nostril.
  6. To strengthen the effect, after washing, lubricate the nasal passages with juice of aloe. Repeat this kind of operation needs as needed, but not more than five times a day.
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At the same time you can enter a few drops in the nose. This method is used, if necessary, instillation of nose drops if not. For this aloe juice add a few drops of water enter the nasal passages small amount. After fifteen minutes the nose it is recommended to rinse again.

In the case of an allergic reaction to aloe, replace the ingredient in the juice of onions or beets.


Treatment will not be effective if the living-room of the patient is not in proper form.

Ensure that the humidity of the air was above 40 percent.

At this ratio, to get rid of nasal congestion during the week.

For humidification, use specialized humidifiers or wet towels in water and put on the battery several times a day.


During treatment it is important to take as much liquid as possible. The combination of lavage required humidity in the room and more amount of water can improve the condition of the patient on the third day.

At the same time, it is necessary to follow the diet of the patient. Refrain from salty, spicy.


To restore nasal breathing is useful to massage the nose wings. To do this, heat your palms by rubbing them together. Then smooth movements, press the wings of the nose, the frontal sinus and the nose.

Repeat traffic is necessary for five minutes every three hours.

Other tips

In addition to these methods, you must adhere to standard treatment guidelines.

  1. While getting rid of stuffiness try to blow your nose. Keep in mind that every provocation of the mucous membranes causes swelling.
  2. If in the case of congestion the patient has no signs of intoxication and poor health, try to spend more time on the street. The fresh air will help to normalize nasal breathing.
  3. It is helpful to engage in light fitness. Any exercise will lead mucous a part in tone that will have a positive impact on the General condition.
  4. During treatment it is necessary to conduct inhalation with essential oils. In addition, if you apply a few drops on a napkin and periodically inhale the vapors, it will decrease the swelling in the Airways.
  5. Besides, don’t forget to breathe hot steam and periodically to warm your feet. Repeat this procedure three times a day.
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Keep in mind that couples will not only reduce puffiness, but will also moisturize the mucous nasal cavity. This process will allow to normalize nasal breathing, and soon the patient feels relief. In addition, you can take tea with honey.


Nasal congestion can cause insomnia and significant deterioration of health. Therefore, when the first symptoms of the lack of nasal breathing guide inhalation and lavage. Do not ignore this symptom, as it can only signal the patient about the beginning of the inflammatory process.

The sooner you notice the disease, the easier it will be to cure.