How to get rid of the air tube in the ear and what it needs to do

How to get rid of the air tube in the ear?

Throughout life every person has health problems ears. Noise, squeak, feeling the familiar crackling every third inhabitant of the earth. In addition to these symptoms, the person may be more serious disease caused by a cold or flu, for example, the disease is otitis media.

On the background of diseases of the ears seems harmless inflammation. However, air tubes in the ears to get quite difficult. The main thing – to determine the root cause.

On air tubes

The ears appear in both adults and children. It is known that this discomfort arises for various reasons. Often the air tube appear due to a pressure change, when you travel or driving on mountainous terrain.

In any case, the feeling of nasal discomfort, and in some cases severe dizziness and hearing loss.

However, if you have the feeling as if the ear plug, but are you sure the symptom is not associated with inflammation in the body, nothing to worry about. In this case, the feeling will pass on their own.

But if the symptom continues for a long time, you must consult a doctor.

As a rule, the air tubes are accompanied by different symptoms. They include:

  1. Dizziness.
  2. Problems with the nasopharynx.
  3. After effects of a cold or flu.
  4. Allergic reaction to seasonal flowering or products.
  5. Allergic to long use of antibiotics.

In addition to these symptoms, the patient may decrease the quality of the audible sound. Besides in the ear may be feeling strong ventilation.

Causes congestion in the ears

In any case, it is necessary to identify the root cause of congestion in the organ of hearing.

The most common cause of the described problem is the formation of plugs of earwax.

Earwax is a natural component of the organ of hearing. It is necessary to protect the middle and inner regions.

Seurat displayed themselves when talking or eating.

Specialists recommend a specialized cleaning drops once a week.

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However, with improper hygiene or no, earwax may accumulate up to twenty milligrams. This causes serious problems with the ears and delivers great discomfort.

For the elimination of sulphur it is necessary to consult a specialist for ear irrigation. At home this procedure can be implemented using drops of «Remo-Vaks» and «HHonors».

Output sulfur materials at hand is prohibited. Thus you can cause significant harm.

The second cause of air locks is a hit in acoustical passage of large amounts of dust or sand. The dust is mixed with sulfur and formed a very impressive tube, can lead to deafness.

Another cause of traffic jams may be getting insect or other foreign object.

In this case, immediately proceed to the nearest emergency room.

In addition to the above symptoms, factor air tube can be the ingress of dry air in the ears.

In addition, the feeling of stuffiness appears after suffering ear infections or infectious diseases. In this case, in addition to the aerial plugs in ear, the man has a stuffy nose, and have serious hearing problems.


The tube can be caused by various factors, but the symptoms of inflammation are always the same:

  • significant hearing loss;
  • feeling stuffy;
  • severe discomfort;
  • headaches;
  • noise in the ears;
  • dizziness.

If the symptoms continue for more than two days, you need to urgently consult a qualified physician.

How to get rid of air pockets in ear

Once you have determined the cause and symptoms of the disease consult your doctor for accurate diagnosis.

Specialist will conduct examination and will prescribe an individual treatment. Remember that self-medication in the case of air traffic congestion and congestion in ears is prohibited.

Thus you can make the situation worse and cause serious complications.

The manifestation of in-ear air tube, what to do in the first place?

Commonly in this situation, the specialist assigns the removal of the tubes by flushing the internal auditory canal from a specialized syringe. Medical term calls it «a syringe Janet».

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It is designed to suction fluid in the ears and washing the walkways. With its help it is possible to introduce specialized nutrient solutions and pharmaceuticals.

Keep in mind that before the introduction of the drug into the ear, it needs to be warmed to a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

In case of occurrence of congestion due to the accumulation of sulfur, initially in the ear, you need to drip the hydrogen peroxide and soften the aisles of olive oil. Should know that the hearing in this case will be temporarily reduced, but after the procedure returns.

If the air tube is formed as a result of flights or travel by car through the mountainous terrain, medications are not required.

The reason for the tube is a pressure change in the air, which causes stuffy ears.

To remove air from the inner ear enough to take a deep breath and then yawn. In some cases, in such a situation helps is chewing gum.

There is another way to eliminate bad symptom. To do this, hold down the nostrils with two fingers and try to exhale through the nose. In this case, the Eustachian tube to normalize pressure. It will be followed by a «click» and air tube will pass.

To avoid feelings of stuffiness and air tube before the flight it is recommended to use antihistamines. This way you will reduce the irritation of the ear canal.

Subject to personal intolerance of the drug, buy earplugs. Thanks to them you will avoid pressure and discomfort.

If the air tube was formed due to dysfunction of the Eustachian tube or if water use the following method.

Stand on right leg, and bend your head to the left. Jump on one foot. Then she tilted her head to the right, stand on left leg and repeat the operation. This method will quickly eliminate the discomfort.

You can also use the point. To do this, soak it in olive oil and insert into the ear for 15 minutes.

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If the air tube was evident due to seasonal allergies, you should make the remedy of edema.

Carefully follow the dosage and do not violate instructions. In addition, the experts recommend the use of anti-Allergy drugs and drugs for raising the overall immune system.

Try to take more vitamins and eat large quantities of solid vegetables and fruits.

Basic rules

With the appearance of pain, regardless of the causes of air tubes, refer to a specialist. The pain can be caused by various infections and inflammations.

After inspection of the ear, the specialist assigns the following treatment:

  • a course of antibiotics. Apply the medication strictly following the instructions. Antibiotics aimed at eliminating the source of inflammation;
  • ear drops. They will remove the congestion and traffic, and will greatly reduce the pain;
  • physiotherapy and heat therapy. At home this procedure can be implemented using a heating pad or dry heat. Thermotherapy helps to normalize blood circulation and effectively helps the healing of the affected cells.

In any case, do not self-medicate.


In order to avoid air pockets, it is recommended to monitor the hygiene of the ears and wash them every day. In addition, once a week is necessary to clean the ears of sulfur.

Watch for symptoms of the body and the manifestation of signs of inflammation, contact your specialist.

Separately it should be noted that the treatment of infants with traditional methods or drops and ointments without consulting with your doctor is prohibited. Thus, you can cause perforation of the eardrum and cause serious complications.