How to get rid of the noise in the ear and do I have to go to the doctor?

How to get rid of ringing in the ears?

Every man at least once in their lifetime heard other sounds that seemed like it would not exist in reality, come from the depth of the head from the inner ear. Usually, hearing about it, they say, that ears are «ringing».

The phenomenon, which is disposable in nature, usually remains unnoticed. Sometimes people jokingly ask each other: «which ear is ringing?», tending to folk wisdom. But, when tinnitus is bothering the person periodically, there is no fun. Once it becomes clear that the body malfunctions and probably developing some kind of pathology.

Causes of tinnitus

Extraneous sounds are not necessarily expressed by the bell, it may be the rustling, hiss, gurgle, buzz, buzzing, hum, knock. In medical practice, such manifestations of non-existent noises called tinnitus. It is considered that the external source of such sound has not.

To understand how to get rid of the noise in the ear, it is possible only after ascertaining the cause of this phenomenon.

Noises coming from our environment, are divided into two types: subjective and objective.

The first picks up the patient, the second can hear the doctor in the diagnosis, but this phenomenon is very rare.

Often ear ringing is of short duration. Associated with similar physiological characteristics of the organism and hears it each, but very rarely.

Suspicious must seem to change the acoustics, which are periodically repeated and for a long time do not pass.

Similar phenomena are often accompanied with symptoms inherent in the manifestation of a particular disease.

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Often the problem is completely eliminated, if the patient is promptly referred to the hospital.

Disease in which there is ringing in the ears

Long, annoying sounds coming from somewhere in the depths, nothing but a certain person can’t be heard, indicate the development of a certain number of pathologies:

  • diseases of the organs of hearing;
  • disruption of the auditory nerve;
  • abnormal changes in the structure of the ear;
  • diseases of the endocrine nature;
  • chronic diseases, developing with frequent flights;
  • the diseases associated with poor conditions of employment, when a person all day surrounded by loud, sharp, unexpected sounds;
  • cardiovascular disease.

Also ringing in the ears can cause:

  • depression;
  • dystrophy;
  • stress;
  • violation of blood flow;
  • head injury;
  • the development of cancer tumors;
  • fatigue;
  • complicated pregnancy.

Long-term use of certain medications leads to the development of hearing loss and, as a rule, at first the patient begins to complain of the appearance of extraneous noise. To list the possible diseases for a long time, so when faced with something like this, go to the hospital, not to run the disease.

Such ringing is often accompanied by the elderly due to changes of the skull, displacement of the vertebrae and other features of the age adjustment of the organism.

As soon as the phenomenon becomes recurrent, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The survey will give an idea on how to get rid of ringing in the ears, will allow you to understand how to treat shown therefore the disease.


Initially, worrying about other noises in the ears, you need to apply for an appointment for consultation. Specialist, having ascertained the cause, sent the patient to a more narrow doctors – endocrinologist, cardiologist, oncologist, or treat yourself.

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A similar phenomenon a pathological character never manifests itself alone, is present and other symptoms (drainage, pain, fever, increase in blood pressure, dizziness, or nausea), giving an idea of the developing the disease.

In order to effectively eliminate the root cause of painful sounds, whether otitis media, otosclerosis, or hypertension, requires a comprehensive treatment.

In each case the doctor will prescribe some medications that must be applied strictly at the specified rate.

In addition to the medical treatment of the underlying disease is established, preventive measures for restoration of hearing, if necessary:

  • magnetotherapy,
  • pneumomassage,
  • electrical stimulation,
  • reflexology.

As such, treatment for ear ringing no one does. Doctors try to eliminate provoking the disease, and the noise will be after it himself.


Not to ask the question: «Why do I hear ringing in my ears how to get rid of the annoying phenomenon?», doctors advise to monitor your overall health, and promptly treat emerging diseases.

As preventive measures recommended:

  • more walk in the fresh air;
  • to eat right;
  • to lead an active healthy lifestyle;
  • to cure any disease, preventing recurrence;
  • don’t contact people who develop an infection of viral, bacterial in nature;
  • to avoid stressful situations;
  • to worry less, to be angry, to scream;
  • be careful to avoid injury;
  • under difficult conditions to use a special device, and mutes the sound (earplugs).

It is important to perform proper hygiene of the ear cavity, removing sulfur clusters, without damaging the eardrum and auditory canal.

Stretching of the eardrum often causes tinnitus. But when the area of the organ of hearing comes back to normal, everything goes.

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When faced with the phenomenon of ear ringing, you need to understand that to determine why noise could be heard in the ear how to get rid of it, can only be experienced specialist. To self-medicate aprobarea out different methods of folk medicine is the wrong choice.

We are talking about pathology, symptoms which manifests itself in the organs of hearing. So if the wrong or poor treatment likely to develop hearing loss or even hearing loss big.