How to improve hearing with hearing loss — exercise and massage

Popular ways to improve hearing

One of the most needed abilities in the structure of a person is considered hearing. This is a truly precious feature of a person and the loss of the ability of the usual human life can be destroyed.

It is therefore important in any discomfort and the feeling of pain in the ears to go to the doctor to diagnose the health and treatment if necessary. Moreover, today, modern medicine offers many tools to improve hearing.

About hearing loss

With the appearance of pain in the organ of hearing, loss of acuity and different injury to the ear people are wondering what exercise to restore hearing to choose.

However, before you begin exercises to improve hearing, it is necessary to establish the cause of the disease.

Thus, in the case of senile hearing loss medicine offers a specific treatment, and in case of hearing problems in children or adolescents treated fundamentally different.

Regardless of age, hearing loss is a significant problem for all people, as in this case suffers from natural human life.

Hearing loss is a permanent hearing loss that destroys the perception of any frequency. In addition, a person may disrupt speech perception and its communication.

There are several stages of deafness, in which the decrease varies from minor to complete absence.

Causes of this problem can be an infectious disease, and:

  1. The otitis.
  2. Ear infections.
  3. Fungus.
  4. Long use of antibiotics.
  5. Complications from respiratory infections.
  6. Prolonged exposure to noisy environments.
  7. Trauma to the head.
  8. Changes caused by age.
  9. Congenital pathology.

Once you have consulted with a specialist and completed a full examination, including audiometry, the doctor prescribes several ways to improve hearing.

As the treatment is in most cases complex, in addition to the standard medicinal drugs, the patient should begin exercises to improve hearing with hearing loss.

Treatment gymnastics

Identifying the root cause of the disease should go on to treatment. Consider a few ways on how to improve hearing with hearing loss. If you choose this method of healing, like gymnastics you need to carefully examine some exercise.

Interestingly, this treatment appeared in China and for many thousands of years successfully helping patients with hearing loss.

To implement this method, you need to prepare.

  1. To start warm palm by rubbing them against each other.
  2. Then bring your palms to the ears. Ensure that the distance to the outer region has at least two inches.
  3. Then imagine that between your hands and ears are great and warm ball.
  4. Mentally send the ball from inside his head.
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Despite the singularity of this treatment, many people have noticed results after the first lesson. Experts suggest Chinese culture to carry out this operation for fifteen minutes twice a day.

In addition to this method, there is another form of gymnastics.

  1. To play it you need to warm the hands.
  2. Close his ears with his hands so that thumbs were behind.
  3. After this, gently knock on the head. In this position you will hear the tinnitus.
  4. Repeat tapping fifteen times.
  5. Then tightly close the ears with your palms, and then abruptly remove the palm.
  6. Repeat the procedure ten more times.

It is known that in China many people use this method to return the tone and raise the overall health of the organ of hearing.

If Oriental medicine is causing your distrust, use ordinary gymnastics for the ears.

  1. To do this right after you woke up and accepted water procedures it is necessary to RUB the palm of your hand.
  2. Then spend a circular motion on the outside of the UGA for three minutes.
  3. After exhausted the time tightly Cup your palms over your ears, and then abruptly remove them.
  4. Repeat the operation twenty times.

Massage as a treatment

In modern medicine there are many ways to increase hearing acuity, however, oddly enough the most current recognized massage the ears with hearing loss.

It is important to know that a massage on the ears should be in the morning.

There are several types of massage, however, the most efficient and effective is a method called «Point Tun Hun». This type of massage has Eastern roots, but is widely distributed in Russia.

So, in order to carry out the massage at home you will need the help of the household.

  1. Once you held a preparatory massage of neck and shoulders, sit in a chair.
  2. The massage therapist needs to begin their movement from the neck and gradually move to the ears.
  3. Palpate the point of «Tung-Hun». It is located just above the tragus of the ear. At the time of contact, the patient feels a pleasant sensation.
  4. Having a massage from two sides with your thumbs ten times.
  5. Then slide on the circumference of the external ear a few times, and then gently close his ears with his hands.

This method is considered one of the most accessible in the home. Do not worry if you will not find described point. Commonly to practice a person needs about three times.

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There is another type of massage. In the course of its execution, all the attention goes to the tragus of the ear and the nose.

Press the trestle for about ten seconds and abruptly release. Repeat the operation for three minutes.

Massage gently the outer ear, and then gently move on the nose.

Remember that the massage was carried out with two hands and at the same time.

Remember that massage methods on the ears of a great many. Therefore, if the option is not available for any reason, use the following method.

  1. Sit on a hard chair and start self-massaging the outer ear with soft movements.
  2. After five to ten minutes of massage you will feel heat evenly.
  3. After heating of the ears the patient may need to stop and relax.
  4. After five minutes of rest firmly squeeze his ears with his hands and then slowly let go. Repeat the operation ten times.
  5. After this procedure you should skip to the lobes. To do this, gently pull the earlobe down ten times.
  6. Then repeat the operation with closure of the ear five times.

The final maneuver will be the next exercise. Close the ears thirteen times, and then sharply open them. This will cause the organ of hearing in the tone and raise the overall health. The result will appear on the third day.

The improvement of hearing folk remedies

Treatment of deafness and hearing loss hearing exercise, is actually effective methods that for a long time to help the sick.

Commonly for the improvement of hearing acuity doctors recommend a comprehensive treatment, which includes like gymnastics and massage. However, for best results, many experts prescribe a course of alternative medicine.

To select the recipe and the use of various lotions and potions, you need to install the root cause of inflammation.

Thus, in the case of hearing loss due to cerumen recommended one way, and in the case of problems caused by age, the doctor will prescribe other methods.

Let us examine a few effective methods of treatment of herbs and tinctures, which are known since ancient times.

For the first method you will need the seeds of anise and a clove of garlic. Crush the garlic to a pulp and mix with teaspoon of anise powder. For a more efficient method, add to the mixture three drops of olive oil.

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Next, prepare a gauze bandage. Carefully wrap the mixture in flagella and type in the ear for twenty minutes.

After the procedure the patient should not go outside, so the treatment is best done before bedtime.

Repeat this operation for weeks.

Some problems with hearing can be solved with the use of lemon peel with food. However, in the case of the use of the skin of the lemon with a spoon of tea tree oil and aloe using turundae is considered to be much more efficient.

To do this, grind a small amount of aloe and mix it with oil. For more effective treatment, it is recommended to apply half a teaspoon of honey and a small amount of lemon zest.

Mix the described components and using bandage, secure the affected area for thirty minutes. Repeat this procedure a day for fourteen days.

Another effective tool is the use of products made from propolis.

It is possible to prepare a large number of infusions. Describe the most common prescription.

  • purchase fifty grams of propolis;
  • carefully grind;
  • pour a mixture of one Cup of vodka;
  • wrap the resulting solution into the towel and put in a dark and dry place for five days.

After that, strain the infusion and enter in each ear, three drops. To strengthen the result type in-ear turundas twenty minutes.
After using this recipe you will feel a reduction in pain and an increase in the severity of hearing.

The end

Remember that all described methods have good effect only under competent implementation. But in any case they can be carried out only with the permission of the attending physician.

Therefore, if you notice a sharp decline in the quality of hearing, do not ignore the moment and begin timely treatment. Remember that alternative therapies can significantly increase hearing for many decades, but only in conjunction with medical treatment.