How to increase endometrium: methods and ways of treatment

To better understand the problem, you need to understand what is the endometrium. So, the endometrium is one of the membranes of the uterus, or to be more precise, it is mucosa.

A wrapper function support hormones. Therefore, any hormonal disturbances lead to a decrease of the endometrium. Because of this, many women are interested in the question: how to increase the thickness of this layer. Look at the reasons and the first signs of hypoplasia Should be noted that the thickness of the endometrium depends on whether a woman to have children or not.

Therefore, when the layer of the uterus very thin, then the fertilized egg can not attach to the walls of the uterus, and if it so happens that the woman gets pregnant, then it is in most cases a miscarriage. Therefore, for the process is important and female sex hormones — estrogens. Because they affect the thickness of the mucosa.

If it happened, what happened a hormonal imbalance, then women will notice the following changes:

  • disturbed menstrual cycle (discharge ceases spotting or very poor)
  • attempts to conceive or carry a child are equal to zero.
  • there are complaints of headaches, pain during intercourse, disturbed sleep.
  • sudden mood swings and blood pressure including.
  • appears muscle pain, sweating.

If suddenly you have these symptoms are present, it is necessary to consult a doctor the gynecologist-endocrinologist. You will be assigned a number of examinations, including ultrasound, as it will allow you to calculate, what is the thickness of the endometrium will be in different phases of the menstrual cycle. Even offer to donate blood to calculate what women the concentration of estrogen.

How to increase the endometrium, and how to understand what you need

It should be mentioned that the thickness of the endometrium may vary due to frequent injuries. Simply put — it is the consequences of abortion. No matter what he was medicated or was it scraping the mucosa is deeply damaged.

Different infection contributes to the damage and thinning. If the body has chronic inflammation, the endometrium becomes insensitive to estrogen, and even folk remedies are useless. Important role in disease plays conditionally pathogenic microflora. By reducing the immunity it promotes the development of inflammatory processes.

How can you try to fix the problem?

Need to find out the cause of this unpleasant disease. It happens sometimes that women just a little weight, and she just had to add a few pounds, choosing the proper diet with vitamins or observing a special diet.

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But it is not so simple as it seems . Sometimes diet is not enough and have to resort to hormone therapy. Based on analyses, the doctor should prescribe a special dosage. In some cases, allowed hormonal at home, but the patient needs to visit a gynecologist to monitor whether there is improvement or not. But the doctor sets the period of medication, and in some cases a woman can be and antibiotics (if you have the evidence, such as the presence in the body, any infection) or simply drugs to enhance immunity.

For maximum effect to know how to increase the endometrium, the specialist should consider what is present in the body the pathogen and how big or small it sensitivity to the drug.

The process of building up the endometrium is not so fast as it seems . This is a very long and laborious process, requiring an integrated approach and considerable effort from women, namely her desire and dedication.


It takes a important role in this process. When the human body lacks vitamins, it affects the work of organs and systems. And in the woman’s body for a lack of vitamins suffering with the reproductive system. This leads to violations of hormonal background. So special attention should be paid to the use of the following vitamins:

  • Vitamin C — found in citrus fruits, rose hips, cabbage.
  • Vitamin E — it can be found in virtually all fresh vegetables and even milk. More of this vitamin a lot in the raspberry leaves can make tea.

It is recommended that the consumption of apples, oranges, grapefruits – they strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and this is important for building the endometrium.

It should be noted that you need to eat foods that have properties to thin the blood and produce anticoagulant effects test prevent blood clots.

The list of products can be the following: strawberries, honey, grapes, cherries and almost all the spices. It would be nice to add in the diet of fish (especially sea).

Improve blood circulation

Strange as it may sound, and perhaps many will ask: «what is it?» is not surprising. This procedure helps to increase the mucous layer of the uterus.

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There are non-pharmacological ways to increase the endometrium that doctors recommend. This is a series of procedures that improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Here are some examples of such procedures:

  1. Exercises for the abs. Contributes not only to strengthen the abdominal muscles, but also improves blood circulation in the pelvis.
  2. Hirudotherapy. Simply put, this therapy is at the base, which is the use of medical leeches. How would it not sound disgusting, but this method also has a positive effect on blood circulation in the pelvis. And the results will become visible very soon.
  3. Acupuncture. This type of treatment can be attributed to the Chinese medicine. From there he and came to us. Specialist, introduces the needle into the active and important points on the human body.

Help of alternative medicine endometrial build up

Many wonder, is it possible to increase the endometrium with the help of folk remedies? It’s real. And now look at what it takes.

Well, first, as mentioned above, the ball of the uterus is dependent on the hormone estrogen, so you need to take into account herbs that have properties of estrogen, and you can add and androgens with estrogens. Have this property of clover with mistletoe, sage, hops and clover.

Somehow, decoctions of herbs should contribute to the development of hormones thanks to which will increase the endometrium. To the endometrium quickly matured, you can use Ortelius (also known as upland uterus) and Rhodiola cold.

Herbs need to be taken correctly, observing the special scheme. That is, on certain days of the menstrual cycle. In the first half taking Rhodiola cold, and the second drink orthilia. Before the onset of menstruation the amount of medical fluid can be gradually reduced, and when it comes monthly, reception of decoction is stopped.

Here are some examples of decoctions of medicinal herbs:

  • A decoction of sage is a good helper to increase the endometrium. Drink it three times a day half a Cup.
  • Very carefully have to do with the decoctions of wormwood, adding carrot seed. Although this is also a medicinal herb, but it is very easy to get poisoned if you overdo it with the dosage.
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To find the knotweed will not need much time, because this herb is sold in the pharmacy that already simplifies your quest. But taking a decoction of this herb, it is necessary to consider one feature. He was beginning to drink, when the woman begins menstruation, and cease with the onset of ovulation. In the future after ovulation don’t drink anymore.

A few common recommendations

If you are going to build up the endometrium, it is necessary to remember about the sport. Because of a sedentary lifestyle impaired blood supply to the pelvic organs. Very good running, swimming and aerobics. And even belly dance. Of course, you can now smile, but it is really a good and useful exercise.

There is another very good way to increase endometrium – vumbilding, simply put, it is training and strengthening the vaginal muscles. Besides this training of intimate muscles, you can prevent the occurrence of certain women’s diseases. The woman is still possible to attend courses of massage, both traditional and dot.

How much time will it take to restore the thickness of the endometrium depends on the personalities of the woman’s body. If someone told you that he got it very quickly, and you do not, do not worry. After all, every person is different. Everyone has a different body and immune system. And various methods of treatment it adapts in their own way.

Remember, never self-medicate. After all, only a specialist can know how to increase endometrium. Even if it would seem, at first glance, those harmless decoctions, you still should consult with your doctor. Who knows how they can affect the body.