How to liquefy the snot from the child and the adult: thinning nose drops

That thins snot?

In the treatment of inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract a significant role is a means to liquefy mucus. The choice of drugs is based on the etiology of the disease, form, severity and nature of the produced discharge. Sekretomotornym therapy aims to decrease the viscosity of nasal mucus, improving its outflow.

Bad nasal waste allocation are catalysts unproductive cough, disturbing the natural breathing, development of chronic form of the disease, sinusitis. The task of the doctor is to identify and eliminate the source of damage, to ease the symptoms, to thin out the snot from the adult and child. To achieve positive dynamics is possible by means of pharmaceutical products and traditional medicine recipes.

Why changes the consistency and color of snot

Under favorable conditions, the organism produces transparent mucus to moisten the epithelium, protection against penetration of pathogenic strains, antigens, dust. Composition aconselho secret is represented by three main components: salt, water and protein of mucin.

Under the influence of aggressive external and internal factors, there is active development of mukoproteinov, which are responsible for the concentration nozzle.

The appearance of mucus is a natural, odorless associated with respiratory diseases, allergic reactions, anatomical disorders. Change color to yellow or green tint indicates a bacterial etiology, chronic rhinitis.


Thick green snot precede recovery, indicate the death of white blood cells, pathogenic bacteria.

Interesting! The systematic abuse of tobacco, nicotine resin deposited on the inner shells, painting mucosally the secret is in brown color.

For reasons of viscosity are adverse climatic conditions in the room, hypothermia, delayed or incorrect medical care.

Drugs, thinning mucus in the nose

Bismarckiana not solve the problem of viscous mucus, an integrated approach is necessary. Treatment of thick snot begins with a visit to the doctor. The doctor on the basis of visual examination, endoscopic examination determines the nature of rhinitis, is a therapeutic scheme.

Mechanical cleansing of the nasal passages

To liquefy thick snot you can use saline solution. Preparing it at home: 250 ml water add 15 g of salt, stir until crystals dissolve.

Irrigation of the inflamed tissue to hold in a horizontal position, tilting the head at an angle of 90°. With a syringe without needle or medical pear solution is injected alternately in each nostril. At observance of technology of irrigation remains fluid freely pours out through the opposite nasal canal.

Such hygiene procedures allowed adults and children over 4 years.

For patients under 3 years is a saline solution of low concentration for instillation. In each nasal passage gently inserted 2-3 drops every 4 hours until complete recovery. Upon completion of the procedure, the remnants of mucus removed with suction, a cotton harness or bismarckiana.

Important! The use of a saturated salt solution is fraught with dryness of the mucosa, formation of surface crusts, which occur during the deformation of the nosebleed.

The range of pharmaceutical moisturizers presents «Akvamaris», «Salina», «Phrase», system «Dolphin».

Salt crystals and ocean water gently clean, nourish epithelium water, reduce swelling, clean the sinuses of extraneous agents. Medicinal sprays are tahifilaksii (addiction to drugs), so there are not a limited course.

Some drops of liquefied snot

To normalize breathing, to facilitate the outflow of a sputum, to arrest the inflammation and swelling of medications called sekretomotornym group.

Composition of the medicinal product is presented in natural ingredients and synthetic compounds that restore drainage function, activate the work of the mucociliary apparatus.

For reference! Thinning activity provide essential oils of eucalyptus, fir, star anise, elderberry, marshmallow root, thyme, primrose.

Mucolytic and secretolytic drugs provoke the contraction of the bronchial muscles, increases the activity of ciliated epithelium purify nasal passages from accumulations of mucus. Influence on the rheological properties aconselho secretion, without increasing its volume.

The action of enzymes (trypsin, chymotrypsin) or chemical substances (acetylcysteine, Ambroxol) is aimed at the normalization of the ratio of serous and mucous discharge, increase in the concentration of surfactant (active substance, which prevents the bonding of the fibers ciliary epithelium, promotes the excretion of sputum).


Effective drops in a nose thinning mucus include «Rinofluimutsil». Under the action of acetylcysteine reduces the viscosity of secretion of bronchial glands, is free sputum, an expectorant effect.

Tuaminogeptana sulfate active vasoconstrictor eliminates congestion of the inner shell.

Irrigate the nasal cavity with aerosol-2 doses in each hole through the equal period of time up to 4 times a day. Children’s norm is limited to a single pressing three times a day, not more than 7 days.

The drug is prescribed to patients older than 2 years. The feasibility of nasal drops during pregnancy and breastfeeding determines the doctor.


Widespread in ENT practice received the «Sinuforte». Medicinal liquid of plant origin (based on the extract and juice of cyclamen) stimulates a reflex reaction, which is manifested mucous outlets.

The result of dehydration and acts to normalize the viscosity of the fluid, creation of favorable conditions for the removal of serous discharge, improving the ventilation of the paranasal sinuses.

The drug is not irritating. The exception would be the increased sensitivity of the organism to individual components.

Assigned to adults and children over 12 years: 2-3 drops single for 6-8 days. Course duration is increased to 15 days if nasal drops are assigned through the day.

Antiviral drugs

When the reason for the thick mucus acts as a bacterial form of rhinitis, it is advisable to use pharmaceuticals based on interferon or polypeptide.

The active compounds show activity at the intercellular level, effective on the initial stages of inflammation of mucosa or as a preventive measure.

Antiviral activity have drugs intranasal administration:

  • «Genferon®»;
  • «Grippferon»;
  • «Laferon»;
  • «Nasopure».

Medications included in the therapeutic scheme for children from the first days of life. Indications for use supports infection of the upper respiratory tract, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, infection, prevent the risk of pneumonia.

Rate and dosage determined by the physician taking into account the physiological characteristics and medical history of the patient. It is not recommended to use the drug longer than 5 days.

For reference! One of the oldest and most reliable antiviral agents is «Oxolinic ointment». For therapeutic and prophylactic measures mucosa treated with a thick substance 3-4 times a day.

Antihistamines with viscous snot

The allocation of thick white mucus is interpreted as a protest of the body to the presence of allergens. Powerful antigens include:

  • spores of plants;
  • household cleaning products;
  • pet hair;
  • dust;
  • tobacco smoke;
  • harmful production conditions.

A complex effect on the body show combined antihistamine drops: «Sanorin», «Analergin», «Allergodil», «Vibrocil».

The group of sympathomimetics has a vasoconstrictor effect, normalizes blood circulation in the mucosa, inhibits the actions of histamine receptors N.

Patients with abnormalities of the cardiovascular system, disorders of metabolism, blood pressure should limit contact with nasal drugs. Children from 3 years to bury one at 1 drop every 4 hours for 2-3 adults with the same frequency.


Thinning nose drops for kids show greater efficiency in the administration of medication through a spray of liquid. The procedure helps to improve the discharge of mucus, to recover drainage of the nose, reduce the swelling.

Carry out the manipulation can be at home in the presence of a special device — dose inhaler. The working principle of the nebulizer is based on fine-dispersed spraying. The therapeutic effect occurs faster than using nasal sprays can treat the maximum area of the nasal cavity.

Nuance! Recommended inhalation for an hour before or after eating.

With a thick runny nose use alkaline mineral water «Borjomi», «Essentuki», «Narzan». A cheaper, but less effective option – saline.

Effective in the treatment of Airways, thinning mucus will be «Mucosolvan», «Fluimucil», «Ambrobene», «ACC Inject».

How to liquefy the snot from the child folk remedies

Alternative medicine is used in combination with conservative methods. The essence of the popular recipes is the formation of immune protection of epithelialization of soft tissues, reduction of viscosity of sputum.

To improve the discharge of sticky secret is capable of the following manipulations:

  • irrigation of the sinuses garlic or onion juice. Garden plants are crushed to mushy state, the juice is filtered through cheesecloth, diluted with water in the ratio 1:3. To improve therapeutic effect is added incomplete teaspoon of honey. Bury each nostril 1-2 drops for 10 days;
  • aloe/Kalanchoe. Fresh juice alternately irrigate nasal passages three times a day until complete recovery;
  • cleansing of the paranasal sinuses herbal decoctions. Prepare a medicinal fluid from a single component or a combination of several (chamomile, calendula, sage, mother-and-stepmother);
  • the warming by steam of the lower and upper extremities with the addition of eucalyptus oil or dry mustard powder. The procedure is performed under the condition of natural body temperature.

A contributing factor for a quick recovery acts moist air. To normalize a favourable microclimate it is necessary every day to ventilate the room, use a humidifier (as an alternative to hang wet towels) especially during the heating season.

When the humidity reaches 55-60%, the task is solved.


Thick consistency of viscous secretion indicates pathological changes in the body, requires a doctor’s involvement. The omission to disease of upper body can lead to the development of chronic lesions, otitis, inflammation of the cerebral cortex.

Adults need to know that thins snot which pharmaceutical products more efficient and safer. However, in order not to harm their health or the child to carry out therapeutic manipulation is necessary as directed by a physician.

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