How to live with uterine cancer: features of disease in women

The active growth of pathologically altered malignant cells inside the uterus can start every woman in a certain period of time. Therefore, the question of how to live with uterine cancer, is important not only for patients with the disease, but for all sensible women. A high percentage of morbidity on the diagnosis is 30-35 units per 100 cases of female cancer in General.

The main reasons for the formation of the disease are hormonal malfunctions inside the woman’s body, occurring more often on the background of age-related changes. After all, according to medical statistics cancer susceptibility processes in the uterus begins 35 years, and peak range of diagnosis is 45-55 years. The weakening of immunity and violation of metabolic processes in the body are also common instigators of malignancy in the uterus.

For cancer of the uterus life expectancy depends on the characteristics of the disease and the degree of neglect. Medical the language of disease has several options: cancer of the endometrium, malignant neoplasm of the body or cervix, swelling of the mucosa of the fallopian shell and others.

Type of disease

Everyone heard about the cancer disease is a lot of information, which almost always serve 4 main stages in the development of the disease. But in addition to the classification according to the degree of neglect of the tumor, there are two kinds of cancer of the uterine body:

  1. One of them is a standalone type of cancer the process is less common because these are diagnoses that do not have certain preconditions and provocations. That is, the disease of the Autonomous origin occurs by itself and often has a genetic predisposition.
  2. Hormonal type of a malignant tumor is a natural phenomenon for cancer, because 80% of diagnoses have causes abnormal production of hormones.
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Quality characteristics of tumors, which also depends on the prognosis of survival of the organism in cancer of the uterus, classification of diseases has the following form:

  • Carcinoma of the uterus and adenocarcinoma.
  • Sarcoma.
  • Leiomyosarcoma.
  • Squamous cell tumor.
  • Glandular epidermoid and others.

According to doctors, if time to go to the doctor, uterine cancer can be cured effectively and permanently. But the high performance of promise in the first two stages of the disease.

Classification of the disease at all stages of development

Almost everyone there are four main phases of the formation of cancer, clarifying the fact that the most dangerous and incurable is considered the last stage. It is hard to confirm or deny the figure clearly, because there are cases when uterine cancer 1 degree have been fatal, but the malignant tumor of stage 3 was to be effective treatment. To judge the assumptions that it: miracles of healing or incorrectly billed diagnosis is only after a detailed examination of the elements of the disease at each stage of development.

  • The first stage of the formation of cancer in the uterus involves initial tissue damage of the fallopian epithelium. This form of the disease may not have obvious symptoms and diagnosed randomly when passing preventive examination. The effectiveness of cure reaches 90% of success, because at this stage of tumor development by experienced surgeons can remove the problem so efficiently, that a relapse would not occur.
  • The second degree of the formation of the cancer is diagnosed at the first sign of the disease symptoms are uterine bleeding, menstrual disorders, severe body weakness and other. The increase in symptoms is due to infiltration of malignant cells into nearby tissue beyond the uterine body. To treat the stage of neglect of the disease more difficult, but the doctors promise about 60% of the effectiveness of both surgical and medical treatment.
  • Cancer of the uterus in the third stage of its formation begins to spread metastases in the surrounding organs: the cervix, the ovaries, the tissue of the vagina and other. Symptoms symptoms forms of cancer is severe pain in the lower abdomen, disorders of urination and menstruation, swelling of the whole body, the presence of subfebrile temperature, persistent vaginal discharge with bloody content. The effectiveness of therapeutic interventions at this stage of disease development is reduced to 30 — 35% without guarantees to the appearance of imminent relapse. To operate such tumors taken many doctor, but only after a course of chemotherapy or radio exposure. And the survival rate of patients with the third stage of the disease usually does not exceed the five-year milestone, even after effective treatment.
  • Fourth – not amenable to surgical treatment stage of cancer, affects the organism’s total way of quickly spreading not only to the neighboring abdominal organs, but also respiratory, circulatory, brain and other body systems. To treat the disease with the last stage of neglect – means to support the body as much as he can to live. Forecasting is disappointing, ranging from several weeks to six months. To operate on the tumor, the doctors are not taken because of the futility, and sometimes approaching death. To remove the cancer completely impossible, and the external ingress of oxygen into the body during surgical intervention will only provoke the activity of the malignant cells, killing the organism.
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If you ask a specific question about the survival of the organism in various stages of diagnosed cancer of the uterus, the fourth degree of severity will be much shorter than the third and second. Accurately and clearly define the terms life expectancy of the patient suffering from oncological pathologies in the uterine cavity, can not even the most experienced and highly qualified doctor.