How to make a baby sneeze to come out snot: what drip in a nose

How to encourage your child to sneeze with a cold?

Aconselho stagnation of secretions in the projection of the sinuses interferes with natural nasal breathing, increases the risk of serious complications. To clean the upper airway from foreign agents is possible through bismarckiana.

Not all kids, because of their age is able to perform sharp breaths nose. Then there is the need to artificially force a child to sneeze with a cold.

Recommendations on how to induce sneezing

This protective unconditioned reflex, which occurs when irritation of exogenous and endogenous factors. Through a spasmodic exhalation of air evacuated pathogens, dust, sputum.

To benefit the body, it is important to sneeze: to vigorously push the air flow opening of the nasopharynx in a handkerchief or tissue.

Cause sneezing can be the presence of a number of allergens, environmental and production conditions, the sudden heat change. Often this condition is associated with a cold.

To call the process an adult to use a variety of means (tobacco, pepper) that threat against children. When the parents have the task to provoke sneezing in a child, it is necessary artificially to affect the nerve endings of the mucous, thus to eliminate the possibility of damage to the nasopharynx.

You can tickle inside the nose with a feather twisted into a cone with a cloth, with cotton buds or cotton swab. Not every mother will be solved in such a procedure, because there is a risk to traumatize the fragile mucosa.

The result depends on the receptivity of the inner shell, so this method is less effective than instillation. Therefore, a closer look at that drip in a nose to Prachatice?

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Nuance! Some children have mechanical effect on the mucous membranes can cause discontent, cause dislike of other hygienic procedures.


This is the most popular and safe way to induce sneezing in children during the first days of life. Salt consisting of sodium chloride have a complex effect on the upper respiratory tract:

  • irritate the inner lining of the nose;
  • have decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • inhibit the activity of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • increase aeration of the sinuses;
  • restore nasal breathing;
  • form local immunity.

The frequency of treatments depends on the quality of purification of nasal channels. To irrigate the sinuses must be systematically, 1-2 drops in each hole 2-3 hours.

Important! If a little mortar fell asleep inside the body, do not panic, the fluid is not harmful to the health of the child.

Replace the saline solution can be sodium chloride, diluted with water in proportions per Cup of liquid 5 g (half a teaspoon) of salt. Stir to dissolve the crystals, apply in the same way.

The juice of the century plant or Kalanchoe

For medicinal purposes the juice is used only one type of plant —Kalanchoe Degremona or aloe Vera. Fresh leaves are rich in beneficial enzymes, essential acids, minerals, vitamins.

Volatile in the composition of the juice show bactericidal activity against wide range of pathogens: streptococci, staphylococci, diphtheria and dysentery Bacillus. The plant effectively with the inflammation of the respiratory tract, acts as an immunomodulator, contributing to the rapid recovery.

To increase the concentration of substances which provoke sneezing, you must adhere to the following guidelines solution preparation:

  1. Cut the leaves to survive in dry cool place (in the freezer) for at least 2 hours or overnight.
  2. After rinse thoroughly with water, grind in a blender, grate, or pound in a mortar.
  3. Through cheesecloth to separate the juice from the pulp.
  4. Pour into a sterile glass container and store in the refrigerator. Use within 48 hours.
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Kalanchoe juice instantly provokes sneezing, the main thing to choose the concentration of the medicinal liquid. Kids under the age of three juice diluted in equal proportion with water for older children and adults buried in its purest form.

For reference! Aloe softer effect on the inner lining of the nose, however, often provokes an allergic reaction, so the demand is less.

How to make a baby sneeze to come out snot? Cause sneezing in rhinitis will help beet juice with water in proportion 1:1. However, there is a risk of burns of the mucous, so it is better to give preference to more secure methods. Adult children can be offered a sniff of black pepper, tobacco, balsam «Asterisk».

The opinion and advice of Komarovsky

Many mothers believe that sneezing will help their baby to get rid of a cold. Of course, sudden spasmodic breathing helps to cleanse the respiratory tract from irritants, but it is not the only way to reduce the recovery period.

According to the pediatrician it is more important to create favourable conditions for active recovery.

E. O. Komarovsky recommends the following points:

  • more fresh air, permitting the child’s condition;
  • to ventilate the room 2 times a day;
  • to systematically carry out damp cleaning in the house;
  • to monitor the humidity in the nursery (the optimal rate 55-60%) and temperature. A day dream will be a perfect t 20-21⁰С, for night — a couple of degrees below;
  • ensure to drink plenty of liquids;
  • to strengthen the immune system through a balanced diet;
  • to carry out a toilet nasal saline moisturizing preparations on the basis of isotonic sea water: «Akvamaris», «Humer», «no-Sol»;
  • with abundant kapleobrazovanie to remove the mucus using a nasal aspirator or available tools (pipettes, pear, syringe).

Tip! If the house has no special device for humidifying the air, a similar effect will happen if the battery hang wet towels.


Undoubtedly, one sneeze is not able to neutralize the action of infectious agents. This process only provides a partial excretion of mucus along with pathogenic microflora, prevents blockage of nasal passages, improves breathing and creates favourable conditions for active recovery.

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