How to make a tampon for gynecology, is there any effect

In the treatment of many gynaecological diseases using tampons. The advantage of this method is that it acts directly on the affected area, no adverse reactions other organs and systems. To what purpose? How to make a tampon for gynecology yourself using medicines or decoctions of plants and aromatic oils?


This method of treatment is used not only in the beginning of the disease, but in advanced forms. The use of gynecological swabs promotes rapid recovery after the internal reproductive organs underwent surgery.

Not to be confused gynecological swab with normal hygiene, which many women use during menstruation. You can not take hygienic means and to impregnate it with medicinal composition, because its purpose is to absorb menstrual discharge.

Most often this treatment is used in such diseases of the reproductive system in women:

  • thrush;
  • fibroids, fibroids;
  • cervical erosion;
  • endometriosis;
  • inflammation of the appendages;
  • polyps.

Even when treatment is highly effective, doing it yourself is not worth it. The fact is that the reaction of each organism to a particular drug or folk remedy, which is impregnated with a tampon, can be unpredictable. So you can start treatment only after consultation with your doctor.

What’s the potential?

Medical swab may be cylindrical (like hygiene) or round shape. The medicine is in the middle.

It is very important that the size and shape were correctly matched. The drug should be easy to enter the vagina, not to create discomfort for the woman inside. And after use be easily removed to the outside.

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What made? How to store?

How to make a cure? Depending on what drug will be used in the basis of the chosen form. If the medication must be placed in the middle, it is more convenient to choose the shape of a ball that is made of cotton and wrapped with sterile bandage or gauze. If it is impregnated with medicine, the shape may be round and cylindrical.

It is very important that the swab is done independently at home, was sterile, because it will be introduced into the vagina. For manufacturing use only new and sterile materials: cotton wool, bandages, gauze. Scissors to be used in the process, should be cleaned with alcohol or sterilized. All manipulation is done exclusively in the sterile gloves.

It should also be noted that cotton will expand when it gets wet. So you need to tightly tie the thread.

After the introduction of the tampon into the vagina, its tip should remain outside, to be able to get it.

Store made tampons need in a new polyethylene package, taking out one as needed. You can make them for a few days or for the entire course of treatment. Use, strictly observing the recommendations of the doctor.

The manufacturer of the tampon cylindrical shape

To make a remedy by yourself, you do not need a lot of time and effort. There are no difficulties. In appearance, medicinal swab similar to the one that women use during menstruation.

  1. A piece of wool to form a cylinder, resembling the shape of a store-bought pad.
  2. On top of the winding thread.
  3. Cylinder shaped cotton wrap with gauze or bandage, the ends of the tie at the base. To treat drug and can be introduced into the vagina. A woman will not feel any discomfort, if it is spelled correctly. After use, gently removed from the vagina for the tips.
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Manufacturer of round medical swab

First you need to make a ball of wool with a diameter of about 3 cm. Cut a strip sterile bandages approximately 20 cm, folded in half and between the layers to place the ball of wool. Bandage to pull and tie the thread. If the method of treatment involves the introduction of drugs into the middle of the tampon, cotton ball, you first need to process it, and then wrap with a bandage or gauze.

It may seem that to make treatment for difficult, but women often say the inability to enter a tampon into the vagina. The fact is that a cotton ball can be rolled and poorly fixed or too large in diameter. Even if they manage to enter it, it will create discomfort.

To facilitate introduction of the tampon, it can be done using a pencil. In this case, the swab will be placed on the pencil, which you need to wind the bandage directly on it, leaving the tip, then apply the medicine. Introduced into the vagina with a pencil and then carefully remove to a medicine inside. Instead of a pencil to apply the applicator from the hygienic swab.

The effectiveness of medicated tampons in gynecological practice proven. The advantage of such treatment in the fact that the occurrence of side reactions is possible only in case of individual intolerance of the body. This treatment can be combined with treatment with other drugs, and internal organs do not get load. Tampon easy to make yourself, and the process will not take more than 10 minutes.

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Again it must be emphasized that when women’s issues self-medication in any way not acceptable. And even the most effective for one woman may only aggravate the problem from the other. Every medication and duration of treatment should be prescribed only by a doctor individually.