How to make it work the ovaries, causes patologii

Ovaries, is a paired organ of the urinary system in women, it is in the pelvis. It ripen and develop a female sex cell to talk about it even at lessons at school. Also, the ovaries produce sex hormones that control sexual desire and the aging process of the female body. This is the main task of hormones. In addition, they are able to keep the skin elastic, and the mood is good. If the ovaries no longer cope with all functions assigned to them, the urgent need to get them urgently to work.

Interesting fact. Female ovaries produce both female hormones, called estrogens, and male hormones which are called testosterone. It also controls sexual desire and arousal erogenous zones, that is, the clitoris and nipples. During orgasm, this hormone has its highest rate in the blood.

Signs of the disease

Symptoms that body begins to grow old are:

  • it is a violation of the menstrual cycle;
  • appear fibroids and cysts.

In rare cases, may appear:

  • constant fatigue;
  • the bones become fragile;
  • the skin loses its elasticity;
  • the hair starts to fall.

In most cases, many women appear overweight, which is simply impossible to control.

If you look at the situation soberly, the absence of menstruation can not be the main indicator that the body began to be old, and no longer perform their function. On the advice of a doctor, one woman can be detected by several symptoms, and the other only one. However, in both cases, the diagnosis of patients give the same.

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Causes of disease

Every woman needs to know when fading health of the ovaries occurs gradually, it is normal. However, modern medicine is a little alarmed, as the cases of the treatment of women with this problem, the age of which is less and less.

This female body begins to age before the achievement of women thirty years of age. At birth, females laid a certain number of follicles. Every woman is a different number. With the onset of monthly menstruation, this number is declining and break last, comes the onset of menopause.

Why waste the follicle is not only in monthly and it can be different stress, lack of sleep, Smoking, intervention on the ovaries. To say that abortion is one of the adverse factors. Because during pregnancy the female body hormonal changes. If the process abruptly stopped, then it will be a disaster for the body. Therefore, it is believed that women often do the abortion, are at risk.

It should also be noted that if refuses to work thyroid, or missing sex life, it can also affect the functioning of the body. In addition, many dental fillings, distinguish between different heavy metals. In the body occurs, their accumulation, and it is very bad for the health of the ovaries.

The consequences of the disease

Sorry, but infertility, the consequences of a violation of the functioning of the body. For infertility treatment you can resort to two ways that surgery or medications. During treatment with medication, resort to hormonal drugs. They are able to push for the proper functioning of the ovaries. In some cases, can help and oral contraceptives. And in the case where medication does not bring the desired result, the question arises about the surgical intervention. After the operation, up to ninety percent of women can get pregnant.

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Medicine will give impetus to the work of the authority

First, you need to seek the help of an experienced doctor. After examination and necessary tests, he will establish the cause. The reason may be either the ovaries, or disruptions in the endocrine system. In specialized medical centers, there are machines that can with the help of a special program to identify all problems in the human body. After receiving the results of this study, the doctor prescribes the right treatment.

Possible treatment of the disease

So treatment of the disease gave a positive result, you must adhere to the following:

  • if you assume that the authority does not want to work, then see your doctor, it can be the gynecologist or the endocrinologist. After hearing your complaints and after examination, he will appoint an additional examination. If you previously applied to doctors and conducted the survey, say this to the doctor. If all the results are preserved, they must provide;
  • you need to know the amount of hormones in the blood, this give blood for analysis. In addition, can also be assigned additional research and analyses;
  • insist on finding out the overall condition of the body. Just need to do an ultrasound (ultrasound) and conduct inspection with gynecological mirror. In most cases, this organ detects multiple cysts that interfere with organ;
  • if the cause of the disease can be removed by using medication (hormonal drugs), the doctor prescribes them. About half of patients cured in this way. During supplementation, must be observed the dosage and the regularity of the acceptance;
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  • if pharmacological drugs do not help, you can resort to surgery. The operation is performed without an incision, and laparoscopy. This means that through a puncture in the abdomen work is carried out by micro-tools. During the surgery is remove the affected part of the body. Almost eighty percent of cases, the operation is successful. However, over time the body will return to its previous state.

Except as described above, it is possible to use physical exercise. They will help to reduce the level of insulin in the blood also exercise will balance hormones and rid the body of excess glucose. But exercise in excess, will increase the level of testosterone, and the symptoms can only worsen.