How to make nose less at home: exercises for the nose

How to make nose a little at home?

For any woman is very important her appearance. It should always be flawless, but what to do if you are not satisfied with your nose? Rhinoplasty, or you can take less drastic measures? How to make nose less in the home, to be happy with my reflection in the mirror?

Plastic surgery is a big risk, but modern cosmetology has a few tips on how you can visually make the problem much less.

The right makeup

To adjust the shape using makeup, the first thing it must be purchased. It needs to be professional and of high quality, which not only correctly accentuate the necessary form, but so as not to lose the natural glow of the face.

Sure at hand have to be a special makeup. One should be in the tone of her skin, and the other two lighter and darker. With bright colors, any part of your face can make bigger, and with the help of dark – on the contrary, to make them less visible.

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If you are the owner of a long nose, which resembles a form of «potato», you need to visually reduce the tip, causing a darker tone on the wings of the nose, the tip and its base. For maximum effect, «toner» should be shaded with a brush.

Thus, it is easy to visually adjust any of the nose and make it smaller. Read also how to reduce the nose with makeup technique of contouring.

Reduction with hair and eyebrows

Not the last role is played by the hairstyle and the shape of the eyebrows. Very often because of improper or asymmetrical eyebrows shape the face is changing beyond recognition, and some parts become more visible.

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For a large nose or hooked nose, it is impossible to do light eyebrows in a semicircle. The hair also should pay attention to. Sometimes, to change the nose at home is as simple as changing your hairstyle. Here the rule is simple – bangs lengthens the nose.

To make an already long on the smell less noticeable, you need to wear asymmetrical bangs. To divert attention, you can use red and red shades of hair.

Hasbinding: what is it?

Brand new trend, which is still not fully understood – hasbinding. It is a kind of gymnastics for the nose, which is designed to adjust the shape of the face. Proven in practice that this method really works and gives good results.

The process itself is very simple, but it all depends on a professional beautician, who needs to pick up an individual program, based on many factors face shape, nose, etc.

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Exercises to correct

Often, girls are interested in exercises for the nose. However, this does not mean that making the bump less noticeable (it is less noticeable, because you can remove it only with plastics), you will not find the nose wide.

Correct length and width

There is a special technique that gives good results. Due to the strict adherence to and repetition of all exercises, it is possible to change the length and width of the nose. The hump will be less, once the muscle is reduced in tone.

To perform exercises should be gradually:

  • before beginning, you need to stretch the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, and drawing in the abdomen;
  • two fingers should slightly flatten the nose. With the other hand gently lift the tip of the nose;
  • at this time, the little finger pulls lower lip down;
  • during such procedure, a daily average of 30 times, after 6 months you can see the result.
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Do less the tip of the nose

If you want to reduce exactly the tip of the nose, then another set of exercises that should not be used if you have a hump. This is very important:

  • before beginning, you need to stretch the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, and drawing in the abdomen;
  • holding the tip, you just want to send it to the other side of its curvature;
  • these exercises should be performed 30-50 times per day for 20 seconds.

Fix «potatoes»

It is really correct and that nose, if you stick to all recommendations and to correctly perform all the exercises:

  • before beginning, you need to stretch the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, and drawing in the abdomen;
  • the middle finger, it is necessary to raise the tip;
  • now a little ajar mouth, and upper lip to try to lower down as low as possible;
  • exercises should be repeated at least 40 times a day.

When performing this exercise, great attention should be given to the width as far as possible to open his mouth. Should be possible to open it. Moreover, this exercise has a positive effect in General on the whole face, not just parts of it.

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As you know, his nose grows throughout life, so you need to constantly massage to reduce the nose, supported by exercises, so as not to lose the shape which has been achieved with the help of exercises.

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You can use the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Before beginning, you need to stretch the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, and drawing in the abdomen.
  2. Index fingers of both hands must touch on the nose.
  3. Now you need to gently pull the skin upward and hold in that position for 10 seconds.

Read about the anatomy of the nose, to massage was more effective.

This massage also helps to fight wrinkles. Equally important to breathe correctly when performing all procedures. Breath to do the most profound, and exhale gradually.

Be prepared, if you decide to make a nose in a few exercises first a little swell. It will pass quickly after a while and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful nose.