How to measure humidity in the home

How to detect the humidity in the apartment?

Humidity affects the health of the person and its deviation from the optimal values in the long run leads to a deterioration of health: this weakens the immune system and its protective function, there is a feeling of chronic fatigue, changes of the skin. The negative effects only become apparent after quite a long period of time, so it is important to know how and what to measure humidity in the home and adjust it in the desired direction.

The lack of moisture in the apartment (below 40%) causes dryness and irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose and other cavities, and also to prevent large amounts of dust. It contains harmful microorganisms such as dust mite, which causes the development of allergies. High humidity (over 60%) is fraught with the appearance of black spots on the walls formed by the fungus. Such a mold reduces protective functions of the body and even accelerates the aging process.

Instruments for measuring humidity

Among the specialized devices for measuring humidity level most famous are the following:

  1. A hygrometer is one of the most easy to operate. This tool has a small screen which displays the percentage of moisture contained in the air. The cost of such devices can be quite high.
  2. Psychrometer — instrument for measuring humidity consisting of two thermometers. At the core of his work is check the indicators on the temperature difference between dry and wet sensors. The operation of this device can emulate at home, using just one thermometer.

To determine the humidity indicator according to the principle of the psychrometer, we’ll need one thermometer and gauze fabric. The first thing you need to fix the current room temperature, after which envelop the base of the thermometer with wet cloth. After waiting about 10 minutes from the first value to take a second and refer to the psychometric table.

Here, the first column corresponds to the «dry» thermometer and the top row of numbers to the value of the thermometer wrapped in wet gauze. The intersection of these values and will be the interest rate of humidity of the air in the apartment.

Devices that measure humidity, make it possible to quickly obtain accurate information.

Traditional methods

When you do not have specialized tools, to determine the level of humidity will help various tricks, invented just such circumstances. Despite a noticeable error in the results of such detours, the data obtained will allow to assess the whole situation.

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The main advantage of the available tools is their wide availability and the practically complete absence of financial costs. Their disadvantage is the time necessary to get results. Thus, we have to make a choice between cost and efficiency.

A glass of cold water

To obtain the necessary information, will only need a glass of cold water. You should post this in the fridge for several hours, then the water temperature will be at the level of 3-5 degrees Celsius. Then you need to place the glass closer to the center of the room, away from sources of heat.

The conclusions are based on the three possible options of outcome:

  1. The lack of moisture. First, the glass is fogged up like a window in winter, but within 5 minutes again became transparent – moisture quickly evaporates, and therefore it is not enough and the air dry.
  2. The norm. If after this time the glass as before remains opaque, then the level of humidity in the test room is optimal.
  3. The high humidity. When the glass drops of water running down his walls, then it can be argued that the moisture content in the air exceeded normal values.

Moisture measurement with the help of fir branches

Measurement of air humidity is available using spruce branches, which must reach at least 20 cm in length, and better than 30 cm at One end it must be locked on the Board, and the other end to leave loose.

The fact is that when the humidity is high spruce branch heavier, and therefore descends. Within a few days you need to check the humidity level on the exact devices and make the appropriate notes on the Board, based on the number of branches. After a week of such observations, it is possible to obtain fairly accurate homemade tool.

To determine the humidity in the apartment without the device is relatively easy with the right approach.

Moisture determination using fir cones

A good informant will be the fir cone. Humidity will be the position of its scales:

  • excess moisture in the air leads to the closure of the scales;
  • its deficiency causes the cones to open.
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For example, if you bring her home, in the evening it may be closed, and in the morning to return to his old form. This is due to the fact that in the evening the lack of heat leads to an increase in the humidity level.

How to increase the humidity level in the apartment?

How to determine the humidity of the air in the apartment, we understand. Now it is useful to know how to adjust, if its performance deviates from the norm. The simplest solution to the problem of dry air will be the purchase of the humidifier. It is filled with water, which is converted into gaseous form in the process of operation of the humidifier.

There are three types of humidifiers:

  1. Traditional humidifier allow air to pass through the tank filled with water. Here he not only moisturized, but also freed and cleaned from dust. The disadvantage of this solution is that the boundary rate is around 60%. Besides, traditional humidifiers are quite noisy and can distract from everyday tasks.
  2. Steam humidifier. The advantage of this device is the possibility of using even contaminated water. The device is able to increase the level of humidity more than 60%. However, the boiling water evaporates, accompanied by large amounts of noise and excessive energy consumption.
  3. Ultrasonic humidifier differ from other devices relatively quiet operation. Noticeable drawback is the need to use only purified water.

There is a possibility to increase the humidity, without resorting to specialized devices. Widespread wet towel left on the battery. By heating the moisture changes from a liquid form to a gas. When the towel is dry (the use of cloth is also permitted), it must be replaced.

A similar method is to use a small basin of water set on the radiator. Naturally, the moisture in them fit much more than a piece of cloth, and therefore will have to change them much less frequently. You can place them on the dresser or the closet. In this case, re-fill containers with liquid have even less, and the humidity will increase insignificantly.

To achieve a higher humidity help and some household stuff. This is facilitated by a large number of house plants in pots or breeding fish in the aquarium.

How to lower humidity?

Just as there are humidifiers, and dehumidifiers exist. This device runs through the flow of the air and condenses it. Thus, moisture is deposited in the desiccant liquid, and the air is directed back into the room. This result is achieved due to the lower temperature in the drier than in the room.

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In the process of acquiring the device consumers usually repelled by its power, which is measured in liters of water produced per unit of time. The numbers here can be quite different – from 12 to 300 liters per day.

The devices come in two formations:

  • portable – located in any convenient place with the ability to move without any difficulties;
  • stationary – attached to the wall, have a higher capacity.

In such areas as bathroom, kitchen and washroom installs hoods, which deal not only with the abstraction of moisture, but also reduce unpleasant smells.

To achieve a more dry air is also optional to use the devices. The simplest way to achieve the desired result is a systematic ventilation of the dwelling.


The level of humidity has an impact on human health in the short term and health in the long term. It is desirable to maintain it in the range of 40-60%, which is optimal for the individual. Humidity is measured using instruments such as the hygrometer and the psychrometer, the latter of which you can recreate at home. There are traditional methods to determine the percentage of humidity, however, their disadvantage is the low efficiency of obtaining information.

Technological progress allows you to control the humidity in the apartment as by means of dehumidification and humidification. To achieve the desired result as possible at the expense of special devices, and using handy tools.

The purchase of a dehumidifier or humidifier is the most simple and convenient way. Many modern air conditioners are also able to control the moisture content.