How to moisturize the nasal mucosa at home adult and child

Moisturizer for the nose how to moisturize the mucous?

A dry nose leads to crusting, which makes breathing difficult. Patients experience itching and burning. When you see these symptoms, patients are prescribed drugs with moisturizing effect.

Moisturizing nose drops

Almost all of rewetting drops contain in its composition of sea water. Saline solution cleans the nose of mucus, and eliminates inflammation.

At the pharmacy you can find sprays and drops with the moisturizing effect. The advantage of sprays in the convenience of dosage. How to moisturize the nasal mucosa an adult and a child? This question bothers many patients suffering from the unpleasant symptoms.

One of the most popular moisturizing means include:

  • Aqua Maris;
  • Other types of pain;
  • Marker;

Aqua Maris

Aqua Maris is a solution that is designed for nasal lavage. The tool is used to cleanse the sinus of pus.

The introduction of drops in each nostril prevents the development of inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx. Experts prescribe Aqua Maris in rhinitis and sinusitis.

Other types of pain

At the pharmacy you can find several varieties of other types of pain: soft, baby and Forte. They differ only in the concentration of sea salt. Drugs with a large amount of sea salt used in the treatment of severe nasal congestion. Aqualor Baby in the form of drops administered to children under 2 years.

Important! Spray to hydrate the mucous membrane is prohibited to use in the treatment of children up to 2 years. This can cause of babies choking.

Constant stress and the Forte is prescribed for adults patients with prolonged cough. This medication is a leader on the content of sea salt. Other types of pain Forte prescribed for patients with severe edema of the nasopharynx.


Marker is designed to maintain the normal state of the mucosa. The drug is mucous membrane moisture and helps restore damaged mucous membranes of the nose.


Part of VIVASAN include various herbal extracts. To get rid of sinusitis the solution was added the mint and sage. The tool is not recommended for children, because it has a large amount of sea salt.

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Moisturizing nasal drops is the easy and affordable way to eliminate dryness. However, before treatment it is necessary to consider the possibility of allergic reactions.

Oil drops

Products based on oils not only moisturize mucous membranes. They soften the crust and make them easier to remove from the nose. This helps patients to avoid tissue damage in the treatment of rhinitis.

To enhance the therapeutic effect in the solutions with added essential oil. In some patients these drugs can cause allergies. To get rid of dryness in the nose, you can use the following types of drops.


Among the ingredients there is oil of eucalyptus, peppermint and pine. They have a bactericidal effect and helps in various forms of rhinitis. The product can be used in the treatment of children older than 2 years.


Sinosun made on the basis of oil of Japanese mint. Before the introduction of the means recommended to clean mucus from the nose.

Valerian root

A means for humidifying the nose prescribed for bacterial rhinitis. It includes fish oil, which moisturizes the nasal mucosa.

What ointment can be used to hydrate the mucous membrane

Due to excessive dryness in the nose are formed crusts. When you attempt their removal can cause bleeding.

The patient is advised to lay into the nasal passages cotton swabs with the Oxoline or her very much. The procedure should be repeated 3 times a day. Turundy should be located in the nose for about 3 minutes. How to do turundy, click here.

Ointment to moisturize the nasal mucosa facilitates the removal of crusts. To speed up healing of damaged tissues, doctors prescribe patients Traumeel or a Lifeguard.

How to moisturize the nasal mucosa at home

As a moisturizer you can use salt water. The saline solution will relieve the swelling and remove the pus that has accumulated in the sinuses.

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To hydrate the mucous membrane you can use propolis. The aqueous solution should be instilled into the nose, 2 drops 3 times a day.

Important! Use alcohol tinctures of propolis in the treatment of rhinitis is prohibited.

Dryness and irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose, the unpleasant symptoms that occur in chronic sinusitis. To help the patient with the help of aloe juice. To prepare the treatment solution will approach the lower leaves of the plant.

Wrap torn leaves in a bag and put 12 hours in the refrigerator. After that miss the raw material through the blender. The juice of the plant must be dug every 3 hours.

Peach oil is a natural product that can be used to moisturize the mucous membranes.

The remedy for dryness in the nose can be made at home. To get the medicinal infusion should be mixed in equal proportions calendula, plantain and chamomile.

Pour 2 tbsp. spoons of raw materials in a separate container and pour a glass of boiling water. Then cover the container with a lid. Healing infusion of strain through a piece of cheesecloth. The tool has to be instilled into the nose 3 times a day to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms.

Moisturize the nasal mucosa at home, you can use glycerin. The tool will help to retain moisture in the nose throughout the working day. The drug is preferably applied in the morning.

Inhalation with saline

The saline solution has no contraindications and can be used in the treatment of newborns.

The product contains 0.9% of sodium chloride, which destroys pathogenic microorganisms.

Positive results child can feel after completing a few sessions. The baby improved nasal breathing and reduced swelling.

Unlike herbal teas, saline has an unpleasant taste and odor.

When conducting inhalation, experts recommend to adhere to following rules:

  1. The moisture of the nasopharynx should be carried out through every 4 hours. However, this procedure can only help in the initial stages of cold.
  2. The optimum solution temperature should be around 37 degrees.
  3. To increase efficiency you can add to the solution a few drops of essential oil.
  4. Make sure to clean all elements of the inhaler soda solution before the procedure.
  5. The patient is allowed to inhale the vapor only through the nose. During the procedure, you cannot speak.
  6. Don’t spend inhalation immediately after eating. Wait at least 1.5 hours.

Important! After medical procedures the patient is allowed to leave the house for 30 minutes.


To get rid of dryness in the nose, you can use moisturizing products. Adult patients can use the drops and sprays based on sea water.

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In the treatment of children under 2 years can only use drops. The ban is associated with anatomical features of the structure of the nasopharynx of the baby. Sprays can cause suffocation.

To eliminate the dryness can be due to oil drops and ointments. Moisturizing effect have inhalation with saline. They can be used not only for adults but also children. The essential oil in the solution to be added only if in the absence of Allergy.

To moisturize the mucous membranes, you can use traditional methods. The curative effect of chamomile, calendula, and plantain. Applying glycerin on the mucous membranes — the easiest way to retain moisture in the nose.