How to obtain a hearing aid free of charge to disabled and retired

Who put the hearing aid for free?

The greatest relationship with the surrounding world person provide visual and auditory function. However, today things are so different hearing disorders are not uncommon and are found not only in old age when the hearing loss is a normal process, but in adults and even in children.

Next, let’s talk details how to obtain a hearing aid free of charge who it is and what it needs to do.

Hearing aid

Hearing AIDS, specialized devices that represent sound amplifiers and are used to enhance auditory function with hearing loss.

In the modern world produces a huge number of similar devices, differing from each other by capacity, shape, design.

Let’s start with the fact that all models are divided into 2 groups according to method of processing signal in the audio amplifier.

These groups are represented by such types:

  1. Analog.
  2. Digital.

Help. Today digital devices have almost completely replaced analog because their ability is much higher than previous versions.

In addition, hearing AIDS fall into the following categories, depending on their location and external characteristics:

  • custom products – in turn are divided into channel and interchannel custom products;
  • BTE is also divided into two types depending on the location of the phone receiver: in the case of the apparatus or in the ear;
  • pocket – depending on the method of sound transmission are different devices by air conduction or bone.

To navigate, and especially to choose among the huge variety of models suitable device is quite difficult.

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That is why at selection of apparatus is necessary to consult a specialist audiologist who will perform a professional assessment of hearing and will offer the most optimal option for each case.

After a short presentation of what the sound amplifier and which species, it is, then decide who the hearing aid is put free.

How to get hearing AIDS for free

Based on the legislation «On social protection of invalids in the Russian Federation», «On the procedure for providing disabled people with technical means of rehabilitation» free devices to enhance hearing can be granted to persons with disability status in this category.

To count on receiving device may individuals apply for disability because of other health disorders, but it also shows a hearing aid.

How to get free hearing AIDS pensioner, adult or child? For this you need to meet a list of conditions for assigning a disability group (mainly group 3):

  1. Undergo audiological study, which will determine the degree of hearing loss.
  2. If the defined 3 or 4 the degree of impairment of auditory function, get a referral from the doctor to the passage of special expertise (ITU).
  3. Visit the ITU, and then has a disability.
  4. Issued in the individual program of rehabilitation (IPR) should be spelled out the necessary use of devices to improve hearing.

If the results of all these actions was rated hearing disability, the person is entitled to the following things (for free):

  • receiving apparatus for improving hearing function (1 once in 4 years);
  • the production of original ear for ear;
  • repair and maintenance of the device;
  • the compensation funds for self-purchase.
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However, disability is not so simple. One of the characteristics of medical help – assignment exclusively 3 disability group, and only in rare situations — 2.

These situations include:

  1. Sudden, complete loss of hearing adult (correction with a hearing aid does not give in), and group 2 is assigned for several years. After the passage of the human adaptation (lip reading, sign language), it translates into 3 groups.
  2. During the period of study in specialized schools hard of hearing is assigned to group 2, after the 3 group.

Help. Some other conditions for assignment 2 group of disability does not exist.

And as the invalid of the 2nd group to get hearing AIDS for free? No special rules and differences in this situation does not exist. The algorithm of the procedure is the same action that previously described.


The rumor has an impact on how people perceive the world, on the development of his intellect and speech. It is therefore essential to provide hearing impaired people with such devices for their social adaptation in society.

Such assistance is available at the state level and is providing free devices for people suffering from hearing impairment.