How to properly clean ear human baby at home

How to clean the ears of sulfur in the home?

Doing personal hygiene, many people ignored by their ears, cleaning them on the run, the first arm objects (hairpins, pins, etc.), not even thinking about the fact that improper execution of this procedure can not only damage the skin of the organ of hearing, but also to trigger the development of hearing loss.

Further detail will talk about how to properly clean ear human how often and what tools you can use.

The need of hygiene of the ears

The ear of the person includes 3 divisions: outer, middle and inner. We cleaned it the outer division, consisting of the shell and the external auditory canal. Other components of the hearing system, fortunately, is inaccessible to man.

The auditory canal is lined with skin, which, besides fat, produces a special substance is sulfur.

Sulfur is not a useless secret that pollutes the ears of a man. She is protective of all analyzer hearing against the ingress of pathogenic agents that cause inflammation, and clears the ear of dead epithelial cells.

In addition, it protects the delicate skin of the ear from drying out, dust, small particles.

If the glands are functioning normally, sulfur is excreted on their own when chewing or talking. In such a situation is quite ordinary hygienic procedures (shower, bath), since earwax in this case leaves myself out and washed off.

In disorders of the glands functioning or non-compliance with the rules of hygiene, including excessive buildup of earwax. It blocks the ear canal, contribute to the formation of cerumen that can impair hearing and create favorable conditions for the development of pathogenic organisms.

To prevent such phenomena, it is necessary to systematically clean your ears at home.

Help. Ear cleaning at home should be carried out in compliance with the «Golden mean», that is, excessive brushing can lead to malfunction of the glands, and as a consequence sharp may either increase or decrease separation of sulphur.

Excessive accumulation of sulfur leads to the formation of ear plugs, but the disadvantage of this secret also causes some deviation. Due to the lack of an enzyme skin is dry, so my ear itches all the time.

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Therefore, in order to avoid such problems, you need to adhere to proper execution of hygienic procedures of the organ of hearing.

How to clean the ears of the man

In order to be able to clean the ears of sulfur in home pharmacies offer quite a wide range of resources in the form of drops and sprays.

Especially popular are the following medications:

  • hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) is used to prevent either the accumulation of sulfur. Bury the substance in the amount of approximately half of the pipette 3-4 times during the procedure at intervals of a few minutes. Such actions help to soften the earwax, then it comes out and can be easily removed;
  • drops «Debrox», «Drops», «Auro» is composed of a carbamide peroxide that can dissolve the ear plugs of any kind;
  • «Aqua Maris» — a medicine for cleaning the ears, which is made on the basis of isotonic sea water. Important task is the prevention of the formation of cerumen and the removal of already formed clusters. It is allowed to use, starting from 3 years of age;

  • «Remo — Vaks» — the cure comes in the form of a spray and drops for the ears. To cope with sulfur caps of any variety. After injection into the ear (for a single event produces multiple injections) begins to act after only 20-40 minutes. For prevention apply a couple times a month;
  • «Cerumen and» — are written in the presence of an exaggerated production of sulfur. Prevention in this case is carried out every 15 days with a volume of 1 ml;
  • castor oil or other oil funds – used to moisturize the ear canal when there is insufficient development of sulphur, eliminating, thus, itching and dryness. Can also be effective in softening tube of sulphuric mass.

Important! Oil solutions have one very significant drawback – they create a comfortable environment for the growth and development of various germs and infections.

Despite the fact that these drugs available in any pharmacy network, it is better to apply them only after consulting with a specialist. As these substances as any other drug, can have its features of the application and the list of contraindications.

How to clean your ears

Doctors recommend to clean the ears more often than once every two weeks, but it all depends on the individual.

If production of sulfur rich, ear cleaning should be performed more frequently at the accumulation.

As previously stated, the ears are capable of self-purification, therefore, the more to clean them, the more they are «lazy» and stronger polluted.

So, it’s good to clean the ears and not to harm the auditory system?

You need to know a few rules of execution of such activities:

  1. It is best to clean the ears after bathing when the skin is most raspalis and softened.
  2. Take a cotton swab and gently swipe along the ear. It is also possible to clean the ear canal, but only from the outside. To climb deep inside the ear canal such stick is not worth it!
  3. If there is excessive production of sulfur, it can clog the ear canal. Then you must regularly clean the ears, but not with cotton swabs, and flagella. This requires of wool to form a small flagellum, moisten it with a special liquid to clean the ears and gently in a circular motion to clean the ear canal.

Nothing more should be undertaken for cleaning of ears in the house. If we found a wax build-up, the execution to address it is better to trust Laura.

Since many ear compositions are not able to completely resolve the problem, so as to dissolve only the surface of cerumen.

Help. Many people have the habit of starting to clean the ears with cotton sticks, what not to do. Because they are not designed for quality cleaning of ear canals. Moreover these sticks are only used in conjunction with sulfur, shoving her deeper.

How to clean ears of the child in the home

How to clean the ears with baby every parent should know.

In order to correctly perform a delicate procedure, you should follow these recommendations:

  • cleaning you need to perform a couple of times a month (infants – every week). To increase the frequency of treatments can only be in that situation, if a child marked by excessive discharge from the ears;
  • to clean little ears better after bathing with a special swab with a limiter (can be found at any pharmacy or baby store), or homemade flagellum of cotton or gauze. From time to time cleaning can be carried out with a peroxide solution(3%). For this you need an absorbent pellet to moisten the substance and wipe over the ear and in a circular motion to clean the ear canal;
  • rinse the ear with warm water every day is necessary.

Important! Sulfuric tube from the child to remove is not necessary. The procedure best left to professionals.

Many parents report frequent ear infections in their children, and they are not even aware that in many cases this is due to the cleansing of the ears. Moms and dads do not believe that the less to clean the ears of the baby, the healthier they will be.

But this does not mean that they should do to stop clean. You should not rush into extremes. Such hygienic procedure should be performed as needed.

Hygiene of the organ of hearing is a very important event that needs to be approached responsibly, since it is the key to healthy ears and good hearing.

We must always remember the organ of hearing person is one of the five senses, and without its normal functioning person would be extremely difficult to navigate the world.