How to provide first aid for earaches? — Treatment of diseases of the Ear Nose and Throat

How to provide first aid for earaches?

Pain in the ears caused by various factors. Not always pain occur because of a cold or flu, education of otitis media. The pain can occur due to ear trauma, exposure to malware infection or due to changes in atmospheric pressure.

At this time, it is important to provide medical care, but not always people have the opportunity to contact the clinic or call the doctor at home. Therefore, when severe pain in the ear first aid should give close people.

About pain and their causes

There is a perception that self-treatment is dangerous inflammation. This is partly true, as many incompetent people in the medical field and have no benefit, and great harm to health. Therefore before treatment it is especially important to establish the root cause of inflammation. When to seek the advice of a physician is not possible, learn the techniques to diagnose at home.

To do this, you first need to inspect for insect bite or the appearance of cerumen.

Sometimes the cause of pain lies in contact with the small toys in the patient’s ear.

To identify these characteristics does not require special tools and to pull the tube enough to prokapat ear drops specialized, like the Remo-Wax or Honora.

If upon inspection you find redness or swelling, pain on palpation of the tragus, should think about health more seriously, as possibly formed in the ear otitis media.

But sometimes the cause of pain more deep and serious. Then the patient is required to seek medical help, but before that you need to ease your health.

Note the presence of mucous or purulent secretions, as well as the General symptoms. Often in ear pain the patient complains of additional symptoms:

  • dizziness and nausea;
  • weakness and lethargy;
  • shooting pains;
  • fever.

It is known that the allocation of the various secret, patients experience intermittent pain, as well as periodic stuffy ears.

In acute diseases the unpleasant symptoms of a permanent character, and upon failure to receive the proper treatment they only intensified, causing the patient extreme discomfort.

First aid for earaches

With the appearance of sharp, but short-term pain should undergo screening for cerumen and the presence of foreign objects.

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This procedure can be done at home using household.

Ask relatives to watch the ear and if so the diagnosis should be lavage of the ear.

  1. To do this, purchase a syringe twentieth of the size.
  2. Lavage is performed with a hydrochloric solution or solutions furatsilina.
  3. Dial liquid into the syringe and gently insert it to the edge of the ear canal.
  4. Put the medicine in not sharp, but confident movements.

After fifteen or twenty minutes max sulfur leaves the passage, and the liquid will become your natural shade. After the operation dry the ear and not come out for hours.

If localized in the ear foreign object, you need to pull it out with tweezers. Be careful not to push the item further down the aisle. Otherwise you can compromise the integrity of the eardrum and lose of hearing acuity. The pain will become more intense.

If the cause of pain is infection, or complications of flu and colds, it is important to follow a few rules.

First, it is necessary to reduce the temperature of the body. Take painkillers based on paracetamol.

When hypersensitivity of the patient to this drug, replace the medication to Ibuprofen.

This medication rarely causes side effects, therefore allowed to be used not only for diseases of the adult, but also in the treatment of the child patient.

Second, clear the nasal passages and drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drops. They not only facilitate the General condition of the patient, and normalize the breath.

After these procedures, apply the ear pressure dressing.

  1. Soak a compress in rubbing alcohol and squeeze gauze fabric.
  2. Pre-lubricate the ear with cream or vaseline to avoid the burn.
  3. Next, place the band itself and bury the ear with plastic.
  4. To consolidate the effect, wear a hat or a tight bandage, and then a scarf.

Wear alcohol compresses for one or two hours depending on pain. Immediately after the bandage is removed, the patient will feel significant relief, but remember that this method of treatment is considered a temporary and not a substitute for a comprehensive course of treatment.

If the pain is characterised as shooting, is formed in the ear inflammatory process that should be curable with modern medical technologies. Otherwise there is a high risk of complications of the disease.

As you know, the shooting pain occurs when a cold or flu, as well as in some diseases of the nasopharynx.

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To relieve the first symptoms it is necessary to drip into the ears of such medicines as Drops or Otinum.

They will remove the signs of the effects of hypothermia or penetration of the virus.

But these drops will be ineffective in the case of already formed inflammatory process. In this case, a need for more serious drops, which contain antibiotics – Anuran, Kandibiotik, Otofa, Sofradeks, Garson and others.

Use them only after the doctor appointment, so be careful and pre-consult your health care professional.

If in an ear there is no purulent discharge, but the pain is unbearable, consult your doctor in the near future, use the method used by our grandmothers.

  1. You can purchase boric alcohol.
  2. Heat five drops over a steam bath or RUB the pill bottle in his hands.
  3. Enter the remedy into the ears, pre-clearing the ear canal with hydrogen peroxide.
  4. For best results the ear must be closed flagellum gauze or swab.

In the case of formation of the various secretions, you must call an ambulance. Since self therapy here will be extremely dangerous. First aid for earaches here will be to taking pain medication – Naiza, Paracetamol or Ibuprofen for your choice.

Before arrival of physician or self-treatment in the clinic allowed the introduction of turundy soaked in olive oil mixed with boric alcohol in the ratio of one to one.

In the future, you will be given the antibiotics Amoxicillin, Azithromycin and ear drops with antibiotics Otofa, Garazon, Kandibiotik and others.

It is not always the cause of the pain lies in the formation of disease. Pain can result from trauma to the ear, a blow or injury, as well as in the process of providing a sharp pressure on the area of the eardrum.

  1. In this case, the aged ear should be ice. The cold will help reduce swelling and inflammation.
  2. In the future, it is necessary to conduct therapy with blue light and thermal therapy and also apply iodine mesh.
  3. In case of strong redness, the affected area should be treated with a solution of alcohol and Chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide.
  4. If the pain does not abate, you should contact the clinic.
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During therapy it is necessary to take as much water as possible and watch your diet. Exclude from the diet of fatty and spicy dishes.

While pain in the ear and throughout the course of treatment should not be much to overwork and exercise. It is best to make the hospital and try to rest more.

Do not risk your health and use methods of alternative medicine without prior doctor’s permission. Not always herbs and flowers can help to improve the health of the patient.


Inflammation on the ear should be treated promptly and not to ignore the signs of the body. Goes untreated, infectious diseases can lead to such complications as otitis media and meningitis. In addition, it is important to remember that any disease in the ears can go from acute stage to chronic. In this case, therapy will be longer and significantly more expensive. At this time not to avoid taking strong antibiotics, which will significantly reduce natural immunity.

Don’t delay a visit to the otolaryngologist.