How to recover the nasal mucosa after vasoconstrictive drops

The mucous membrane of the nose — how to recover?

The nasal mucosa is a barrier. It delayed a variety of viruses and bacteria, which greatly reduces the risk of diseases. That is why after treatment in most people, the question arises: how and what to recover the nasal mucosa after vasoconstrictor drops?

With this, you can use special supplies and equipment.

Drug therapy

Treatment of the nasal mucosa most often conducted using a variety of drugs. Quite often, doctors recommend the use of the following tools.


The drug is characterized by a natural origin, which guarantees its safe use and can recommend for treatment of a wide range of patients. The production of medicines is based on essential oils of plants such as eucalyptus, pine, peppermint. Drops to restore the nasal mucosa are characterized by complex action that provides effective treatment of the pathological process.


It’s an ointment to the nasal mucosa, which developed on the basis of antibiotic.

The use of the drug can be carried out not only locally, but also externally.

With the help of medication is the neutralization of pathogenic bacteria.

Also the drug has a complex effect.

Despite the soft action, the drug is most effective.

Adass 131

Belongs to the category of homeopathic remedies, which are based on natural ingredients. Due to the natural origin of the drug, its use allowed patients of different ages.


Production of the drug is in the form of drops or spray.

At the core of medicine lies the sea water, which has a positive effect on the nasal cavity.

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The drug is characterized by anti-inflammatory action.

Aqua Maris

This spray is purified sea water. It is used for the elimination of the inflammatory processes. Thanks to universal drug Aqua Maris mucus in the nasal cavity of the patient produced in normal amounts.


Thanks to the versatility of this medication provided by the most rapid healing of the nasal mucosa. The drug is characterized by the presence of powerful antiseptic properties. The use of medication only after consulting the doctor.


The main component of the medication is sterilized sea water, which allows to eliminate the negative impact of drugs. Also it helps the healing reparative processes.


This purified salt solution. Using medication is the most rapid removal of edema. The drug is characterized by antiseptic properties. Thanks to the versatility of the drug saline is thin mucus as well as the elimination of the inflammatory process.

Medicines allow you to resume functions of the nasal mucous membranes in the shortest possible time.

Attention! Before applying a particular medication, the patient should consult a doctor to avoid side effects.

In order to select the most appropriate drug to restore the health of the body should be to determine contraindications, as well as individual characteristics of the patient.

Traditional medicine

To restore the mucous membrane of the nose is at home with the use of traditional medicine.

Aloe and yarrow

The most effective is the nasal wash. To prepare the medication you need to take the yarrow and grind it up.

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One tablespoon of the obtained raw material is poured with 250 ml boiling water and infused for 30 minutes.

After this you need to drain the tool and use it to rinse the nasal cavity.

To restore the functions of the nose quite often is the use of aloe. To prepare the medicine just. With this purpose it is necessary to take a few leaves of the flower and pass through a meat grinder.

From the obtained pulp press juice, which is used for instillation of nasal passages. The procedure should be performed 2-4 times per day, which will provide the highest possible efficiency.

Propolis, and honey

In order to restore the nasal cavity, it is possible to use propolis. This natural component is prepared a tincture based on cow’s milk or alcohol. In the first case, you need to take 100 grams of propolis and pour a liter of hot cow milk, which is first boiled. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed for 10 minutes. After straining and cooling means should be used for instillation of nasal passages.

Important! To ensure the highest possible effect of medication needed in each nostril instill 2 drops of medicine.

For the preparation of medicines based on alcohol necessary to take propolis and grind it up. The resulting mass is poured into alcohol and infused for several weeks. This medication must be placed in a dark place. If the tincture is brown-yellow, it indicates its readiness. It is necessary to drain and pour in a container of dark glass. The resulting solution is widely used for nasal lavage.

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Recovery of the nasal mucosa after surgery most often is done with the help of honey. This product must be used in its pure form. It is used to lubricate the nasal passages.


If the mucous membrane of the nose is damaged, it can cause a variety of diseases. That is why in this case it is necessary to use special means for their recovery. You can use pharmacy tools, or prepare them from medicinal plants.

Before using any drug, the patient should consult a doctor.