How to reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa in a child: what to do if swelling

Than swelling of the mucous of the nose in a child?

Strong edema in the nose is a very common symptom. This phenomenon is typical when the disease of a baby with a cold, flu or inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, swelling of the nose occurs in allergic lesions of the mucosa of the nasal cavity or as a result of trauma to the nasal passages, which is also typical for children. In the process of active play, kids often injure the nose that causes pain and swelling of the cavity. In some cases, swelling appears as a result of surgery or due to inadequate medical therapy.

Regardless of the reasons for the formation of such indication, the kid begins to sulk and cry. At the same time, the child has a declining interest in education, maintaining an active lifestyle, and other natural manifestations. It is very important to show the state of the sinuses and mucous membranes of the nose back to normal as quickly as possible, so the question is, how to reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa in a child is as relevant as ever.

The reasons for the formation of puffiness

Swelling of the nose causing the baby breathing difficulties, severe nasal congestion and other unpleasant symptoms. At this time, the baby is very fussy, as experiencing trouble sleeping, loses appetite and feels pain in nasal cavity. Before setting a course of treatment, it is necessary to find out the cause of the inflammation.

The mucosa of the upper respiratory tract is designed to protect the body from viruses and infection in the maxillary cavity and other areas of the nose.

Therefore, during normal operation, the mucosa of the part falling on it viruses, harmful microbes and other unwanted objects quickly removed from the body.

In the case of a weakened immune system kid or in the case of negative environmental influences and other factors, dysfunction of the cavity.

This process causes a disturbance of the basic functions of the nasal cavity, causing puffiness or congestion.

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If this process is ignored, the patient is formed the inflammatory process, which may lead to otitis media, sinusitis, or sinusitis.

Such treatment inflammation begins with the establishment of the root cause. Most often the swelling occurs because of hypothermia, or in the case of allergic lesions of the body. In this case, the swelling may be chronic. Other causes include mechanical effects on the nasal cavity or congenital anatomical features.

In children often this symptom may arise due to hormonal changes or due to congenital abnormalities. When the diagnosis is necessary to verify the presence of various neoplasms or penetration of foreign objects into the nasal passages. Establishment of factors will help to determine the further course of treatment.

What to do if the nose is swelling

Setting causes, the doctor prescribes treatment swelling of the face. Therapy can be of several types, with taking medication, as well as using non-traditional recipes. It is very important to follow the dosage products and not to disturb the course of treatment.

Self-treatment of a child is unacceptable, as ignorance of the side effects and contraindications can lead to serious deterioration of health.

Therefore, regardless of the causes of edema, consult a qualified doctor.

Treatment of edema of the nasal mucosa begins with the diagnosis. If the reason for the formation of swelling was injury the nose should consult a doctor-a trauma surgeon and determine the severity of the disease.

If the damage of the nasal septum, or tissue is minor, the patient will lavage the affected part. In more serious cases the patient hospitalitynet.

In case of allergic lesions of the nose should seek medical attention to the doctor-allergist. Allergic swelling of the nose, the child brings a lot of symptoms that greatly impair the patient’s condition. To cure this inflammation alone is almost impossible.

When the bacterial form of the illness required antibiotics and specialized medicines.

The standard treatment

After the establishment of all symptoms and contributing factors, the doctor prescribes individual treatment. Most often, the mechanism of treatment of the baby is similar:

  1. First, you need to spend cleansing the nasal passages with the help of washing. As saline use decoctions of herbs or specialised solutions «constant stress» or «saline». To wash the baby’s nose take three to five times a day or as needed. If the child is still very young, use aplausos.
  2. The next stage of treatment would be the use of vasoconstrictor nasal means. In this case, the doctor prescribes drops individually. Commonly prescribed «Nazivin», «Glycine», «ksimelin» or «Otrivin». The course of treatment moreover with the funds should not exceed five days. In case of an emergency, the specialist may increase the number of days.
  3. In acute period of inflammation, the doctor may prescribe drugs with antibiotics for local use. The list of the best medicines to treat children are: «Polideksa», «Miramistin», «Bioparox», «Izofra».

Keep in mind that to wash the baby’s nose should take special care. When properly performed, the saline solution may enter the ear and cause the formation of otitis media middle ear region of the device.

In addition to medical treatment, the patient may need to warm your feet, and also hold the inhalation with essential oils. When choosing such treatment, make sure that no allergic reactions. If the child is still an infant, instead of the inhalation is allowed to use the ointment. Massage the product into the skin near the nose just before bedtime.

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For children it is best to use oil, plant-based, for example, «Cold», «Mamina».

In case of allergic reactions all of these methods should start only after the removal of a provoking factor. Otherwise, the effect of the medication will not appear.

Additionally, in the course of treatment in case of an allergic reaction include antihistamines.

They reduce swelling in a short time and are practically harmless in most cases fragile body of the baby.

The child if the mother is sure that the inflammation is not serious, the swelling rid of in a home. If the disease progresses and the swelling extends to the cavity of the throat, therapy should be continued in the hospital.

It is important to understand that if the edema formed as a result of bacterial destruction, the baby will be given antibiotics. Swelling of the nose, the child takes the best of local drug action «Bioparox». Independent refusal of such treatment can lead to serious consequences, so do not break the dosage and follow the rules of taking the drugs.


Treatment of swelling of the baby should be carried out only under the supervision of a physician. As the child’s body exposed to lesions, to determine the cause of the formation of this type of illness alone is almost impossible. So don’t risk your child’s condition and to carry out any treatment without prior consultation.

Keep in mind that delayed treatment can cause many chronic illnesses. In addition, improper therapy for the patient can prescribe strong antibiotics, which only reduce the child’s immune system.

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