How to relax your bladder? Tips and advice

Don’t end up relaxed muscular tissue of the bladder complicate the process of urination, causing a violation of the functionality of this organ. Frequent urge to go to the toilet, a feeling of incomplete emptying or obstruction of the process – the first signs of increased muscle tone of the bladder. If this happens in virtue of any stress it often happens that the normalization of the body occurs during the day. When difficulty with urination are chronic in nature, it is necessary to seek the cause of these problems with the doctor.

Such an unpleasant aspect, as a malfunction of the bladder, causing the person discomfort in social life. Following the logical conclusions, should understand that loosing increased muscle tone can effectively help yourself in such a delicate matter. Methods and exercises to help achieve results, depends on the patient’s comorbidities and the characteristics of the urinary process.

The main symptoms of hypertonicity of the bladder

Despite the fact that violation of urination routinely discussed only in children, adults suffer from this problem quite often. The doctor treated only 10% of sufferers, falsely believing that it is not a disease, and it is not necessary to treat. Such confusion often leads to chronic incontinence or acute urinary retention, which leads to increased and prolonged treatment. Not to bring the disease to the last stages, you should consult a doctor at the first sign of discomfort.

  • Frequent urination, prevalent for 6-8 times a day, and pull the toilet occurs suddenly and intensely.
  • Night of going to the toilet more than 2 times.
  • Cases of diuresis in the history of life, and also uncontrollable leakage of urine in small quantities on the background of the external well-being.

Symptoms manifestations in each case is absolutely individual. Age category of people suffering from hypertonicity of the bladder increases with the intensity of the manifestations of the disease, and the female half of the population is at higher risk more often than men.

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Popular causes of symptoms for which it is necessary to relax the bladder

Persistent muscle spasms of the bladder may occur in such cases:

  • Chronic diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Inflammatory processes in the urinary tract as infectious bacteriological and pathogenic etiology.
  • Concomitant diseases of the digestive system.
  • Psychosomatic disorders.
  • Increased fluid intake, rich in caffeine and alcohol.
  • Taking certain medicines.
  • Diseases and traumatic injuries of the spinal cord and brain.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Diabetes and other diseases, accompanied by hormonal imbalance.

Relaxation techniques of the walls of the bladder during emptying

Without the use of special drugs and medical technologies to ease the process of urination in several ways.

  1. Body posture should be relaxed to the maximum. The female part of the population should not hang over the toilet, you need to sit still, not even tensing of the lower extremity. Men who are accustomed to standing up to empty the bladder, excessive tension of the muscular system is not threatened.
  2. The psychological aspect of privacy plays a very important role in the ability to relax the bladder. So you should expect your personal time to visit the public toilets was minimal.
  3. Not to mentally rush the bladder to empty. Since it can be achieved only increasing the problem, not eliminate it. You should give your body to get rid of excess fluid, given the stages of disclosure sphincter, emptying through the contractile function of the detrusor and dripping a thin stream.
  4. Quite effective using are swaying motion of the pelvis, especially if there is a feeling that urination is not until the end is finished.
  5. Included next to the tap with falling flow of water provides a signal to the brain and is a neurological aspect effects on the bladder. That is why this method is effective not always, but a greater impact on the male part of the population.
  6. As strange as that may sound, but the whistle helps to empty the bladder because of the direction of air from the lungs, which vytaskival, automatically strains the abdominal wall.
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Ways to alleviate urination before it starts

To the emptying of the bladder was full, you need to help your body and in between the process of going to the toilet.

  • Monitor fluid intake, which normally corresponds to 2-2,5 liters a day. The best option of drinking products is green and herbal tea with Melissa.
  • In normal menu you need to enter meals with a high content of vitamin A, PP, zinc, and fiber. These items are rich in seafood, flax seeds, green vegetables, cereals and seeds.
  • To avoid excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks. Feast of watermelons, melons and cucumbers also need with extreme caution.
  • To limit the presence of sharp, smoked and salted dishes in a constant diet. With special care should be taken to the reception of citrus and spice.
  • To do special exercises for relaxation of the bladder wall. An excellent method is Kegel exercises, which is necessary to carry out only after full urination. The essence of exercise lies in simatelex – razgibatelnyh the contractions of the muscles of the pelvis with a ten-second interval:
  1. Beginning gymnastics consists of slow compression of the muscles of the urethra at the expense of 1-2-3. Then relax and repeat the reduction.
  2. Exercise «lift» implies a gradual reduction of the pelvic floor muscles, like on the floors. The first – smooth and not strongly to strain muscles and hold them that way for a while. On the second floor of the voltage should be more intense, and prolonged retention. The third and subsequent floors are schematic intensification of tension and relaxation. The number of floors corresponds to the ability of the patient. Back downhill on the floors can be faster, but with the gradual retention of muscle tone at a certain level.
  3. Fast muscle contraction with maximum relaxation.
  4. The buoyant motion, as if getting rid of the content will be very effective if compliance is even breathing. Ejection is conducted 10 times, with a gradual increase in the number of repetitions by 5 each week. The maximum number of times – 30 times.
  5. To train muscle memory of the bladder with the help of an alarm clock. This method is best suited to patients with increased urination. Process technology lies in moving away following each act of urination for 10-15 minutes, reaching a two hour interval between trips to the toilet.
  6. Quit Smoking and get rid of excess weight is also useful.
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Therapeutic interventions to relaxation of the bladder muscles

With various violations of the normal act of urination, the doctors initially identify the reason for this phenomenon, and often prescribe the installation of the catheter. Sometimes, in particularly severe cases, may resort to surgical methods of treatment.

Electromyostimulation widely used in the treatment of urinary incontinence, it is very effective and to normalize the tonus of the bladder. Relaxation with the help of electric current is due to contractile movements in the muscular system.

Folk medicine to help bladder has quite a variety of recipes, the use of which requires the mandatory approval of the attending physician.