How to remove ear plugs from the ear: how to dissolve and how to break through

How to remove sulfur from the ear tube?

In the ear of a person located about two thousand glands, which accounts for the form of about twenty grams of sulphur. This allocation is considered a natural secret, necessary for the maintenance of health in the organ of hearing.

It is known that sulfur is necessary to protect the ears from various infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, dirt and even small insects. However, when injuries, broken ears or other damage to the auditory organ, the ear can form redundant clusters, which form a sulfuric stopper. In this case, it is necessary to withdraw. In this article we’ll explore the question, what can unclog ears from congestion and how to break the tube in the ear.

Briefly about cerumen

It is important to understand that sulfur is a natural secret ear, which is derived from the body itself. Commonly this happens during a conversation or meal.

However, there are cases where sulfur is produced more than necessary.

In such situations, sulfur swells and can take seventy percent of the ear canal.

Commonly in this case, the person experiences severe headache, hearing loss, feeling of stuffiness in the ears. In this case, sulfuric tube in the ear to remove.

It is known that with this problem faced by many people and every third person the formation of sulfur in the ears is troubling on a regular basis. In this case, you must seek medical help or in case of no stagnant sulfur to remove it at home.

However, remember that self-destruction problems can lead to perforation of the tympanic region and as a result of grievous injury.

The causes of congestion and their symptoms

Today, there are several reasons for the formation of cerumen:

  1. To provoke a large concentration of tubes may be abnormal structure of the ear.
  2. Improper ear cleaning or excessive use of specialized drops.
  3. The lack of hygiene of the organ of hearing.
  4. Competent use of cotton swabs.
  5. Constant use of headphones, earplugs or hearing AIDS.

Paradoxically, the main cause of the excess of sulfur is usually the illiterate, the use of cotton sticks.

This means to maintain the hygiene it is necessary to use only in the outer passage.

When breaking sticks in the ear canal it may cause micro cracks on the delicate skin of the organ of hearing, but also to push the existing tube next to the middle ear.

In this case, the patient needs to provide urgent medical care. Otherwise serious ear diseases such as otitis media.

In the process of daily cleansing of the ears with cotton swabs sulfur tends to Grubel and harden. This leads to complete blockage of the channel, which entails the emergence of hearing loss.

To provoke the emergence of cerumen may different diseases. These include:

  • otitis;
  • eczema;
  • dermatitis;
  • other disorders of the skin.

Note their condition after bathing and at mealtimes. If you feel the noise, squeaking or crackling in the ears and hearing loss seek medical help.

In any case, the manifestation of these symptoms should contact a doctor, because self-destruction can cause serious consequences.

Many people worry about the question of how to remove a sulfuric stopper from an ear. With such a large variety of ways of cleansing people can get confused. So we offer the most common methods.

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How to remove ear plugs

Cleaning the ear of cerumen does not cause difficulties. In modern medicine there are several ways of eliminating the moment.

There are several ways to soften sulfuric stopper in an ear. However, they should only be undertaken under strict medical supervision.

First and foremost, the patient must pass the inspection of the outer ear. A qualified specialist will not give work to determine the formation of cerumen and its location.

It is important to understand if the tube is solid and brown or black hue, it is necessary to conduct purification at the medical center. In the case of the leaky education and yellowish tint to get rid of sulfur can drug way.

In the second case, doctors prescribe ear drops, which have a mild effect. Commonly in such situations, spells out all known drops «cerumen And» or «Remo-Vaks».

They remove the tube for a short time and not harm the General status. However, in the case of perforation of the tympanic membrane instill banned drugs.

To eliminate cerumen drops should adhere to the following order:

  1. Before cleansing a patient’s ear heat the drug. To do this, simply RUB the jar in his hands. The main thing is not to overdo it, as in this case, the shelf life of the drug may quickly expire.
  2. Then put the patient on one side, and under the head lay the cloth.
  3. Following the specified dosage, gently insert the drops into the ear. In cases of minor entities rather three or four drops.
  4. Next, the patient should maintain the position for fifteen minutes. During this time the drops will dissolve education and have a positive effect on the skin of the organ of hearing.
  5. After this it is necessary to turn the patient on the other side and repeat the operation.
  6. Tool with solution tube displayed on their own.

Commonly, this procedure needs to be performed once. Don’t overuse medications, since the natural sulfur protects the organ of hearing from various infections.


In the case of individual intolerance of some components of ear drops, some experts suggest the use of fitoveta. However, use of this method should be very carefully, because it is not suitable for small children or people with infectious diseases.

In the case of minor education sulphur this method is considered safe.

In addition to the main operation, the candles have analgesic effect.

Therefore, if you choose this method, you should become familiar with the methods of introduction of fitoveta in his ear:

  1. After the purchase of candles at the pharmacy prepare the patient. To do this, put the patient’s affected ear upward.
  2. Gently insert the end of the candle into the ear. Do not insert a candle directly into the ear canal and do not use immediately after bathing.
  3. Then ignite the end of a candle and ensure that the patient is not moving.
  4. Follow the red or yellow mark at the bottom of the candle. Do not allow to burn down below the mark.
  5. Remove the candle and extinguish it.
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It is known that after the application of this method in humans, normal hearing acuity and overall health of the ears.

Than to dissolve the stopper in the ear

Another effective and proven way is to cleanse the ear with hydrogen peroxide. However, this method is implemented only if the condition is not chronic traffic jams.

If you chose this method, purchase the hydrogen peroxide not higher trepresents composition.

In addition, you will need turundy that you can make yourself or purchase in a drugstore.

Soak gauze flagellum composed. In the case of delicate and very sensitive skin hydrogen peroxide should be diluted with the purified glands in the ratio of one to one. Then enter turundas in the ear for twenty minutes.

In the case of pain and temperature of turundas to pull and the ear wash in warm water. Do not expose large amounts of fluid in the ear, as the water can cause ear infections and increased pain.

This method is suitable for use not only for adults but also for children. Therapy should be no more than four days.

Repeat the operation every day for three days. If this method does not suit you, explore another method, how to wash the tube from the ear.


For this method of purification is necessary to pass a small training course.

It is first necessary to soften the tube.

In standard cases, it is three percent hydrogen peroxide.

Note: use the peroxide more complex concentration is unacceptable, as you can cause burns not only the outer part of the ear, but also on the hands.

To do this, put the patient on one side and enter into the ear, depending on the case, from five to ten drops of liquid. Then patient should remain lying on side position for fifteen minutes.

After a time the patient turns over on the other side. All fluid is removed from the ear yourself. Don’t be afraid, if together with hydrogen peroxide spilled a small amount of sulfur. This indicates sufficient softening and opportunities to implement the next stage of treatment.

After the ear is prepared for the cleansing, the specialist proceeds to remove the excess. By using a specialized syringe, the physician injects into the affected ear or sea salt solution and gently enters the ear canal.

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The duration of treatment is individual. However, rinse the ear must be to the extent that cerumen is not fully displayed.


The question of how to remove the tube in the ear without the use of fitoveta or hydrogen peroxide interested people suffering from the inflammation systematically.

In addition to the methods described in medicine there is a way of blowing off an ear.

For this to pass inspection at the office of ENT. The procedure should be implemented only in a medical facility, as it is quite dangerous.

Initially, sulfuric tube softened by the above methods. Then the specialist gently injects the flow of air with the help of medical syringe into the drum area.

The air penetrates into the auditory tube and helps to cleanse. The patient will notice the beneficial effect immediately after the procedure.

The operation in the home is prohibited because of the probability of injury to the middle ear.


In more advanced cases, and the impossibility of cleansing the ear by standard methods used is suction.

Remember that this operation should only be carried out by professional, otherwise the possibility of perforation and significant deterioration of the health of the patient.

The essence of this procedure is the electric suction of excess sulfur. This is a special auxiliary means.

This procedure takes about thirty minutes and does not require further examinations and course of therapies.

Surgical technique

In neglected cases the patient is prescribed surgery. This method is necessary in the formation of very large tubes, which is highly hardened and is a danger to the health of the ears in General.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia and takes about fifteen minutes. Commonly this method of ear irrigation is resorted to in case of improper cleansing and long ignoring symptoms.

In most cases, the person is broken eardrum, therefore, during the cleansing the specialist conducts an additional operation according to the method of recovery.


After reading the question how to unclog tubes in the ears, it is important to remember that self-cleaning of the ear is prohibited, for ignorance of the techniques you can cause injury and worsen the overall condition.

At the first sign of the formation of cerumen refer to a specialist.