How to shave labia: tips and advice

The fair sex has always strived for perfection in everything – from hair to nails. Especially many women are concerned about hair removal bikini area – not everyone knows how to properly and safely shave the hair of the labia. Having once tried to rid of unwanted hair with the razor and the face with redness, rashes and irritations in the intimate areas, many girls refuse to shave, preferring to use expensive creams or depilatory salon treatment. But enough to know a few simple rules of shaving labia – and your bikini area will always be perfectly flat and smooth.

Why you need to shave the bikini area?

Of course, to shave or not to shave the hair in intimate areas is a personal preference of each woman. Many women appreciate a natural look, leaving hair on the labia intact, while others shave every last hair. Today there is a huge variety of cosmetic products and procedures to remove unwanted hair in the bikini area – depilatory creams, wax strips, sugaring, laser hair removal. But still one of the most affordable, quick and painless shaving remains.

Shaving helps make the pubis and labia aesthetically appealing. In addition, shaving the labia performs an important hygienic function, since hair in the bikini area accumulates a lot of bacteria, food production sebaceous glands, which can lead to unpleasant odor. Therefore, many women prefer a perfectly smooth and even skin in intimate areas.

How to shave bikini area

A positive result from shaving without unpleasant consequences can be obtained only in the case of adherence to the basic rules of hair removal.

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  1. The basis for effective removal of unwanted hair from the genitals – choosing the right razor. Bikini area – not the best place for experiments with disposable machines of dubious quality. It is best to buy a really high-quality, brand-name products – this will save you from many unpleasant effects of shaving such as irritation or rashes. In addition, cheap machines quickly blunted, and the woman has several times to scrape the razor on the lips of the vagina – it can severely injure the delicate and sensitive skin in the bikini area. Do not forget to systematically replace the blade in the razor, so that it remained very sharp.
  2. After the razor selected, go to selection of cosmetic products for shaving. This can be a variety of foams, mousses or gels. Ordinary soap is best not to use shaving genitals – it really dries the skin that can lead to injury. It is best to use special cosmetics for sensitive or Allergy-prone skin.
  3. If the hairs on the genitals too long, they are encouraged to take up directly before waxing. You can use the usual nail scissors.
  4. Shaving the bikini area should be done only after steaming and softening the skin. In no case do not try to remove the hairs with a dry, nerasbavljenne skin is fraught with abrasions and irritation. The best option would be a hair under a hot shower. Wash thoroughly under running hot water for intimate areas, apply shaving product and leave on for 5 minutes. This time is sufficient to ensure that the hairs are softened and accelerated the process of their removal. If you are not able to take a hot shower, can moisten towel in warm water and apply some time to the genitals. Skin is softened, the razor will be much better to slide on it.
  5. Shaving the labia is most convenient in a standing position, extend one leg out to the side or sitting, legs wide apart with both feet. Select the position in which you will feel as comfortable as possible.
  6. The movement of the razor’s intimate organs needs to be very light and slow. In any case, don’t press down hard on the machine. Sharp, quick movements in this situation are unacceptable. Led by the razor it is necessary in the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the growth can cause ingrown hairs.
  7. After all the unwanted hairs will be removed from the bikini area, labia, rinse thoroughly with soap or a special gel, and then apply aftershave. This will help prevent not only irritation or unsightly redness, but will also minimize the risk of infection.
  8. Do not immediately put on after the aftershave has dried, sprinkle skin with baby powder. Now your labia and bikini area is smooth and soft.
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What not to do when shaving intimate areas

Some women in pursuit of beauty and a perfect smooth bikini area allow annoying mistakes that lead to severe injury to the delicate skin of the labia, the appearance of irritations, redness and rashes. The most common mistakes.

  1. It is fundamentally wrong assertion that daily shaving will help to keep the skin of the genitals aesthetically appealing and smooth. Shave the undesired hair only need for their growth. The speed of this process depends on the individual characteristics of the female body, but on average it is recommended to shave the labia no more than twice a week. This will protect you from the painful ingrown hairs and irritation in the bikini area.
  2. Do not experiment with low-quality cosmetics or shave the hair off the labia, using plain soap. This can negatively affect the intimate areas and cause severe allergic reactions.
  3. Immediately after waxing the labia do not use on the skin of various perfumed lotions, sprays or deodorants for intimate hygiene. It can cause burns on the delicate skin in the bikini area.
  4. If the genital skin appeared any rash or irritation from shaving is better for some time to refuse.
  5. Electric shaver not the best choice for depilation of intimate zones. The optimal solution would be buying a quality razor with rotating heads and changing cartridges. These modern machines can perform the most soft and easy motion without damaging sensitive skin.