How to stop a nose bleed in an adult home: what to do when bleeding from the nose

What to do when bleeding from the nose?

Bleeding from the nose – quite a common problem. Although in most cases it appears due to jumps in blood pressure and injuries, sometimes the cause of the phenomenon are serious diseases.

Regardless of the factor that caused the bleeding, it can lead to significant loss of blood. So you need to know how to stop a nose bleed in an adult.

First aid for bleeding

Abundant discharge from the nose may be different (from one droplet to the strong, ongoing bleeding). Different and the factors causing this phenomenon.

Bleeding can be the consequence of development in the body of a neoplasm or reduce blood clotting. However, in the majority of cases (about seventy percent) bleeding from the nose stands out due to physical damage of the vessels belonging to the anterior part of the nose (most often this occurs in connection with irregular blood pressure).

First steps

Epistaxis is able to provoke a panic. From it to get rid.

After a problem is detected, you must immediately take action against it.

To stop the bleeding from the nose when pressure, injury, or other factor that caused the destruction of the vessel, it is possible, by adopting a special pose and inserting into the nostril a cotton ball.

To do this you must roll a small swab, then soak it in three percent hydrogen peroxide solution. Next you need to do the following:

  1. In a sitting position and slightly lower the head down. Breathe deeply, inhaling air through the nose, exhaling through the mouth.
  2. To the back to put something on it. It is also advisable to put soaked in cold water towel on the nose. On foot you can put a hot water bottle. This will lead to the expansion of blood vessels in the legs and narrowing in the nasal cavity, ensure that the outflow of blood from the head.
  3. Pinch the wings of the nose with two fingers, inserting in the bleeding nostril soaked cotton ball. This will give the opportunity to pinch the damaged vessel.
  4. To remain in a sitting position while holding his nose for two minutes.
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These actions, in most cases, help to stop the bleeding. Process may have to change a tampon, so it is advisable to prepare several of these cotton balls.

Important! You can not throw back his head or to take a reclining position. It can cause the ingress of blood into the windpipe and aggravate the bleeding.

Another way to stop home bleeding from the nose – pinch the vessel, which is at the bottom of the nose. You can do this by putting pressure on a point between the upper lip and the gum from the side of the bleeding nostril. It is necessary to lay in a described place a swab of cotton wool and much of its press. These actions may cause a temporary stop the flow of blood that stops the bleeding from the nose.

In the presence of vasoconstrictor drops («Xylitol», «Naphazoline»), you can get them in the nose. This measure will help people who have dilated blood vessels. Due to the use of these drops will occur narrowing of the vessels that, as in the previous case, limit the flow of blood in the nose and solve the problem of bleeding. If the blood stands out when cold, then more can be read here.

Traditional methods

To stop the bleeding, rinse the nose with lemon juice or 9% vinegar. It is necessary to prepare a special solution: dilute the juice of a lemon (squeezed with 1/4 citrus) or a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water. The tool should be drawn into the nostril and squeeze it, hold the liquid inside for three to five minutes. During the procedure, must breath through the mouth.

Right! Lemon juice, like vinegar, has a cauterizing effect, whereby these substances can solve the problem of epistaxis.

What to do when bleeding from the nose? You can also use yarrow.

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Fresh flow the plants need a little rubbing in the hands (until they get wet) and insert into each nostril.

After ten minutes the bleeding should pass. You can also use the pure juice of tysyachelistnika.

To stop the nasal discharge, it is necessary to drip four drops of this remedy in each nostril.

Quickly stop the bleeding, use nettle juice. You should squeeze the substance from the leaves of this plant, soak in it a piece of cotton wool small size. Next, the moistened swab should be inserted into the bleeding nostril and hold until until the bleeding stops (just three to five minutes).

Like vinegar, the juice of the nettle has a cauterizing effect, thereby providing a therapeutic effect.

What to do if a strong bleeding

In the case of heavy bleeding it is necessary to take the above position and insert a tampon dipped in a three percent hydrogen peroxide into the damaged nostril. If this doesn’t help, you can use calcium chloride (5-10 % solution). Enough to drink two-three spoons of funds.

To stop severe bleeding from the nose you can use a styptic drugs. Well-proven «Menadione».

If such medicines are not available, the problem can be solved by drinking two teaspoons of salted water.

After stopping bleeding, it is recommended to undergo a medical examination, since a similar phenomenon may be a consequence of the development of serious diseases.

If after applying the above measures, the patient still bleeding from the nose (over fifteen minutes) and observed concomitant symptoms (dizziness, weakness, vomiting), you need to call an ambulance. At home to stop this phenomenon does not happen. Arrived on a call the doctor uses a special drugs (inhibitors of fibrinolysis).

Caution! In the case of frequent occurrence of heavy bleeding that you cannot stop independently, it is recommended to examination at the hospital. This problem may be a sign of low blood clotting.

Thus, nosebleeds may occur due to various factors. To stop it is at home, taking the special position of the body and inserting into the nostril a cotton swab.

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There are traditional methods of solving problems, which are based on the use of vinegar, lemon juice, nettles, yarrow. With the development of severe bleeding, in the absence of the effect of self-applied measures, it is necessary to consult a doctor.