How to straighten the nose? — Treatment of diseases of the Ear Nose and Throat

How to straighten the nose?

Among all the possible facial injuries most common fracture of the nose. Violation of the integrity in the structure of the bow leads to the dysfunction of smell and breathing. Most often damage the nose due to domestic reasons. These include a fall on a wet floor, when hitting ice due to a fight. In addition, the risk group includes fans of contact sports, and car owners, as from accidents nobody is insured.

To resolve the effects of trauma on the respiratory organ, the patient must complete the reposition of the nasal bones. Surgery is performed after a thorough diagnosis and only with the age of the patient. Reduction of nose quite painful, so it is performed under local anesthesia.

The structure of the nose

The nose is responsible for many important functions that support human life. With it, the human body enters the air that is treated and warmed in the hollow organ of respiration.

The nasal cavity is bordered by the skull at the top and the bottom connected to the mouth cavity. Breathing organ composed of bone and cartilage, which are arranged in the following way:

  • side (outer) wall includes in its structure directly to the nasal bone, palate part and the surface of the entire maxillary region. In addition, the outer wall connects with the ethmoid bone and the pterygoid processes;
  • the lateral part of the nose is combined with a partition;
  • the vomer and perpendicular to the plastic lattice region is connected to the rear upper part of the nasal cavity;
  • with the front of the nose is cartilage and the movable part of the nasal septum;
  • the upper wall consists of plate of the ethmoid region, which is often exposed to trauma;
  • from the lateral parts of the respiratory organ are small and large cartilage.

When injury of the nasal sinuses in patients are most often diagnosed violation of the integrity in the outer nasal surfaces. For more complex and dangerous cases, may disrupt the walls of the orbits, the frontal parts and the inner region of the turbinates.

Understand that the patient has violated the integrity of the structure of the nose can be due to hemorrhage, shock victim and severe swelling in the entire face. Other symptoms of trauma include:

  • red streaks on the inside of the eyeball;
  • respiratory failure;
  • frequent bismarckiana;
  • severe pain;
  • bruising at the site of injury or impact.
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In addition, the patient may have a fever, to be severe softening of the skin, the infection disturbed the integrity of the skin. If diagnosed open wound can be clearly marked, in closed form, the patient abrasions and swellings appear less pronounced.

Regardless of the form of injury, the patient should be immediately taken to the hospital.

Diagnosis and treatment

To determine the violation of the integrity of the nose and go to treatment first performed a rhinoscopy. Then determine the offset by x-ray and examine the damage with the help of endoscopy.

In a medical facility the patient have the following procedures:

  1. After the diagnosis, the specialist proceeds to treatment. To do this, the first step is to apply a compress on the affected part. Ice, or other cold lotion will remove puffiness of the mucous and reduce the pain.
  2. If the pain becomes unbearable, the patient is given pain medication «Aspirin», «Panadol», «Ibuprofen» and others.
  3. If there is bleeding, it must be stopped. To do this, the nose of the patient is administered a vasoconstrictor drug, «Nazivin», «Otrivin», «Glycine», «Naphazoline». After that, the patient’s head is tilted slightly forward and are treated nasal passages. Usually to stop the blood is about five minutes.
  4. After this is done reposition. It is only needed in case of displacement of the bony part of the nose. It is conducted not later than twenty days after the injury. This procedure is best implemented immediately after the violation of the integrity of the organ of respiration.
  5. If the patient sought medical attention immediately after trauma to the nose, the setting of bones is carried out in the same day. But if after the fracture the patient has formed a strong swelling, the procedure is better to postpone for a few days.

After full recovery of soft tissues, to straighten the nose more difficult. At this time the bow starts to form a callus, which can interfere with the operation. In this case, the experts fix the damaged part with the help of specialized dressings.

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If the patient has sought medical help one month after the injury, reposition to hold is impossible. In this case, operation is carried out only six months later after complete healing of the bones. In this treatment the patient was repeatedly scratching the affected part under General anesthesia and recover irregular intergrowth in the right position.

Important! Reposition six months later, a particularly painful and takes a long period of rehabilitation.

What is the procedure

Operation in the affected part takes place with use of special devices. In some cases, doctors prefer the manual work. Then the nasal surface can be recovered by using tweezers.

If the nasal part of crumbled, after the restoration of the structure of the breathing organ, the doctor puts tamponade. This procedure is necessary for proper fusion of the bone parts of the nose. Tampons on the nose should be worn for at least one week.

At fracture of the nasal septum, the surgery is performed using anesthesia. During the restore procedure in the nasal passages are introduced implants.

After reduction of the nasal bone surface, the patient requires long-term medical therapy aimed at reducing swelling and pain. In addition, during the period of rehabilitation every day is important to flush nasal passages with special antiseptics to the nasal cavity is not penetrated pathogenic germs and infection.

How to straighten the nose yourself

Finding out how to reduce the nose in the hospital, consider methods of home treatment. If you are injured, remember that a blow can cause dysfunction within the cavity of the nose. If untreated, it’s dangerous breathing problems, loss of smell and other symptoms that can affect quality of life.

But in case of impossibility to contact the medical facility directly, please rate the degree of damage in the home.

  1. In severe damage to the nose to do on our own was impossible. So at the first opportunity contact the emergency room. In addition, with a strong septum self reduction can lead to dangerous consequences.
  2. To restore the structure of the nose only minor changes. To do this, attach to the bow of ice, wrapped in a napkin for ten minutes.
  3. Thereafter, the index finger and thumb pull affected area of the nose down and then sideways.
  4. Returning the bow section to its original position, you will hear a click.
  5. Then treat the nasal passages with antiseptic solutions.
  6. After reposition of the nose, it is important to rinse sinuses with salt solutions. This will prevent infection of the respiratory tract.

Be aware! If after self-treatment you feel pain more than one week, complete the diagnosis.


In violation of the integrity of the nose the patient required urgent hospitalization in case of severe deformation of the organ of respiration. You should not ignore the process, especially in the case of severe bleeding. Do not attempt to stop the bleeding and do not throw back his head back. It is best to call an ambulance and monitor the health of the victim.

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After the restoration of the structure of the nose, don’t visit the bath or sauna for several weeks and the patient should avoid excessive physical load.