How to suck the snot from a baby aspirator can suck

How to suck the snot in infants?

Parents are often faced with the problem aconselho secret in newborns. Because of their physiological features, the baby can’t blow his nose, and the need to eliminate secret exists.

So, the question remains how to properly suck the snot from babies to ease the condition of the little patient, and not to injure the delicate mucosa.

Is it possible to suck the snot in infants

The problem of the production of nasal secret characteristic of healthy children. Physiological rhinitis manifests as a protective reaction of the mucociliary apparatus when exposed at the inner lining of adventitious agents, and dust.

With such a clinical picture is formed snot liquid consistency, without changing the chemical and physical properties.

Apprehension requires the fact, if the runny nose join the accompanying symptoms:

  • congestion;
  • inflammation and swelling of soft tissues;
  • increased body temperature;
  • coughing, sneezing;
  • the signs of intoxication.

The diagnosis of multiple forms of violations indicates an infectious or allergic nature of rhinitis. In this case, remove the nozzle has a therapeutic value.

Accumulation of nasal secret covers pneumatic channels connecting the cavity with the external environment, disturbed sleep and the process of breastfeeding. The danger is the fact that the concentration of the nasal mucus creates favorable conditions for development of pathogenic microflora.

Tip! The procedure of the suction nozzle requires extreme caution, because sudden movements can damage the capillaries that dangerous nose bleeding. There is a high risk of injury due to the projection of the middle ear.

Therefore, to clean the sinuses from a content is important, but all must adhere to the norm. The more you remove myconazole secret, the more intense is the next dosing.

To leave a problem without a solution is impractical because the constant mouth breathing when cold forms an overbite in a child, causes anxiety and provokes difficulties with lactation.

How often can suck the snot? For rhinitis infectious etiology, it suffices to use three times a day procedure in a day. The daily rate of sessions establishes a pediatrician taking into account the peculiarities of the pathology, etiology of the pathogen and the physiology of the patient.

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How to suck snot with the aspirator

Modern therapy offers a variety of methods, how to clear the nasal cavity of the child from aconselho secret. You can use the handy tools or purchase a nasal aspirator. Consider what variations of the suction nozzle exists, the peculiarities of their exploitation.

The device is the removal of mucus presented a mechanism for removing fluid from the nostrils and nozzle, which by means of a tube connected with the body. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the my valid for children from the first days of life, provided equipment tip of the restrictive element.

The effectiveness of the procedure depends on the type of device. There are 4 types of aspirator:

  • squirt. The most basic variation of the device. Realized in bright colours with the aim of lure of the baby during manipulation. Releasing the air from the pear, the tip is gently inserted into nasal canal. When unclamping the my absorbs air with mucus. This mechanism is effective when a thick nozzle;
  • mechanical. Tube with one side equipped with a removable tip, opposite from the mouthpiece to draw air through the mouth of an adult. It is reliable to use, has a reasonable price. The drawbacks include the risk of infection of the mother’s body, probability to calculate the force of the suction;
  • electric. Practical plastic container is powered by the battery. The movement device is actuated by the push of a button. It not only removes the pathological secret, but also moisturizes the inner lining of the nose. Use my not require parents of certain skills. The average price range reaches up to 3000 rubles;
  • vacuum. Functioning vacuum cleaner. The kit includes a nozzle for suction nozzle and tip. The risk to injure the mucosa in this method is minimal.
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The working principle of the devices is identical. When choosing the aspirator should focus on financial capability and age of the patient. Ideal for cleansing of the paranasal sinuses in neonates is an electrical and mechanical device.

The algorithm of the procedure

Difficulties in conducting the procedure, the suction nozzle does not exist. However, it is necessary to follow a certain algorithm of actions:

  1. Pre-moisten the mucous pharmacy products on the basis of isotonic sea water: «Akvamaris», «Humer», «Markera», «Phrase». In each nostril 1-2 drops to enter the nasal drug, five minutes to remove excess mucus with a cotton harness.
  2. Shallow to place the tip into one nostril, the second index finger pressed to the nasal septum.
  3. Depending on the operation of the device is to bring into activity the mechanism of the suction nozzle. When retraction of the air masses with the mouth movements should be short and frequent.
  4. Bring a secretory discharge from the nasal passage through the tube.
  5. Similar actions repeat with the opposite nasal orifice.

Important! For purification of the epithelium is not recommended to use pharmaceutical products in spray form. The strong flow of the drug suspension dangerous violation of the integrity of the soft tissues.

After using the device with removable nozzles to rinse with warm running water, disinfect, allow to dry.

How to clean nose from mucus the medical bag

The effectiveness of the procedure depends on the correct choice of syringe. Rubber device with a soft tip should be the minimum size to conform to the nasal costly.

The operation is identical with the aspirator: enema shrink until, until you get out all the air, then gently introduced into the cavity of upper body, begin to gradually decompress.

This method is not very popular, because of the following drawbacks:

  • does not remove the mucus from hard-to-reach places;
  • difficult to clean after the procedure;
  • unable to cope with thick miconazole secret.
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As in the previous case, before performing the manipulation, the nasal passages are irrigated with saline or moisturizing drops. The localization dried crusts to increase the duration of drug suspension to 10 minutes.

Important! In the cold of allergic or infectious etiology after completion buried pharmacological agents. Introduction of medicines on the cleansed mucous enhances the therapeutic effect of drugs.

Eyedropper as an alternative to aspirator

Improvised for removing snot from baby use sterile narrow glass vessel. With the metering tube and remove the rubber tip, the base is placed in a nostril. Through a wide hole sucked the mucus mouth.

Replace the dropper can be a syringe without a needle. The pointed cone to place in the projection of the paranasal sinuses, the piston pull until the cylinder has been filled with snot. Rinse the medical instruments with water, repeat the same steps with the other nostril.


Widespread in ENT practice to remove mucus from children received nasal aspirators. Their advantage is that they are not only safe and painless withdrawal of accumulating mucus, but also carry out preventive cleaning of the cavities.

Cheaper methods of suction nozzle will carry the medical bag, pipette, syringe.