How to take drops of Ototon? Instructions for use, recommendations, reviews

How to take drops of Ototon?

Inflammation in the ears can permanently knock a person out of the natural rhythm of life. Viruses and infections that got into the ear, causing severe shooting pains, a feeling of stuffiness, deprive a person of acute hearing for quite a long time. Otitis media and other ear diseases can occur for a long time, causing inflammation of other diseases, so the treatment should be assigned as soon as you notice inflammation.

In order to make an accurate diagnosis, the specialist must conduct an external examination, and then conduct an audiometry, a CT scan and x-rays. Based on these data, the doctor will determine the shape and classification of the disease and will prescribe individual course of treatment. Sometimes doctors prescribe ear drops Ototon manual which spelled out below. The task of the patient to strictly adhere to assigned therapies and prevent relapse of inflammation.

About the drug

Otitis media can occur suddenly or on the background of colds. The easiest of this inflammation be prevented, but if you get too cold or your professional activity can cause the appearance of otitis external or middle ear and inflammation of the labyrinth, decisions have to be taken at the first signs.

One of the types of therapy, is the use of ear drops. Their choice depends on the type of inflammation.

So if you have severe pain, shooting pain, and stuffiness in ears and loss of hearing acuity, specialists prescribe Ototon.

The composition of the drug includes two active ingredients that relieve pain and have anti-inflammatory effect.

The combination of phenazone and lidocaine helps to eliminate the inflammation, thus pain is reduced almost immediately after the introduction in the ears. This is evidenced by the reviews about the ear-drops Ototon.

The combination of local anesthetic and an analgesic component will reduce inflammation and has an analgesic result.

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It is important to know that the product is not absorbed through the skin or mucosa, which is a big plus. However, in the case of perforation of the tympanic membrane, is a systematic absorption of active components.

It is important to note that the action of the drug starts within five minutes after instillation the patient’s ear, and completely pain with otitis pass after 15-30 minutes.

Drops can be used when otitis media as well:

  • to eliminate pain in the middle ear;
  • when perforation of the tympanic membrane;
  • in the case of acute otitis media;
  • swelling caused by inflammation;
  • in the case of viral otitis media;
  • when trauma to the ear.

Despite the activity of the components, this element must be taken with caution for people suffering from allergic reactions. Ototon may cause irritation of the ear canal, itching and burning, and in some cases, skin rashes.

Among the contraindications of the drug separately noted the ban on burial in case of special sensitivity to the ingredients contained in the medicine.

As well as to infections of the eardrum. In addition, do not enter the drug in the ears in case of injuries in the region of the middle ear and tympanic parts.

If the pain you are in the family way or breastfeeding before use, consult your doctor.

In the case of a permit application, it is necessary to strictly follow the dosing means, despite the fact that overdose is unlikely.

Store the pills in the pack out of reach of children.

Ear drops Ototon — usage instructions

Once you have consulted with your doctor and bought the drug must be carefully considered allowed dosage.

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In the case of the treatment of children twelve years old and adults, allowed the introduction of four drops three times a day.

In the treatment of children six to twelve years, enter in the ear three drops three times a day.

And in the treatment of very young children, with the doctor’s permission, insert in the ear two drops morning and evening. Note: specialist may change this dosage according to the nature of the inflammation.

In all cases, treatment should not exceed ten days. After this time it is necessary to reconsider the course of therapy and to appoint physiotherapy.

Before the introduction of drugs into the ears to prevent discomfort, heat a bottle of medicine.

To do this, RUB the bottle in your hand or dip it in hot water.

Do not dip the tool in hot water, as this way you can significantly reduce the shelf life of the drug.

Then Unscrew the cap from the bottle and screw the dropper included in the package.

After this procedure, gently slide the ear lobe down. Thus, you will open the ear canal and facilitate the introduction of drugs. Then, following the dosage, enter the drug in the ears.

After application, cover medicine should be tightly spun and invest in original packaging.


Inna Streltsov: Used drops when the pain, which appeared during otitis media. After three minutes the pain is gone, but an hour later returned. Started taking pain pills again and dripped the drug. After some time has passed at all.

Valentina Mikhailova: Drops Ototon advised the attending when otitis media. The feeling was unpleasant, sometimes ear shot, sometimes pulled. Dripped four drops , and then introduced into the ear, turundas and firmly tied the head. The effect was amazing! The pain was gone in half an hour.

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Vasily Knyazev: I Bought Ototon when severely inflamed ear. Buried three drops morning and evening one day, and the night began to have severe itching and burning. Went to the doctor, turned out to be an allergic reaction to the drops. Then for a long time drank anti-Allergy pills.

Igor Paslavskyy: Ears must have hurt at all. Excruciating pain in the ears bothered me since childhood. In conscious age was examined and bought Ototon. Used almost ten days and the effect was quite noticeable. I was very satisfied with the pricing policy of the drug, however, warn that can give a very serious allergic reaction of lidocaine, part. I’m particularly sensitive to it and even though it is a drug for me.


Pain in otitis media is quite common. It is important not to ignore them and start treatment at the first signs. Do not use drops Ototon without prior consultation with your doctor.

Keep in mind that the medication does not only eliminate pain, but also is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. They can be used in case of pain in children and adolescents, without fear for the consequences because side effects of this drug is almost there.