How to teach a child how to vyskakovaci nose

How to teach a child to vyskakovaci snot?

On the way to adulthood the kids continuously improve the skills of walking, self-feeding, speech. The ability to correctly vysmarkivatsya is among the most important skills of the child necessary for the comfort and physical health. Knowing how to clean the nose, baby will prevent colds and recover faster if the rhinitis has managed to arise.

Why is it important to teach a child to blow his nose?

In the period of acute rhinitis sharply difficulty breathing via the nasal passage is swollen mucous is unable to get rid of the accumulated harmful bacteria.

The older children constantly sniff and babies mucus just trickles down the face. This not only looks untidy but also causes direct harm, aggravating the course of a cold.

The accumulated and thickened allocation in the nasal passages lead to the following problems:

  1. The mouth breathing. The cool air directly passing through the throat, provokes tonsillitis, adenoids and sore throats.
  2. Cough. Detachable nose, down the back of the throat, irritating the lining, causing painful and unproductive cough.
  3. Microcirculation of air. Stagnant nasal phenomenon relates to the risk factor of otitis media is a painful inflammation of the ear canal.
  4. Skin irritation under the nose. Sometimes the skin is so inflamed from the constant moisture that the baby is crying in pain at the slightest attempt of parents to wipe his face.
  5. Oxygen starvation. The thickened mucus prevents proper breathing, depriving your baby of much needed oxygen.

Therefore, it is important to teach the child how to vyskakovaci the nozzle, and as early as possible.

When to start training?

The answer to this question depends on the individual development of each child, his readiness to learn. Pediatricians recommend to instill skill with one year or eighteen months of age. Babies under one year, the nose should be cleaned with vacuum or pears.

Most kids are not excited by this procedure, crying and covering his face with his hands, so to teach blowing your nose with the point of understanding human speech. It is unlikely the baby will immediately be able to vysmarkivatsya, however, he gradually learns this important skill. Mainly, any training is patience and support of parents.

Important! Classes is done only when the child is healthy and is in a good mood — or a possible negative reaction in the form of tears, tantrums and whims.

As a rule, children learn the skills of self-bismarckiana to three years, with regular practice and the help of mom and dad. Training can take many different forms, the main task of young parents is to choose appropriate and systematically applied in the case.

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Teach the child how to vyskakovaci nose: two effective way

For starters, parents should understand that the learning process can take a long time — not all children catch it on the fly. The speed of grafting of the skill depends on the nature of the child’s ability to concentrate, and even how often he gets colds. In any case, with the support of mom and dad’s baby grasps what he should do.

A personal example

Effective way to teach new skills your baby is to show by example. Kids love to imitate their parents, so it is often to show how mom and dad whiffed.

First, can loudly blow his nose, smiling and laughing. This activity will turn your child into the exciting game if he will be in a good mood. The basic thing to understand baby — the air should blow and not to blow. Blowing the nose simultaneously, so the baby will feel the active participation of the parent in the game. After fixing the skill of nose blowing, you can use a handkerchief, preferably with a picture of your favorite characters.

If the application of this method failed, you can vary the exercises by swiping them in the form of a game.

Game methods

Learning through play is always more effective than a simple conversation about the proper use of the handkerchief. Child, enthusiastic fun process, learns faster, and the study itself takes less time.

You can play such exciting fun:

  1. Snort. For this lesson you need to take a book or coloring book with a picture of the snorting animals — hedgehogs drinking milk puppies or kittens. Show me baby how funny snort and turn up their nose, these animals, ask him to repeat it. The prank develops the skills of speech and blowing your nose at the same time.
  2. Playing with a dandelion. During the summer period will be useful during a walk to look for the little white dandelions, showing how fun to blow them down. Effective to alternate exhaling through the mouth and nose — this practice contributes to the formation of speech abilities and the ability to blow your nose.
  3. Foam. With the help of entertainment with air foam turns bathing in the cognitive training. This can in turn blow the formed foam spout.
  4. Paper boats. Another fun option education the launch of the paper boats in the water tank. Only move them need not with your hands, and exhaled nasal air.
  5. Feather. Fun with the movement of feathers on a low table suitable for the small — shift breathing easy subject not difficult.
  6. Puffing train. Show the child what fun sounds train. When the little man learns to imitate the chugging of the train, it is possible to close one nostril and exhale the air is different. Practice will help in the future, the ability to blow my nose each nostril separately.
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After the kid will learn the skill of blowing air from the nasal passage training will be blowing your nose without difficulty. If your baby gets a cold, ask him to recall the game of train or a hedgehog, using the handkerchief.

How to release mucus from the nose?

Pediatricians are advised to immediately teach baby to blow your nose properly — to prevent problems in the future.

How to teach a child to vyskakovaci nose right? There are the following recommendations:

  1. It is unacceptable to blow with excessive force. The resulting pressure can cause otitis and headache.
  2. To blow your nose nostrils in turn. When cleaning the nasal passages alternating clamping each nostril, slightly open mouth. After the procedure, you need to clean the other nasal passage.
  3. Use disposable handkerchiefs. Don’t let the grandparents to use reusable cotton handkerchiefs — this is contrary to the principles of hygiene. Paper handkerchief must be thrown away immediately after use.
  4. Apply salt solutions. If the content of the withered nose, the saline solution will soften the crust. To do this, a few drops of liquid injected in each nostril, after which the baby mismarketed.

Important! Prior to the formation of stable skill or sneeze, parents should help the baby clear the nose.

What to do if baby is damaged?

Don’t push the child if he does not work alone to clean the spout. May need to postpone education for a week or change the teaching method. Most kids are happy to see game animals or by boat. But even the funny antics will bring fun if the little man’s not feeling well, tired or hungry.

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In any case, it is necessary for the example to show how to properly blow your nose. Do it on a regular basis, praise the child for successes and not shame for petty mistakes. And together you will succeed!