How to treat a cold during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester: the threat allowed the drugs

Treatment of colds during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester

In the third trimester the expectant mother is preparing to leave. This is a difficult and exciting period, which requires women the utmost discretion. Any disease developed at this stage, it is dangerous for two reasons. In the first place, it will have a negative impact on the body of the patient and her child.

But more dangerous is the effect of diseases that manifested themselves in the 3rd trimester, the process of future delivery. Even a little cold, moved at this time, may lead to violation of the generic activities. To avoid complications, you must know how to treat a cold during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester.

Possible consequences

Child health depends heavily on the condition of the body of his mother before and during childbirth. A common problem among pregnant women is the flu. The symptoms in women who expect a child, are similar to those of other people.

A woman suffers from a cough, she feels weak, often sneezes.

A standard feature is the presence of pain in the throat.

The disease may be accompanied by runny nose or nasal congestion without discharge. Increases the overall body temperature.

On the female body during pregnancy is excessive stress. Pregnant are more sensitive to the different manifestations of the disease. Therefore, all the conditions described above, are amplified. This degrades women, adversely affects health and livelihoods.

The greatest threat is the flu in the first six months of gestation, when there is its formation. At this time the fetus may be causing substantial harm that will affect his whole life. Girls, for example, this may lead to the development of infertility. It is also possible that defects in the formation of the Central nervous system of the unborn child.

Complications provoked by cold, at 28-40 weeks of pregnancy

Cold, which developed during the 3rd trimester is less dangerous for the baby. At this time the main functional systems of the child are already formed, so the risk of development of pathologies is minimal (however, at the beginning of this phase it is present). But in the absence of adequate treatment can occur other complications. Should be to analyze the danger of a cold during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester. So:

  1. The twenty-seventh week is a transition between the second and third trimesters. At this time the cold with a certain probability can cause delay in fetal development. In the absence of therapy there may be slight physiological deviations.
  2. On the twenty-eighth week may develop hypoxia. The worst complication of colds at this time will be premature birth, which can lead to fetal death.
  3. Since the twenty-ninth week, the cold can adversely affect the placenta, which is premature aging. As a result, the fetus may be deprived of natural protection. Threat in this case is not so much a disease as its treatment. Due to damage of the placenta to the fetus can get not only viruses, but the chemicals used pregnant for the treatment of colds.
  4. The development of a cold at the thirty-third week of pregnancy is no less dangerous because at that time the child’s immune system is still insufficiently developed. She could not provide fruit protection from infectious diseases.
  5. Approximately thirty-fourth week begins the synthesis of the hormones responsible for milk production. In this process take part the placental hormones. Due to colds, the process can be broken.
  6. Cold at the thirty-fifth week may provoke premature birth. In addition, due to this phenomenon, their course can be complicated.
  7. At the thirty-sixth week of the flu can occur detachment of the placenta. In addition, there is a possibility of premature rupture of membranes.
  8. At the thirty-seventh week penetration of pathogenic microorganisms in the amniotic fluid. This thoroughly dangerous, because it can be infection of the fetus.
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Today, experts agree that the most dangerous consequences of cold are hypoxia, disorders associated with the placenta and the risk of premature birth. These factors are the greatest threat to the health and life of the child. The development of a cold just before birth is also dangerous.

Important! If a woman fell ill at the fortieth week of pregnancy, the child being born infected is guaranteed that, taking into account the weakened body of the baby, can lead to death.

On the fetus negatively affects not only the flu and its complications, and therapy of the disease. Any medicines taken by the woman enters the body of the child. Therefore, the treatment of the disease in late pregnancy should be carried out without the use of synthetic drugs. The only exceptions are cases, when the disease poses a direct threat to the life of the baby.

Therapeutic measures

Therapy of colds should begin at the first of its manifestations. This will provide an opportunity to prevent complications, and minimize the harm. However, treatment of pregnant women is complicated by the fact that the consumption of large amounts of drugs in this situation is contraindicated.

Many of the tools that are used in standard cases, can cause irreparable harm to the health of the fetus. Some medications can cause bleeding, development of problems with SSS, the death of the baby.

To start treatment is recommended only after consulting a doctor. In the initial stages of the disease, not to use cold medicine, you can use traditional methods of treatment. They are safer for both mother and child. Among these methods of treatment it is necessary to allocate:

  1. Drink plenty of liquids. Recommended to drink as much liquid as possible. This is perfect teas Linden and chamomile. You can use milk and honey (mix and heat). Allowed juices, fruit drinks. Drinks which contain in their composition mint or lemon balm, can be used in limited amounts. Such measures will allow to bring down the undesirable temperature.
  2. Warming. To get rid of cold and cough you can put mustard plasters on the area of the foot. Suitable hot baths for hands. But soar feet is strictly prohibited.
  3. Inhalation. For inhalation can be used solutions based on chamomile, St. John’s wort, sage, eucalyptus. You can also use hot potato. Such procedures will allow relieve pain, ease inflammation and improve mucus production.
  4. Rinsing the nose. Allow to cope with rhinitis. You can use salt solution, broth based on the bark of oak and willow. Allowed to use «the star».

Attention! In case of allergic reactions to the above components, you should immediately consult a doctor.

The patient is advised to observe bed rest and relaxation. It is desirable to increase the duration of sleep. It is better to avoid any load. The procedure described above, will mitigate the manifestation of the disease to reduce its negative impact on the body of the mother and child. However, they can be used only after consulting a doctor.

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Therapy cold medicines

Quite often to overcome a common cold turns folk remedies. In this case, the need for medication arise. After cure of the disease, it is recommended to take a course of vitamins to improve recovery of the immune system.

However, sometimes traditional medicines are useless. In this case, the delay is fraught with serious complications, so in the course are medicine. Specific therapy depends on the manifested symptoms. So:

  1. At elevated temperatures it is possible to take «Paracetamol» (only in the case of increasing the temperature to higher than thirty-eight degrees). This drug is not only the fever, but also improves the condition of the patient in case of her headaches. Don’t be carried away by this tool. Prolonged use may precipitate complications in the fetus. However, normal dosage is safe for both mother and child.
  2. Pain in throat can be removed by rinsing by using a special solution. It is prepared on the basis of soda and salt. It is also desirable to dissolve the iodine in it (just a few drops).
  3. For the treatment of cough can be used only homeopathic remedies. Use «Gadelica», «Mucosolvan», «Dr. mom» and «Plantain Syrup».
  4. To get rid of a cold you can use drops «Pinosol», «Nazivin».

Caution! «Aspirin» and «keeping pace» may provoke bleeding, so their use must be abandoned.


Treatment of colds during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester is associated with certain difficulties. A large quantity of drugs is prohibited for pregnant women. But ignoring the problem is impossible. In the absence of therapy, the disease can trigger the development of complications, including: infection of the fetus, hypoxia, and premature birth.

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For the treatment of colds it is recommended to use the methods of folk medicine: gargle, inhalation, drink plenty of liquids. If they do not help you can use is permitted in pregnant means. However, you first need to consult with your doctor.