How to treat cough in children: treatment of cough, drugs

How to cure a child’s cough?

Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract in child causes panic and fear of parents. Especially scary if the child is coughing. This reflexive process is a viral or infectious nature of the disease. To cure cough it is important to determine the root cause of the pathological process and install all triggers of inflammation.

Cough often is accompanied by painful sensations in the throat, dryness and itching in the nose and throat, increase in body temperature. The presence of these symptoms indicates a serious inflammation that can be cured medically way. Let us examine, what and how to treat cough in children and will present a list of the most effective medicines.

Causes of cough

Coughing is a reflex process that occurs on the background of acute respiratory inflammation in the Airways. In addition, the feeling of irritation and itching in the throat can occur due to the formation of adenoids or polyps.

How to cure adenoids find out here.

Inflammation in the upper respiratory system often appears due to the development of asthma or dysfunction of the larynx. Additional causes include:

  • the appearance of polyps;
  • getting into the cavity of respiratory tract foreign object.
  • the allergic process;
  • for a long time in a dry place;
  • insufficiently moistened air.

It is important to say that the cough can be a physiological process. This occurs when a child adjusts to new conditions of life. In this case, medication is not necessary.

In most cases, the patient requires urgent treatment, so do not ignore the symptoms of inflammation. Cough should be treated, if the process is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • high body temperature;
  • lack of appetite;
  • sharp fits of coughing;
  • wheezing when breathing;
  • dryness in the nasopharynx;
  • when there is no discharge of phlegm;
  • if secreted mucus has green or yellow tint;
  • when bleeding;
  • with prolonged cough more than one week;
  • during night attacks.

The standard treatment

Treatment of cough in children begins with the diagnosis of the disease. Keep in mind that the inflammatory process in the nasopharynx for a short time distributed to all of the respiratory tract and causes severe deterioration of health of the child.

If the child has no temperature, in the course of treatment consists of certain procedures of physical therapy:

  1. Electrophoresis. This method of treatment allows to enter in the skin and mucous the area drugs using a constant electric current. Read more about this procedure can be found here.
  2. Inhalation. Inhalation of vapors of essential oils and herbs can improve the condition of the mucosa of the nose and bring out the accumulation of phlegm. In addition, inhalation can soften the cough and to restore the function of the nasopharynx. How to conduct inhalation read by clicking on this link.
  3. In some cases, patients administered magnetotherapy. The basis of this treatment on the impact on the affected area with AC or DC magnetic field with treatment and prophylactic purposes.

In addition, it is useful to use mustard plasters, rubbing and some types of alternative medicine.

Drug therapy

After a detailed examination, the patient is assigned a complex effect on the respiratory tract. Usually, experts prescribe the following medications:

  1. Antiviral agents — «relenza», «Tamiflu», «Peramivir», «Kagocel», «Tsikloferon», «Lavomax», «Citovir», «Arbidol».
  2. Antibacterial drugs — «Augmentin», «Ampiox», «Amoxiclav», «Cefpirome», «Cefotaxime», «Cefazolin», «Azithromycin», «Roxithromycin», «Clarithromycin».
  3. Antihistamine medicine intended to relieve swelling in the larynx – «Zyrtec», «Zodak», «Aerius».
  4. Mucolytic drugs – «Fluimucil», «Bronekater», «Muradin», «Mucobron», «Carbocisteine».
  5. Lozenges «Septolete», «Doctor», «Dr. Theiss».
  6. If the cough is caused by a complication of rhinitis, the patient is appointed vasoconstrictor drops «Tizin», «Naphazoline», «Xylitol», «Otrivin».
  7. Drugs that enhance the bronchi – «Salbutamol», «Ventolin», «Salbuvent», «berotek».
  8. In addition, the complex includes the impact of means for rubbing. The best medicines in this region are considered «pulmeks baby», «Other», «Turpentine ointment».
  9. To avoid repeat inflammation is necessary, «Broncho-munal» or «Broncho-vaxom».

For removing of phlegm, in addition to medications, you need to take plenty of water and herbal teas based on medicinal herbs. Medicinal plants are chamomile, mint, thyme, Linden.

Important! Dosing of the medications listed above should be determined by a doctor. Dosage and duration of treatment is assigned based on the nature of the disease, weight and height of the baby, as well as individual characteristics of the organism.

Drugs for the treatment of cough in children

In the course of standard therapy includes cough medicines, and expectorants. Their application is justified with a strong dry or wet cough long-lasting nature. When choosing a drug it is important to know the cause of the inflammation, as well as all accompanying symptoms.

Here is a list of the most popular medicines for the treatment of children.


For the treatment of cough in children 4 or 5 years you can use enveloping and immunostimulatory drug substance — «Gerbion». The remedy prescribed for coughs in the case of infection or due to cold. In addition, do not believe can cure a dry cough in acute respiratory diseases.

Do not believe that it effectively removes mucus and relieves itching and burning in the mucous membrane of the pharynx and nose, uluca overall health of the child. In addition, the drug is assigned in the following cases:

  • spastic cough;
  • in the case of irritative cough with bronchitis;
  • cough in case of bronchitis;
  • in allergic inflammation;
  • cough due to external irritants (tobacco smoke, harmful chemicals).

Despite the fact that this drug is known worldwide as an effective remedy for the treatment of cough, it has number of side effects.

Side effects of medication:

  • itching and hives;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • redness of the skin;
  • diarrhea.

Important! The drug can cause obvious allergic reactions, so before use, please consult with your doctor.


Medicament for the treatment of cough in children from 5 years — «Bronholitin».

Combined medication with expressed antitussive and bronchodilator action, suppresses the cough center, but does not lead to respiratory failure. Thus, the tool improves health and reduces the bouts of severe cough for one week.

In addition to the work incentives of the bronchi, the drug has a vasoconstrictor effect and eliminates the swelling in the mucosa of the nasopharynx and bronchi. In addition, «Bronholitin» has antimicrobial effect and reduces cramps.

To use the tool when coughing, inflammation caused by the following:

  • acute respiratory disease;
  • acute or chronic inflammation of the bronchial mucosa;
  • when inflammation in the bronchi, trachea, or bronchioles;
  • in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • in the case of bronchial asthma;
  • inflammation of the lungs;
  • coughing due to pertussis.

For the treatment of children assigned to ten milliliters means three times a day. If the patient is not ten years should be ten milliliters of the drug in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Important! If during the treatment the child showed signs of high blood pressure or intoxication, treatment should be stopped.


For the treatment of children 6 years of age, the doctor may prescribe «Butamirat». The tool has a bronchodilator and antitussive effects. Due to the active ingredients, the drug reduces the excitation of the cough center and relieve irritation in the mucous membrane of the throat. Thus, the «Butamirat» is used as atkarchives and anti-inflammatory.

Increasing the degree of saturability of oxygen to the blood, in the treatment according to the patients rapid recovery.

For reference! To apply the medication recommended in the treatment of dry cough, regardless of the root causes of its formation.

When you assign a «Butamirat»:

  • for the treatment of whooping cough;
  • in acute infectious cough;
  • in chronic inflammation of the Airways;
  • when preparing the baby for surgery or rehabilitation.


For the treatment of prolonged cough kid of 7 years can assign a «Glaucine». The tool is made in the form of crystalline powder or tablets, has a strong antitussive effect. In addition, the «Glaucine» can be used as a bronchodilator drug.

«Glaucine» suppress the cough reflex, but the drug does not cause impairment of respiratory function, as many similar drugs.

Important! The drug does not cause reduction of functions of the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, so it is safe for the treatment of children.

To apply the tool in the treatment of cough, the root cause of which lies in the following diseases:

  • the inflammatory process in the upper respiratory tract;
  • infection of the lungs or bronchi;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • whooping cough, or pleurisy;
  • for the treatment of inflammation of the lungs;
  • tuberculosis.

You should not take «Glaucine» in the case of low blood pressure or a tendency to arterial hypotension. In addition, the tool is prohibited in case of Allergy to the drug components and with abundant expectoration.


If the baby suffers from dry cough, it is important to transform it into a productive. For this the patient should take plenty of water and warm up sinuses.

To get rid of a cough in children without drugs is almost impossible. Therefore, in subsequent patient is prescribed mucolytics and tools for expectoration of sputum.

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