How to treat ear quickly’s

Than treat the ears?

Pain in the ears is to signal the person about the beginning of the inflammatory process. Ear inflammation can occur as a result of a cold or flu and also act as a complication of viral lesions of the body. To get rid of discomfort, it is necessary to determine the cause of the disease and to go through several types of surveys.

To restore the health of your ears, you need to use a complex treatment. How to treat ear it is important to identify an experienced doctor, as illiterate action can only aggravate the situation.

How to cure inflammation in the ears

Ear pain, swelling, itching and burning, shooting sensations and other symptoms indicate illness of the ear apparatus. With such signs it is important to recognize the disease and begin its treatment.

Ignoring this process is not referred to complicate the process.

Thus, patient to avoid suppurative otitis media or the conversion of inflammation into the chronic stage.

In both cases, in the future, the patient will face a serious and expensive treatment, so it is best to treat the disease in its early stages.

For pain relief and relief of other symptoms, you need medication. Tablets and drops in complex technique will contribute to early recovery of the patient.

Wondering how to quickly cure an ear, it is necessary to establish the cause of the inflammation. But the scheme of treatment for ear inflammation the same:

  1. To reduce the pain the patient will be prescribed analgesics.
  2. To reduce hyperthermia and to facilitate health of the patient needed the medicine.
  3. In violation of the functions of the nasal passages is necessary to use vasoconstrictors. They will reduce swelling in mucous membranes and restore function to the auditory canal.
  4. In acute course of the disease and attacking the body by various microbes necessary antibiotics.
  5. To destroy the source of the disease and improvement of health are appointed by anti-inflammatory medication.
  6. To destroy the development of the fungus in the affected area is required antifungals.

This therapy will be effective in combination with folk remedies for the inflammation of the ear. However, to apply the medication only with the permission of the attending doctor, so seek medical help at the first sign of ear disease.

Antibacterial drugs

When pronounced symptoms and if the sore ear than to help the patient and how to ease his suffering? Such signs of inflammation it is necessary to conduct diagnosis. Usually strong symptoms manifested in the case of a weak immune system and severe development of inflammation.

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For the relief of pain and purulent discharge, doctors prescribed antibiotics.

To apply them it is necessary as a result of defeat of an organism by viruses and bacteria, as well as in the treatment of children.

To apply the treatment without a doctor’s permission is unacceptable, as many medications have serious side effects, and the effect of antibiotic use without control can be quite unexpected. The consequences in this case, irreversible.

Pick up the necessary drug can only the doctor-the otolaryngologist. This specialist conducts a special study of the body and reveals microflora patient. Therefore, antibiotic therapy is held in each case on an individual basis.

In the case of serious inflammatory process patients are assigned to the broad-spectrum antibiotics. The most common drugs:

  1. «Amoxicillin» – a semisynthetic antibiotic substance, possessing a strong bactericidal effect. The drug eliminates gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It is also worth mentioning that the drug is absorbed in the intestines, preventing germs.
  2. «Augmentin» is the medication with wide spectrum of action. Its primary action is directed to the destruction of the aerobic pathogens.
  3. «Ceftriaxone» is a means of having a quick an antibacterial agent in the treatment of severe inflammatory processes in the ears. The drug is administered intramuscularly, due to what has an enhanced effect.
  4. With mixed inflammation of the patient is assigned a «Ampicillin». The drug has antimicrobial effect and destroys many viruses and bacteria in a very short time.

Keep in mind that the use of antibacterial drugs are required courses. If you notice the relief on the third day, it is not necessary to discontinue the course. Thus, you can cause a relapse of the disease and to provoke the emergence of chronic forms.

Antibiotics should be used not less than seven days.

Ear drops

What to drip in your ears, if the inflammation is not serious symptoms? With less pronounced signs are assigned to the patient ear drops. They can contain antibiotics or have nanoeffector.

In the case of viral or infectious inflammation in the ears, the drops become one of the treatments. They are divided into three types:

  1. Anti-inflammatory drugs. The composition of these drops is part of analgesic elements that reduce pain and relieve inflammation.
  2. Antibacterial drugs to eliminate infection and have reduced inflammation in the skin.
  3. Combination medications are used most often. Not only do they destroy the inflammation, but also eliminate germs and infection that caused the disease. The data drops have antibiotics and painkillers components that significantly improve the patient’s condition.

Ear drops are assigned for otitis media of the outer or middle ear catarrhal inflammation of the labyrinth, with the formation of cerumen and strong pain.

In the case of standard treatment, patients are assigned to the following medicines:

  1. «Otinum» – a drug which alleviates the inflammatory process. Has a healing effect and reduces pain in the ears. In addition, the drug softens the sulfur deposits and helps remove them.
  2. «Drops» – antiseptic characterized as a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory medication. Has a positive effect in the injury of the ear apparatus, but also with a strong shooting sensations and other symptoms of inflammation.
  3. In fungal infections of the ears, patients are assigned a «Kandibiotik». The drug has effective anti-allergic effect, and has antibacterial properties. The components included in the composition of the medicament, do not allow to grow viruses and fungus.
  4. «Sofradeks» — a drug, which is a strong antibiotic that has healing and anti-viral agent. Allow the drops to eliminate the inflammation, restoring the patient’s hearing acuity, restore the function of the ear apparatus.
  5. «Normaks» — ear drops, which is very popular in the treatment of inflammation in the ears. Reduces pain and has an antiseptic effect. The drug normalizes the auditory canal and restores the ear bones.
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Keep in mind that in case of perforation of the tympanic membrane the application of drops is unacceptable. In this case, you can cause serious injury and cause irritation of the membrane of the eardrum.

The use of ear drops helps reduce swelling, eliminate itching and burning sensation and also allows you to normalize the auditory canal.


In cases of acute otitis media or purulent secretions of patients complain of a strong pain. They greatly interfere with sleep, the patient loses his appetite and feels tired.

To reduce pain and to restore function of the organ of hearing patient required analgesic drugs.

  1. Combined medicine that reduce the pain and improve the health of the patient «Saridon». This drug helps to lower temperature and rapid recovery of the functions of the ear apparatus.
  2. Non-steroidal drug, which has a strong effect — «Noforn». The drug is aimed at the elimination of the pain and destruction of substances that cause inflammation.
  3. In case of allergic reactions to previous drugs use «Paracetamol». This drug has an analgesic effect in pain caused by colds or viral diseases.

Keep in mind that some medications adversely affect the liver and kidneys. So while slightly sore to use painkillers desirable.

Folk recipes for the treatment of ears

In some cases experts advise to use methods of alternative medicine. Many plants and herbs help to reduce pain and improve circulation. In addition, and warming alcohol compresses often are more effective than the use of certain medications.

To apply the methods of traditional medicine should be only on prescription.

Cope with pain can have multiple recipes. We list the most basic.

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A compress of vodka or alcohol

Rubbing alcohol has an antiseptic effect and helps to improve the condition.

To properly apply alcohol, you must warm the liquid to body temperature.

To do this, hold the alcohol over a steam bath for several minutes.

After that soak in the liquid cheesecloth and wring out the cloth. Apply the poultice to the affected ear pre-greased with a fat cream. Top wrap the ear with tape and close the warm scarf.

Keep the bandage for at least one hour. After the procedure, wipe the ear with gauze disk. Immediately after the procedure, the patient feels considerable relief.

Onion poultice

Onion has long been known for its antiseptic properties. Therefore, when a sharp pain use the bow as a medicinal drug.

  1. Chop the onion and squeeze the juice.
  2. Add in three drops of any oil.
  3. The resulting tool must be wrapped in a compress and apply it to the affected ear for thirty minutes.

The ear should be kept warm and to make sure that the patient was not itching.


Propolis is effective for many ear diseases.

  1. To treat the inflamed ear mix propolis tincture with three drops of tea tree oil or olive oil.
  2. Soak in a mixture of cotton turundas and carefully enter into the ear canal.
  3. Keep turundas should be at least one hour.

Repeat the procedure three times a day for five days.


In severe pain and other symptoms, patients should go to a medical facility. Self-therapy, thermotherapy, moxibustion alcohol tinctures and other methods can cause more serious inflammation.