How to treat fungus in the nose? — Treatment of diseases of the Ear Nose and Throat

How to treat fungus in the nose?

Fungus of the nasopharynx, officially known as the mycosis, a very common inflammation. According to medical statistics today every fifth man in Russia is at risk or already suffering from this disease. The growth of this number is largely dependent on adverse conditions of life or severe environmental pollution, but the main cause is a weak immune system of the body. Due to the anatomical structure, breathing organ exposed to daily attacks of viruses and infections.

With the weakening of the protective functions of the organism occurs a lesion of the mucous membrane and as a result, the multiplication of fungal infection in the nasal cavity. This disease can lead to a number of serious complications, so you need time to identify the symptoms and treatment of fungus in the nose. Do not try to do this on their own, so as to determine the need for antibiotics or the ability to use sprays only by a qualified doctor.

What is athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is primarily an infectious inflammation which is often confused with viral cold. Part of the symptoms of the two diseases are similar, therefore, to determine the type of disease only if the diagnosis in the office of ENT.

In any case a fungal infection is often the root cause of the formation of large amount of mucous secretions or inflammation in the nasal mucosa. Such signs do not respond well to standard treatment and may progress for several weeks. Most often this disease affects children, as their immune system is not yet fully formed and the body does not always cope with the negative impact.

Fungal rhinitis occurs as the first symptom of the disease. It appears in the damage of mucosal or trauma to nasal passage.

Another reason for the formation of fungus in the nose could be a violation of the natural protective function of the mucous membrane.

Answering the main question, which is of concern to many patients, whether in the nose to be a fungus, you can determine the foregoing factors.

It is clear that the candidiasis of the throat is actually an existing disease, but it is important to determine the cause of its formation. From this information depends on the further treatment and therapy is needed.

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The reasons for the formation

Themselves the causative agents of mycosis are inhabited almost every human organism, but its activation and reproduction largely depends on the shape of the patient’s life. To maintain the Airways in the procedure, should monitor the moisture of the mucous membrane. If the surface dries up under different influences, then the nasal cavity pathogenic flora is formed, which becomes a perfect platform for the development of germs or fungi.

The accelerated growth of these particles may depend on the following factors:

  • an acute shortage of vitamins;
  • catarrhal inflammation;
  • trauma of the nose wings or the nasal septum;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • change the anatomical structure of the nasal cavity;
  • a deviated septum;
  • a polyps;
  • dental problems or tooth decay.

Other causes of fungal infection include a severe form of intestinal dysbiosis, and inadequate treatment of inflammatory processes in ENT organs. For the same reason include improper use of antibacterial drugs, or ignoring the need prebiotics.

In addition, to cause the formation of fungus in the nose of a child or an adult may swim in dirty rivers or ponds as well as the frequent use of various vasoconstrictor.

Keep in mind that the use of different drops and sprays without consulting a doctor is impossible. Otherwise it will lead to fungus in the nose.

Thus, we have seen that fungal growth is not fiction and this form of disease really exists. At this time it is important not to ignore the process of reproduction of the fungus in the nose, and to determine the symptoms of inflammation and to begin the necessary treatment.

Please note the photo of inflammation:

Symptoms of inflammation

Symptoms of fungus in the nose in each case may vary, but there is an overall clinical picture. It can be used to determine the severity of inflammation and the form of the disease, although the symptoms are largely dependent on the fungus and its class.

It belongs to the groups themselves to determine it is impossible, therefore ask for help in the lab.

When analyzing the content in the nasal cavity, the doctors will determine the kind of flora and prescribe further treatment.

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In General, the development of a fungal infection in the nasal cavity patients complain of the following symptoms:

  • sour breath;
  • burning and itching in the nasal cavity;
  • dizziness;
  • change tone of voice;
  • profuse discharge of mucus;
  • bleeding from the nose.
  • the formation of ulcers;
  • the deterioration of the sense of smell;
  • the development of tracheitis and bronchitis;
  • copious green or yellow mucus;
  • shortness of breath;
  • long-term rhinitis;
  • discomfort inside the nose;
  • the formation of cracks and ulcers;
  • severe isolation from the wounds in the nasal cavity;
  • violation of many of the functions in the cavity of the nasopharyngeal tissue;
  • the formation of polyps;
  • violation of the integrity of the nasal septum;
  • anatomical changes in the facial structure.

In fairness it should be noted that the last two criteria appear only at advanced stages. In the case of the spread of inflammation there is a risk of fungal sore throat or tonsillitis.

Throughout the development of the disease patients notice the formation of strong tiredness, sleepiness, weakness. Often the infectious fungus is accompanied by a high fever.

The standard treatment

Recommendations for further treatment are assigned only after determining the causes. Modern medicine can get rid of the disease for a very short time, but only in case if the patient will adhere to all rules.

Keep in mind that the treatment of the fungus takes two to four weeks. But if the inflammation has moved to more difficult stage may take up to two months of therapy.

After you have undergone all necessary treatment should undergo additional inspection.

Doctors recommend not to dwell on it and three months after completion of therapy to seek another consultation.

Fungal infection is quite often formed again, so you need to prevent relapses.

In a more complex and advanced cases, the fungus in the nose eliminate with surgery.

But if you asked for medical help in time, the doctor will prescribe medical method of treatment. It includes the preparations of local action, as well as antibacterial medications — Amphotericin b, Terbinafine, fluconazole, Bifonazole, Itraconazole.

Daily use of various ointments designed for the treatment of nasal cavity. To enter in the nose of one of them using a sterile sticks or wicks of gauze. To repeat such procedure at least two times a day.

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It is necessary to take antifungal tablets from the group of polyanov – Nystatin, levorin, Pimafutsin. In case of special sensitivity or allergic reactions to drugs should be replaced by counterparts or to find another treatment. In this case, it can assign Ambisome, Amphoglucaminum, Amphocil, Fungizone.

Required to use such anti-fungal medication for the nose as Ironing, Itrazol, Candidal, Orungal, Rumiko, Oranit. They destroy the inflammation and prevent recurrence of the disease.

There are many drops in the nose from allergies, but the doctors insist on using only Kandibiotik.

In the case of surgical intervention, the patient is prescribed Amphotericin.

This drug the body in operation and will reduce the period of rehabilitation.

In the case of formation of polyps in the nose the first removes these growths, and only then the patient is prescribed further treatment.

Throughout the course of treatment the patient needed restorative medication Aktivanad-N, Askopol, Vitamax, Galeriile or Kapanol. Sometimes these medications replace Milayf or Protopin.


Determining how to treat fungus in the nose, you should know a few preventive rules.To prevent the formation of fungus in the nasal cavity is possible if the time to cure all infectious inflammation. If you recently took antibiotics it is necessary to exclude the formation of intestinal dysbiosis.

Prevention also includes a healthy lifestyle and refraining from harmful habits.