How to treat green snot from a baby: Komorowski, than to treat bacterial snot

How to treat green snot.

Prolonged rhinitis in children often triggers the appearance of bacterial snot. This unpleasant symptom is often the precursor to many inflammatory processes in the upper respiratory tract. Green snot is often cause sinusitis or otitis media. For these reasons, the treatment of green mucus in children should be complex and under strict supervision of doctors.

Young parents often get lost and don’t know where to turn. In this case, come to the aid of numerous videos of Dr. Komorowski. He like no other knows what to do in the first place, to normalize nasal breathing of the baby, and then indicates how to treat green snot from a baby.

The mechanism of inflammation and its consequences

Green snot dangerous themselves, as are the precursors of various ENT diseases. This factor puts parents in a deadlock. Because of ignorance of the consequences of such secretions from the nasal cavity they either ignore the process or treatment of allergic rhinitis by standard methods.

Meanwhile, green snot cause the formation of serious inflammation:

  • SARS;
  • purulent rhinitis;
  • physiological rhinitis;
  • allergic rhinitis.

Complications of rhinitis dangerous for the baby. Often, this form of rhinitis causes the formation of etmoidit.

At this time, children are not only green discharge from the nose and soreness around the eyes and nose, there is a sharp increase in temperature and other unpleasant symptoms.

Other common complications include inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. Sinusitis in infants is pretty painful. He tortures the little patient’s acute symptoms and is manifested by pain not only in the nasal cavity, but above the brow, the temporal area, pain all over the head.

At the same time the kid complains about the abundance of green secretions. The child appears under-eye circles and visibly deteriorating health.

Another consequence of green mucus is sinusitis. During inflammation in the frontal sinus, the baby feels acute symptoms that are hard to get rid of quickly.

The inflammatory process in the absence of a comprehensive treatment apply immediately.

Inadequate treatment or lack of treatment can cause negative educational process not only in the Airways but also cause meningitis. Therefore, even only in the formation of the inflammatory process, pay attention to it and listen to the advice of the doctor Komarovsky.

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The healing process of inflammation

Pediatrician, often hears the question, what to do if snot are green? Komarovsky advises to immediately go to the doctors, as such, the discharge becomes a cause of serious diseases not only in the respiratory tract but throughout the body.

During the formation of the disease, it is important to identify the factors which began the process. According to Eugene O. Komorowski, in this case the treatment will be much faster and without serious consequences.

After determining the root cause and all contributing factors, a well-known doctor to perform the following procedures. It will help to alleviate the condition of the child and reduce nasal discharge.

  1. First, perform wet cleaning in the living room of the child. Second, wipe the dust and moisten the air to the required condition.
  2. If the house does not have a humidifier, wet towels and put them on the battery.
  3. After that you need to do some manipulation already with a sick child.
  4. Clear the nasal passages of the baby. You can use specialized tools, and if the child is still very breast – buy my.
  5. Throughout the course of treatment, the baby should drink plenty of water. Remember that breast milk is not the liquid. Give your baby water, decoctions from the hips or tincture of herbs.
  6. Warm up baby’s feet.
  7. Spend inhalations with infusions of various herbs.
  8. Do not forget to regularly ventilate the premises.
  9. Such manipulation will not cure a runny nose completely, but will greatly ease the child’s condition.

Complex therapy

For the integrated treatment of Dr. Komarovsky advises the following procedure. In the formation of green snot it is necessary daily cleaning of the nose. For this nasal passages, the child should be rinsed with specialized solutions.

  1. To prepare a decoction for washing yourself. To do this, Komarovsky recommends to mix in one liter of warm water 2 large spoons of salt and same of soda.
  2. With this mixture rinse your nasal passages three times a day or as needed.

Small note: if the child is over five years, reduce the amount of water to half a litre.

If preparation of the solution for any reason, Komarovsky recommends to buy a ready-made mixture for washing, which is sold in every pharmacy.

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Washing children do as adults, but only in a horizontal position. Placing the baby on the back, gently put the solution into first one nostril and then the other. Remedy for rinsing must not get anywhere except the nasal septum.


Another means of treatment in the formation of green mucus – inhalation.

Long been known that the inhalation of the vapors on the basis of medicinal herbs allows you to get rid of the inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. The pair not only clean way, but also help to reduce swelling and expectoration of green mucus.

According to Komarovsky, breathe better all over with the decoction of essential oils. The best properties of fir and eucalyptus. These ingredients have a strong effect, so per liter of water should be added only one drop of medication.

Another effective method by which advises are Dr. Komarovskiy — warming. The thermotherapy is best to use in the formation of bacterial snot in children from two years.

There are several ways this procedure, but the doctor advises not to experiment and use warming ointments and daily to warm the feet.

Thermotherapy on the nose should be under a doctor’s care. Warm up passes are best suited bags of salt or cereals. In addition, you can use a blue light or dry heat.


During the protracted process and lack of effect from the treatment described above, the little patient is assigned a medical therapy. Most often it involves taking antibiotics. Unfortunately, if the process of inflammation long-term, to cure the disease without antibiotics impossible.

In case of refusal from such treatment, there is a risk of complications. Green snot is often cause otitis media, sinusitis, pharyngitis and meningitis.

Antibiotics have a devastating effect on inflammation. It is best to deal drugs from the group of penicillins, macrolides and cephalosporins.

In the formation of green mucus is small, patients are often prescribed «Amoxicillin», «Oxaplatin», «Sumamed» and «Azarel».

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The next stage of treatment will be the intake of antihistamine medications. They will reduce the swelling and normalize breathing. Best children suit such medicines as «Core», «Suprastin», «claritin» and «loratadine».

In a list of further treatment includes vasoconstrictor drops and a combination of drugs for nose – «Izofra», «Polideksa», «Sofradeks» and others.

On the road to recovery mandatory homeopathic medicines. They have anti-inflammatory action. For the treatment of children Komarovsky recommends to choose «Gelomyrtol» and «Sinupret».

Treatments at children’s clinic

Treatment of acute inflammation in the respiratory tract are more serious. Most often the child is placed in the clinic, where he daily undergoes physiotherapy.

Usually in a checklist included:

  • UHF-therapy;
  • treatment with ultraviolet light;
  • electrophoresis;
  • magnetotherapy.

When carrying out such procedures is not seen serious contraindications, but still before treatment, ask about side effects and correct treatment.


Treatment of a small child – the responsible thing. Do not take any medication without consulting with your doctor and not rely on tips in the Internet. Remember that in the absence of treatment or improper treatment of green snot can cause very dangerous diseases that can adversely act on the entire body of the child.