How to treat laryngitis at home fast

Treatment at home

Laryngitis or inflammation of the larynx, vocal cords seized, treated, mostly at home. This disease is not considered severe and, if properly treated, lasts for several days. But the lack of proper treatment is fraught with unpleasant complications. They not only prolong recovery, but will be the cause of chronic inflammation of the throat, with aggravation which will change or disappear voice. How to treat laryngitis at home quickly and efficiently – the theme of our article.

Common methods of getting rid of laryngitis at home

Inflammation of the larynx, exciting the vocal cords, is common and they probably ached every adult, but self-treatment it to do not necessary. If you think you have laryngitis, symptoms and treatment at home should be monitored by a physician. Loss of voice with sore throat can be a symptom of more serious pathologies, including tumor-like growths, so if you have these symptoms you need to see Laura.

Treatment at home will be in compliance with the following conditions:

  • Complete voice rest;
  • Bed rest;
  • Drink plenty of liquids;
  • Frequent gargling;
  • Therapeutic steam inhalation;
  • A hot compress;
  • Proper nutrition;
  • The elimination of the causes of developing this disease;
  • Receiving prescribed medicines.

This will be the basic rules of how to cure laryngitis at home. Malaise and fever during the first days of the disease forcing the patient to stay in bed. And rightly so. Because supercooled laryngitis should not be. In acute course of the disease the patient need to observe complete voice rest. Ideally no talking at all or only in a whisper. As copious drinking, you can use brewed teas from herbs and fruit drinks, which contain huge amounts of vitamins needed to increase the protective forces of the body. And to soften the mucous membranes of the throat, you can drink warm milk with added butter and honey.

In the presence of an inhaler several times a day is recommended therapeutic inhalation using them for herbal teas and alkaline solutions. They can add menthol, honey, essential oils. These procedures will facilitate rapid removal of phlegm, to relieve swelling, reduces the severity of inflammation, pain relief and speedy recovery.

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Treatment at home involves and frequent gargling soda solution, tincture of calendula, carrot milk. As well as a hot compress for the night, which put not only the neck region of the patient’s throat, but the chest, as prevention of the spread of the infection downward. For compresses are allowed to use badger fat, fat nutria, rubbing alcohol or vodka.

Equally important in the treatment of laryngitis will be proper nutrition. Because all the food that enters our stomach, necessarily passes through the throat into the esophagus. This means that it should not irritate his inflamed mucosa and delay the recovery.

Therefore, until complete recovery should abandon sharp, salty, spicy, too hot or too cold food. One should also eat crackers, nuts, dry biscuits, in a word all those products, pieces of which can injure the throat. And of course a complete taboo imposed on Smoking and alcohol.

With the way home to treat laryngitis we understood, it remains only to add that the recovery will not come without eliminating the cause of the disease. That is along with the treatment of an infectious inflammation of the throat need to simultaneously treat the flu, SARS and any other infection. To do this, the doctor prescribes medication. Their choice will depend on the causative agent of the disease. With the viral nature of this disease assigned effective antiviral drugs for bacterial and antibiotics. In addition, to facilitate the patient’s condition, he can be assigned:

  • Antipyretics;
  • Mucolytics;
  • Antihistamines;
  • Cough medicine;
  • Vitamins and immunomodulators.

We discussed the General principles of how to cure laryngitis at home. Below we will talk about the features of the therapy in different forms of this disease.

Features of treatment of acute and chronic forms of laryngitis

In the acute form of laryngitis, which is characterized by the appearance of acute symptoms, including hoarseness, scratchiness, hoarseness or complete disappearance of the voice, is recommended primarily to treat the underlying disease. After all, you need to completely get rid of all the pathogenic microorganisms breeding on the mucous membrane of the larynx.

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In addition, you need to take action to alleviate acute symptoms, but to alleviate sore throat sprays, gargles, medicated inhalation. Try not to strain your vocal chords, speaking in a whisper or speaking at all.

Especially dangerous is the acute form of this disease happens in children. Preschoolers and younger students are particularly susceptible to variation about the rump.

The baby when breathing appears whistling, it hurts paroxysmal barking coughing, lips turning blue, it becomes hard to breathe. These attacks usually catch up with children at night causing them to Wake up frightened and start screaming. The situation is quite serious – a swelling and narrowing of the lumen of the larynx that occur in this disease, can lead to extremely undesirable consequences.

Therefore, to refuse hospitalization is not necessary. Acute laryngitis in children is treated, usually in a hospital.

The chronic form of this disease requires a drastic measures. First, the patient will have a full investigation to establish the root causes of this disease. Secondly, it will be assigned a powerful antibiotic, the aim of which is to eliminate all inflammation in the throat and antihistamines to decrease the swelling of tissues. And only after that begins the stage of recovery of disturbed functions of the mucous of the throat and vocal cords, which includes, and reception of medical drugs, physiotherapy, and treatment of folk remedies. In some cases, but, fortunately, extremely rare in chronic laryngitis may be surgical intervention. Therefore, this disease is better not to run.

Folk medicine in quick relief from laryngitis

Folk remedy for laryngitis is actively assigned as an effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of laryngitis in adults and in children. In either the manual of folk medicine, you can find a huge number of recipes to facilitate the course of the disease and contributing to the early cure. Below, we present the most popular ones.

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Means for taking internally:

  • Eggnog – whipped egg yolk with butter and sugar;
  • A decoction of anise seeds with honey;
  • Mint tea;
  • Fig milk;
  • Beet juice;
  • Black radish with honey;
  • Honey with aloe Vera and lemon juice, etc.

Solutions for steam inhalation:

  • A solution of baking soda and sea salt;
  • Mineral water «Essentuki» and «Borjomi»;
  • A decoction of chamomile, sage or sweet flag root.
  • Add in the prepared solution of essential oils and menthol.

Traditional methods of treatment can be used for prevention of inflammation of the vocal cords, especially those people who often need to strain them – teachers, tour guides, singers, politicians, etc.

Methods for preventing the development of laryngitis

Despite the prevalence of this disease, to protect yourself from it is quite real. Especially if regularly its simple prevention. Namely:

  • Completely to give up Smoking;
  • Gradually but systematically, to strengthen the body;
  • Regularly take a course of vitamin therapy;
  • Use preventive candies or traditional medicines;
  • To do steam inhalation for the prophylactic cleaning of the mucous membranes of dust and infection.

With proper treatment laryngitis passes in 7 – 10 days. And if untreated it can become chronic and cause a number of severe complications. Therefore, it is important not to run the disease and promptly take all measures to get rid of him.