How to treat tinnitus folk remedies at home

What folk remedies can cure tinnitus?

Noise, squeaks and other extraneous sounds in the ears is familiar to many people. Basically, these symptoms are temporary and go away on their own. But in the case of periodically occurring noises in the ears requires the examination of the organ of hearing. So, crackling, whistling and other sounds can symbolize about the beginning of the inflammatory process, for example, otitis media.

Therefore, it is important to notice the first signs of illness and begin treatment. In the first stage of diseases of the ear, many experts suggest the traditional methods of treatment. In the case of illness of the child, many parents are unable to choose between drug therapy and traditional recipes. Is it possible to cure tinnitus at home? Answer this question in today’s material.

Means for elimination of symptoms

Other sounds in the ears medical term is called tinnitus. The causes of this inflammation serves a lot of factors. Noise can occur due to extreme fatigue, overwork, physical activity or symbolize about the beginning of the inflammatory process.

If you notice the periodic noises and creaking in the ears, contact a medical facility for diagnosing the state of the organ of hearing.

It is known that tinnitus reduces efficiency, because it reduces the appetite and the insomnia. The person becomes irritable and tired.

It is important to notice these symptoms in the beginning and eliminate the tinnitus. To achieve these goals, the patient is assigned to a bracing collection of herbs and liqueurs, as well as special exercises and massage.

If the inflammation is not of a social nature, the patient is assigned a complex treatment. Often in this case are assigned the popular treatment for.

Effective method is the burying of the bow. It eliminates the symptoms of otitis media, inflammation in the middle ear, and other sounds.

Another effective treatment is considered to be caraway seeds, fresh potatoes and fresh herbs.

To get rid of the rustle in the ear and eliminate the other unpleasant symptoms, you can use tinctures of lemon balm or propolis.

The loss of hearing acuity and noise in the ear use turundy soaked in a solution of daisies and alcohol.

Exercise and massage

Treatment of tinnitus folk remedies involves not only the use of tinctures and solutions, but also massage.

Pressure on points of the ears helps to get rid of extraneous noise and improve hearing and overall health of the patient.

To implement this method of treatment it is necessary to examine a few tricks.

Remember that immediately before the actual massage, you need to wash your hands thoroughly.

  1. First we need to RUB their hands together. Thus, you will warm palm.
  2. Then tightly attach the hands to the ears and begin a slow movement in a clockwise direction. Repeat this movement ten times. At the end dramatically tear off his hand from the ear.
  3. After this, gently RUB the earlobe and tragus fifteen times.
  4. Then insert the index fingers into the ear canal and simultaneously pull them.
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After the implementation of the described simple procedures, leave the ears alone for ten minutes. After this time smoothly and gently wipe the edge of the ear with a cotton disk soaked in alcohol. This will improve the blood circulation of the skin and affect the accelerated healing of the affected cells.

Repeat this exercise every day for one week.

How to treat tinnitus folk remedies

For getting rid of tinnitus requires a comprehensive treatment. We offer you to study carefully folk remedies for tinnitus, to improve the General condition of the patient and to remove unpleasant symptoms.

Recipes from Melissa

The following method was used even by our grandmothers. Its effectiveness is proven by years.

You will need three tablespoons of lemon balm herb. Herbs pour a glass of vodka and let the mixture infuse in a cool and dry place for three days.

Only then introduce the resulting solution in each ear, two drops morning and evening. After the introduction of tincture ears should be closed with tight bandage on for two hours. Melissa has a soothing effect and quickly reduces inflammation.


A favorable effect has product of beekeeping. So, buy propolis tincture or make it yourself.

It is recommended to insist propolis in the refrigerator for one day. Then grate it on a grater and pour hot water.

Fifteen minutes to the top of the saucer will rise unnecessary husks.

Repair it and then drain the water. Only after that pour the mixture into a glass of alcohol or vodka and leave in a dry and dark place for one week.

After seven days, strain the resulting solution. Enter in each organ of hearing three to five drops, depending on the condition of the patient. The ear canal it is recommended to close the point for twenty minutes, and then brush with olive oil. The treatment with propolis is seven to ten days.

Remaining after treatment, the mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than six months.


Strong, the action has a Daisy flower. It removes pain, removes inflammation and improves circulation. Pre-dried flowers must be filled with alcohol and give the flowers to steep for three days. Thereafter, the resulting solution can be used in two different ways:

  1. Strain the broth and moisten pre-made turundy in a large amount of liquid. Gently type them in each ear for two hours. Initially in the ear can cause itching and burning, however, after three minutes the symptoms are. After isachenkova time the ear should be lubricated with fat cream.
  2. Gather chamomile flowers and wrap them in gauze fabric. The patient should sit on a hard chair or seat. Put in the ear of the resulting mixture, and then tie the ears tight bandage. It should be worn at least three hours. After this, the ear should be rinsed in warm water and spread with cream. Ensure that the ears are not exposed to water, otherwise you only increase the pain and other sounds.

Remember that after the procedure is forbidden to go outside for three hours. Therefore, it is best to carry out these operations before bedtime.


Each house has onion, but few know that it possesses many beneficial properties in the treatment of ear diseases. So, in the case of tinnitus, you need to finely chop the onion and then grind it in a blender to a pulp.

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The resulting mixture can be applied by using a bandage on the ear or collect the vegetable juice and enter in each ear, three drops.

Onions will eliminate the side effects after the use for a long time a variety of medicines, as well as contribute to the healing of the affected tissue in the middle ear.

Cumin seeds

To achieve these goals, you can use caraway seeds. Fry them to a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius and wrap in a cotton pouch. From him a long time to come warm.

If the poultice scalding, let it cool and then apply to the aching ear. Keep the bag with the cumin near the organ of hearing, until it cools and then brush the ear with olive oil.

To remove the noise in the ear, you can use the mixture of mashed berries. For its realization you will need the berries of viburnum. Mash them thoroughly and add to the mix a spoonful of honey.

Then wrap the berries in cheesecloth and tie around the ear. Leave the pad on all night and in the morning flush the ear with warm water. The course of treatment is about three weeks through the day depending on the condition of the patient.

A decoction of medicinal plants

To eliminate noise in your ear you can use the following recipe. Purchase at the pharmacy, a decoction of medicinal plants, fill with dried flowers and herbs to 500 ml of water.

The resulting tea should be drink three times a day in small SIPS, and after a week you will notice improved circulation and General well-being. And nausea, the beeping in the ears and other symptoms will take place on the second day of collection.

If during treatment you feel unpleasant odors from the organ of hearing use the following method.

Peel a small potato and cut it into oblong slices.

Dip the two pieces in honey and insert into the outer ear passage, and then put on a warm hat. Continue treatment until complete disappearance of symptoms.

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Inflammation of the ear can be treated with beetroot. For this you need to grate the vegetables on a small grater, and then pour one Cup of warm water. After ten minutes, add to the mix one big spoon of honey. Stir the mixture until complete dissolution of honey, and then boil the solution over a slow fire for fifteen minutes.

Next, assemble the beet mass in a gauze net cloth and wrap the mixture. The patient must be put to one side a sick ear up. Put the compress on the ear and tie your head with a warm scarf. Keep the bandage on for one hour and then wipe the ear baby cream.

Syrup of dandelions

Dandelions effectively destroy the hearth of ear inflammation and help with pain in the head, severe dizziness. Normalize the functioning of liver and nervous system in General.

If the inflammation occurred in the spring period, nature gives you a method of getting rid of nausea, abnormal noises in the ears and the inflammatory process. For treatment, you will need syrup of dandelions that you need to collect yourself. It is important that the total weight of collected flowers was not less than three pounds.

Then take a glass jar and tamp flowers plants layers alternately with sugar.

This must be done before the complete filling of the jar.

Ensure that the sugar was in two times more than dandelions.

Otherwise we will not get the juice of the plant, which is the ultimate goal. Healing the juice will be in two days.

Dilute the tincture in warm water in the proportion one to two.

Take this remedy morning and evening and during the day in small portions.


All of these methods have an effective result and known since ancient times. However, do not risk your health and before starting treatment, traditional medicine, consult your ENT doctor.

In addition, if you have diagnosed otitis media or inflammation of the Eustachian tube folk medicine can be only one way of treatment, but it will not notice the medication.