How to unclog sinuses: cleansing the sinuses of mucus

How to unclog sinuses at home?

Cold like allergic reaction, may trigger the accumulation of mucous secretions in the sinuses. This causes pain, contributes to the development of infectious and inflammatory processes.

Modern drugs help to solve the problem, but they normally have a whole set of side effects. Today, therefore, increasingly the question arises – how to clean out the sinuses at home?

The role and function of the sinuses

In the bones of the facial part of the skull of the person has a cavity. They are completely formed by the age of five and are communicated with the nasal cavity through special passages. These cavities are formed in the facial bones called «paranasal sinuses». They are an important part of the respiratory system of the body.

There are four types of paranasal sinuses:

  • wedge-shaped (main) sinus;
  • the maxillary (maxillary);
  • the frontal (front);
  • cells of a trellised labyrinth.

Help! The size of the sinuses and their shape is different, depending on the specific person. In this regard, each person has an inflammatory process takes place individually.

The sinuses are responsible for normal air circulation in the body. They take part in the disinfection and purification from harmful impurities. If necessary, the air is warmed and moistened. Sinuses also affect the sense of smell and sonority of the voice.

With the development of diseases affecting the sinuses, they can not properly perform these functions. As a result, the patient’s condition deteriorates, he loses the sense of smell, the feeling of discomfort. Today, there are many medical ways to clear the sinuses. You can also resort to traditional measures.

Clearing sinuses

Clearing of the sinuses has several advantages.

  1. First, such a procedure will improve the nose breathing and reduce or completely remove the swelling.
  2. Second, by cleaning you can get rid of pathogenic microorganisms in the sinuses, and to withdraw the resulting slime.
  3. Third, cleansing the sinuses, the patient contributes to the strengthening of local immunity.
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The necessity of the procedure occurs when:

  1. The development of the inflammatory process spread to the paranasal sinuses.
  2. Frequent headaches.
  3. Constant sleepiness.
  4. Chronic rhinitis.
  5. Increased lacrimation.
  6. The presence of cystic lesions and polyps.
  7. Pneumonia/tonsils.

Cleansing the sinuses can be accomplished using:

  • washing;
  • special drops/sprays;
  • warming;
  • baths;
  • eating certain food.

The choice of a particular method depends on the patient’s condition and individual characteristics of his body. To avoid complications it is recommended that before using the methods listed above, consult a doctor.


Washing moisturize the nasal cavity, and promotes the excretion of the paranasal sinuses of pathogenic bacteria, foreign elements and mucus. This procedure has a positive effect on the health of the patient and helps to speed up his recovery.

Lavage you can use:

  1. «Furatsilinom». The product is sold in the form of a solution or tablets. You need to dissolve two tablets of the drug in a glass of warm water, after which the solution stir and strain. Lavage should be three times a day for one week.
  2. Of soda solution. Used for washing and solution based on baking soda. For its preparation you need a spoon (tea) of a substance to dissolve in warm water or decoction prepared from the medicinal plants.
  3. Saline. Widely used in medicine tool. For prevention you can use a solution of weak concentration. To clear the sinuses of pus, it is recommended to apply a concentrated saline solution. The tool contains salt, so it has a positive effect on the liquefaction of mucus, softening of crusts, easing swelling and leaching of pathogens from the sinuses.
  4. Salt solution. It is recommended to prepare the solution, use sea salt. It must be dissolved in a liter of water (amount of salt – teaspoon). Rinsing this tool will help to remove the inflammation and clear sinuses of pus.
  5. Isotonic. This group of drugs used for preventive purposes. You can use «Resolucion», «Saline» or drug «But Sol».
  6. Hypertonic solution. Drugs in this group help clear the sinuses from accumulated pus, eliminate congestion and reduce swelling. Lavage can be using «Quick», «Dolphin», «Aqualor».
  7. Decoctions of medicinal plants. Such teas are completely safe for the body and do not cause side effects. You can prepare a decoction of chamomile, eucalyptus, sage.

Important! Despite the safety of herbal teas, their components can trigger an allergic reaction. Before using folk remedies should ensure no allergies to ingredients.

There are several ways of rinsing the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. It is recommended to this end to use the special tools (rubber teapot, syringe, etc.). In their absence you can use a syringe without a needle.

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The process of washing consists of the following steps:

  1. To gain the solution in the device for washing.
  2. Tilt your head over the sink.
  3. Pour the tool into the upper nostril. To breathe it is necessary mouth. Fluid should run out of the other nostril.
  4. Turn your head to the other side and repeat the procedure.
  5. To blow his nose.

So it is possible to flush the frontal sinuses and other cavities belonging to the nose. Washing allows get rid of the mucus, but to apply it too often should not be. Some studies show that excessive procedures affect the frequency of occurrence of inflammatory processes.

Other ways to clean the sinuses

Lavage is an effective way to clear nasal passages of mucus. However, in some cases, because of various factors, use it impossible. In addition, sometimes the procedure causes fear in the patient, that he is not able to overcome. In such case, you can use one of the following ways:

  1. Use drops/sprays. Well established tools such as: «Phenylephrine», «Protargol», «Oxymetazoline», «Pseudoephedrine», «Collargol». You can also use of vasoconstrictors, but their long-term use promotes the development of addiction.
  2. Warming. The method can be applied only in the absence of inflammation and high temperature. Warm nose should be after the peak of disease, when there is only selection. In this case, the warming will improve the process of separating slime. As material you can use grain, salt, potatoes, eggs.
  3. A visit to the baths. High temperature in combination with high humidity has a positive effect on the respiratory humidification and warming of the body. After visiting the baths to improve nasal breathing makes it easier to bismarckiana.
  4. In some cases it helps to increased consumption of products such as onion, horseradish and garlic. These foods cause sneezing, which may favorably affect the excretion of mucus. However, the use of method is recommended only in combination with other cleaning methods.

Attention! Visit bath for persons with an increased body temperature is strictly prohibited.


Cleaning sinuses can accelerate the healing process and positively affects the patient’s condition. To get rid of mucus and pathogenic elements will help the rinsing, warming, special drops and sprays.

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Most of these funds are absolutely safe for the patient. However, before the procedure it is recommended to consult your doctor.