How to understand that the child has an Earache: symptoms of ear disease

How to determine the baby’s ears hurt?

All young moms are trying to protect the baby from drafts and take care of his health. But keep an eye on the child does not always work and the baby becomes ill. And if the baby in three years can still show and tell what hurts, the baby won’t. Therefore, every parent should know how to determine the baby’s ears hurt.

Almost every second child have problems with ears. Often ear pain is a result of complications after a cold or dental disease. Often after an acute viral illness, the child may develop otitis media.

Symptoms of diseases of the ear in children

But it is not always so clear. Sometimes the otitis is latent form, does not manifesting itself until, as in the cleansing of the ears are pus. If this happens, you should immediately call medical staff, and the child to provide bed routine.

Such a common in children symptom is pain in the ears, can be triggered by the following factors:

  • inflammatory disease of neighboring organs;
  • pathology of the neck vessels or the brain;
  • damage to the nervous system;
  • of the tumor.

Help. Any disease and pain has a different character: stabbing, shooting, crushing. Often accompanied by additional symptoms.

Many parents do not know how to act and how to understand that the child has an Earache. To determine symptoms the child should know the child’s behavior in a standard situation.

Parents are required to be wary if you change the behavior, especially if he becomes cranky and cries constantly. Additional symptom of pain in the ears is constant scratching of the ear of the patient.

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A simple way to identify the child pain in the ear area – moderate pressure on the tragus. If the action for a child is painful character, he will try to take the hand of a parent. Thus, inflammation can be noticed at the primary level.

Note as well is how the baby behaves during the period of falling asleep. If he can’t for a long time to fall asleep and tries to find the optimal position, it is possible that this action is directed at relief of pain. In this case, it is necessary to put the thermometer. Often the disease is accompanied by additional symptoms are a high temperature.

Important! The parent should carefully examine the ear hole baby with a flashlight. Even slight reddening can say that the child has an Earache. These symptoms are reason enough to call the medical staff at home.

Symptoms of ear disease in infants

To notice symptoms of illness in infants is quite difficult. Experiencing sharp ear pain, babies are cranky and restless, almost not sleep. But at this age, babies can cry for a variety of reasons, so you need to pay attention to other symptoms. How do we know the hurt the ears of infants?

That the baby experiences discomfort, particularly pain in the ears, clearly say the following:

  • a refusal to accept the bottle;
  • the avoidance of breastfeeding;
  • high temperature 39-40 degrees;
  • discharge from the ear in infants;
  • loss of sleep and crying at night.

To check symptoms in infants you should use the same method – click on the joint cartilage of the ear. The baby will turn his head and rotate it to minimize the pain.

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If you take the baby, then it is likely to calm down as his body takes on a vertical position that facilitates pain sensation.

Important! If you suspect otitis media in infants, you should immediately consult medical personnel. Because at this age all diseases are developing rapidly, which leads to negative consequences in the future.

How to relieve ear pain in a child

Before to treat ear, you should consult with your doctor. But usually the child experiences pain at night. Shooting pain causes discomfort to the kid. So he does not sleep with his parents.

For the relief of pain is to make a hot compress made of several layers of gauze. It should be wetted with a solution of vodka with water in a ratio of 1:1. To make a poultice only after lubrication of the ear with vaseline or cream. This should be done cautiously, with the ear canal must be opened.

If a sore ear will be the solution, it would exacerbate the pain. The drops into the ear hole to dig is impossible. Applied the poultice is covered with a layer of wool and zamatyvaetsya bandage. This method allows you to remove the pain until the morning and rest the tortured child.

Attention! If the ear is already flowing pus, the compress cannot be applied. It is better to use a cotton swab with a solution of boric alcohol.

Knowing how to test to see whether the ear ache in a child, to notice symptoms of the baby will not be difficult. But remember that any disease is better to prevent than to treat it.

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Inflammation of the ear is a negative factor that may lead to irreparable consequences. For getting rid of this danger is to maintain good hygiene and be treated with full responsibility for the treatment.

Need to prevent inflammation and to try to minimize hypothermia in a child. Should follow the contact with the ear small items. And it does not need to leave the child unattended.