How to warm up the ear at home: is it possible to heat with pain

How to warm up the ear at home?

Ear pain is often a consequence of the outbreak of the inflammatory process. Usually a sharp or aching pain occurs when SARS is one of the complications of flu or sore throat. Warming up ears — one of the safest ways to combat inflammation. Speeding up the blood flow, the heat has a regenerative effect on damaged tissue.

In some cases moxibustion is the best treatment, especially if we are talking about young children and pregnant women, the body which should not be subjected to the dangerous effects of antibiotics. Consider whether it is possible to warm the ear, if it hurts or pledged, and how to do it right.

In some cases, shown thermotherapy?

Warming of the ears is recommended:

  • in case of severe ear pain, edema, inflammation of inner, middle and even outer ear;
  • in conjunction with the intake of anti-inflammatory agents and other physiotherapeutic procedures;
  • to improve the immune system and restore the skin.

Heat is a natural barrier to further infection of the ear cavity. During the warming accelerates metabolism, increases capillary permeability, increases epitelizatia tissues.

Warming the ear is accompanied by a redistribution of blood. Warmth positive affects that the chemical composition of the blood, enrich the tissues with oxygen. In the latter case, there is dilation of blood vessels.

Help. Being exposed to thermal effects, peripheral receptors are responsible for the innervation of the tissue are restored. The result disappears the risk of developing conductive hearing loss and other complications.

Indications for the application of heat are pain and congestion in the ear, accompanying diseases such as:

  • indolent forms of chronic otitis media;
  • injuries to the muscles and bones of the jaw and the ear;
  • adhesive otitis;
  • autofone;
  • hearing loss.


To reduce the risk to life and health situation, it is important to know about when you can warm the ear, and when to do it absolutely should not be.

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Thermal effects are best avoided:

  • in the case of catarrhal processes.
  • when otree;
  • in the presence of benign and malignant tumors;
  • when rupture of the eardrum.

In the case of dangerous inflammation, local heating can cause the growth of pathogenic bacteria. The result will be not the anticipated recovery, and the defeat of healthy tissue in the inner ear.

Attention! In the presence of pus in the ear, warming it is contraindicated, moreover, they are extremely dangerous.

Avoid self-medication. The use of conventional heating pads, any other warming means may cause the development of serious complications. When the ear hurts or it’s mortgaged, it is better not to risk and to address to the otolaryngologist. The doctor will definitely answer the question whether it can be warm at home.

How to warm up the ear at home

There are more than 10 different ways of warming up the ears. Depending on the specific situation, the otolaryngologist may recommend the patient to use for heating dry or wet heat.

In the first case, the patient can be used as warming means:

  • warming lamp (reflector of Minin);
  • wool scarves, shawls, hats;
  • compresses of heated salt.

During the dry process for restoring the tissue of the ear do not apply the liquid substance.
The method has almost no contraindications, because it has an effect only on the outer ear.

Wet heat treatment involves the use of honey, alcohol, oil and herbal compresses. The method is contraindicated in tuberculosis, inflammation of the lymph nodes, trauma to the skin, pregnancy.

Warming the ear with salt

Consider how warm the ear with salt:

  • to prepare a warm compress necessary linen cloth and salt;
  • salt poured on a heated pan;
  • warms up.
  • placed in a bag and puts the patient’s ear.

Help. Use the bag with the heated salt is the most effective and convenient method of thermotherapy.

For convenience, you can put compress on the pillow and lie on it so that it completely covers the sore ear. Keep a small bag of salt you want as long as it cools off.
The procedure should be repeated up to 3 times a day.

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Blue lamp

Warm the ear quickly and without special difficulties will enable blue lamp — reflector of Minin. You can buy it at any pharmacy. The device is a lamp emitting infrared rays.

Penetrating into the damaged tissue, infrared heat, eliminates stagnant processes. Radiation relieves pain, reduces swelling, improves blood flow, affects the infiltration, increases elasticity and tissue regeneration. In addition, the blue lamp kills bacteria, preventing their re-emergence.

The procedure involves systematic 15-20 minute warming lamp the patient’s ear. The patient should lie on one side. Reflector is better positioned relative to the ear at a slight angle so that the outgoing from the lamp beams cover all the space around the ear. Distance from the ear to the lamps should not be more than 50 centimeters. The procedure is safe, it can be repeated up to 3 times a day.

Attention! At a temperature, fever, hyperthermia, use the blue lamp, or any other source of heat is absolutely impossible.

The use of alcohol and oils

Alcohol and sunflower oil have been used for the treatment of pain in the ears. To achieve the therapeutic effect of the oil, or alcohol (alternative may be moonshine or vodka), is heated to a temperature above ambient, and then used as ear drops.

You’ll need a small eye dropper and a cotton swab. Alcohol or oil to dial in the pipette, and drip into ears (2-3 drops each) and insert a cotton swab. After that, it is better to lie on your back and wrap the head with a woolen scarf. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day. The therapeutic effect is achieved after 2-3 days after initiation of treatment.

Important! Thermotherapy involves the absence of the patient having to make sudden moves and to go out.

After conducting the above procedures: move to fresh air should be no earlier than after 1,5-2 hours, wrapped the head in a warm shawl and wearing a hat. In the winter time from going to the street and do is to refrain.

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Other methods of heating

If you don’t know what else can warm the ear with pain, pay attention to a simple warmer. If one in the household is not available, use plain hot water bottle. To avoid burn injury, the bottle it is better to wrap in a thick cloth and put my sore ear.

No less effective are considered ear fitoveta. The affected ear should be kept warm. If necessary, the cap and handkerchief are not removed even in the room.

Whatever you are going to warm up the ear at home, do not forget that the use of heat implies the absence of acute inflammatory process in the ear region. Heat therapy has many contraindications, especially in cases involving young children.

For pain and congestion in the ear there are many reasons. In some cases, pain in the ears indicates the presence of more serious conditions than a simple cold.