How to warm up the nose at home kids: devices for heating

How to warm up the nose?

Before at home to warm the baby’s nose, you need to know all the details of this process. Improperly performed procedure, not only can not bring long-awaited results, but also to aggravate the situation.

Warm up – the first and most frequent procedures that apply when the slightest manifestations of rhinitis. That is why the question about the correctness of doing so is particularly important.

Warm up when cold

Rhinitis or a runny nose can have various causes. Most often this is due to the poor quality of the environment, environmental pollution, allergic reactions and infection. Of course, in the case of the allergic nature of rhinitis, then warm up at home will not be effective.

Only when bacterial and viral infections that they caused rhinitis, warming will be most effective. To carry out such treatments only if you see any of the following symptoms:

  • for a long period of illness;
  • nasal discharge purulent type;
  • a high body temperature.

The maximum effect of the warming you can get if you start the procedure from the very first moment, as soon as there were first symptoms, including:

  • of mucus from the nasal passages;
  • burning in the nose;
  • swelling of the nasal passages;
  • dryness of the mucous;
  • the constriction of the capillaries in the nose.

In the presence of pus in the waste mucus or protracted course of the disease, it is best to abandon this method of treatment, as in this case, the procedure will do more harm than good. Due to the warming of inflammation, this process may increase significantly.

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The infection may move to other organs, eyes, sinuses, ears, and in severe, even in the brain. It is also recommended to refrain from such procedures in sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, and sinusitis.

If there is a transition of rhinitis in chronic stage or begin to develop different complications against this background, it is imperative to seek qualified professional help. Self-treatment is unacceptable.

How to increase the efficiency of heating?

Warming up the nose when cold will be effective only if it conducted at least 3-5 times a day, for several days. A single procedure will not speed up recovery.

To speed up the process of recovery, in addition to heating, it is recommended to apply lavage with saline, inhalation and instillation. Treatment is due to the expansion of blood vessels in the lesion and improve the blood circulation that allows to do the following:

  1. To remove puffiness.
  2. To restore the normal operation of the mucosa.
  3. To regain stable breathing through the nose.

In addition, due to such thermal warming in General strengthens the whole body, the nervous and vascular system.

How to warm up?

Most often, thermal procedures use ordinary table salt, which is available in every kitchen. It must be heated in a bowl or pan, then take the fabric and wrap the salt, making the pouch for therapy.

Before beginning the procedure, the patient should lie on your back placing a pillow under his head. These bags of salt should be placed on the face so that the heat was the maxillary sinus.

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The process of warming up should not take more than 15 minutes then need to rest a little and then gradually get up. Warming up the nose of children, for convenience, you can perform the procedure in the sitting position, distracting his cartoon.

Besides salt, are popular and boiled eggs. Eggs are boiled, then wrapped in a natural fabric and is the process of warming, in the same way as salt.

In the room where there will be a process of heating, should be dry and warm, and there should be no drafts. Moreover, the thermal effect with a cold should be aimed not only on the face and maxillary sinus, but on the palm as well as foot. Thanks to the activation of certain points in these places, is the speedy deliverance from the disease.

Warming lamp

In addition to the classical methods, there are also devices for heating the nose, which are referred to as reflector of Minin (blue lamp). This is a great treatment for rhinitis, which has a number of advantages over other methods of dry heating:

  • heat penetrates deep into the subcutaneous layers;
  • the absence of any risks associated with the possibility of burns.

This lamp can be used at home and used not only as a treatment for adults but also children. This is a very convenient method of warming for children, as it can be applied in the moment, while the baby is sleeping.

Lamp does not disturb the child’s sleep, as it emits a very dim light and has no contact with the person. To optimally determine the distance from the lamp, you should test it on your hand, but in any case closer than 20 cm further than 60 inches from his face, the lamp should not be.

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Lamp warm-up of the nose and throat at home help even the youngest children, but one session should not exceed more than 5 minutes. For children from 5 years old, this time can be increased to 20 minutes. The procedure should be performed twice a day and after 3-4 days will be visible the first result.


Thermal treatment using lamp, salt or boiled eggs during cold, very effective. The main thing is to approach this case and to comply with all recommendations for use. This is necessary in order to benefit and not harm from such procedures.