How to wash out a nose syringe at home

How to wash the nose with a syringe at home?

The most affordable method of getting rid of acute and bothersome rhinitis is a nasal wash with a syringe. This method is used since ancient times and has established himself as one of the most effective methods in the treatment of prolonged cold. Rinsing of the nose and improve breathing, and normalize functions in the upper respiratory tract, getting rid of the mucous secretions and the cleansing of the nasal cavity from bacteria and viruses.

To carry out this procedure in a medical facility and at home. Obviously, before carrying out such an operation it is necessary to study the mechanism of cleansing the nasal cavity and use the right tools. To cleanse the nasal cavity is necessary to choose a special syringe that will allow you to enter in the nasal passages the exact amount of saline. How to choose the necessary elements for washing out this material.

Why is it necessary

During the formation of a rhinitis it is necessary to take urgent measures, as the cold becomes the root cause of the formation of many other inflammations. Most often in case of untimely treatment of acute rhinitis in patients is formed sinusitis, otitis media, blockage of the Eustachian tubes and other diseases of the respiratory and ENT system as a whole.

In order to avoid acute inflammations, specialists prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

One of the methods of getting rid of the mucous secretions of the cleansing of the nose with a syringe and special solutions.

Such a procedure can be carried out in a hospital, but most often a nasal wash syringe and carried home.

Not many people know how to wash the nose at home with a syringe and often make mistakes. Injuring the nasal mucosa, patients formed additional detrimental factors that negatively affect the body of the patient. It is therefore very important to study the mechanism of washing before the procedure.

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The nuances of the lavage syringe

Many patients with regard to such a procedure are thinking whether it is possible to wash the nose with a syringe? There is nothing to fear, as with proper operation, even at home the possibility of trauma is reduced to zero. Immediately after the lavage, the patients feel better. Many patients report that nasal breathing is returning to normal almost immediately. In addition, cleansing of the nose improves the flow of mucus and the release of the respiratory tract with obstruction of the channels.

Thus, this procedure cannot harm the patient. But you must consider some important rules when choosing the tools for washing.

To enter saline or means for rinsing the nasal cavity is necessary to choose the correct size syringe. It is not recommended to replace this tool any other, as only a medical syringe without a needle is able to enter into the cavity of the sinuses necessary amount of irrigation solution and not to cause injury.

How to choose the right syringe for washing

When washing the nose is most significant is the right choice of syringe. First, note the size of the instrument. The standard syringe should be no more than twenty milliliters, but for rinsing the nose and fit a size ten. In any case, do not purchase the syringes less than five milliliters. In this case, the memory is insufficient for nasal lavage.

The second moment of the preparation for the nasal lavage with the choice between reusable and disposable syringe.

When rinsing of the nasal cavity is not required sterile instruments, as the nostril is prone to frequent contact with the environment.

When washing or rinsing of the nose infections are eliminated by themselves, so you can purchase a syringe that is designed to be reusable.

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When selecting such a tool will not forget that it should be washed before each use. For washing the syringe, you can use warm running water with ordinary soap.

Some patients replace the standard syringe on the syringe for nasal irrigation. This tool is divided into several types:

  • the syringe of the first type is designed for lavage and suction of mucous secretions from the nasal cavity;
  • the same view of the syringe and for washing mucous membranes in the body, and also for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes;
  • there is another kind of syringe. Its main uses are: setting mikroklizm. It differs from the tool of the first type with a plastic tip.

When buying a Turkey Baster pay attention to its appearance and not to be confused with an instrument designed for other purposes.

When choosing the medicine to wash it is necessary to seek help from a qualified physician or consult with a pharmacist. Most often patients suffering from nasal congestion and a large accumulation of mucous secretion, prescribe solutions on the basis of salt.

It is best to use table salt, or more specialized tools like drugs such as saline, Renolux, Phrase, Otrivin-Bebi Dolphin, But Sol. They gently and delicately eliminate all the isolation and normalize the patient’s breathing.

How to perform the procedure

After tool selection and appointment of all necessary medications for washing you can go to the most hygienic procedure.

To wash the nose only in case of nasal breathing. When it is difficulty or complete absence should drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drugs and wait from ten to twenty minutes. Only then you can start the procedure itself.

For proper irrigation of the nasal cavity should:

  1. Prepare a mixture of salt water or other medicines.
  2. Enter the remedy into the syringe twentieth of the size.
  3. Remove the needle and insert the tip into the nasal cavity.
  4. Enter the tool for washing gently and without sudden movements. Previously, close the other nostril with your hands. After the introduction of ten milligrams means remove your fingers from the other nasal cavity.
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If the procedure is performed in accordance with the requirements of the other nostril must drain all the liquid from mucous secretions. Therefore, the procedure of washing with a syringe or syringe should hold over a sink or basin, his head bowed to one side.

In some cases, a liquid for rinsing can flow out through the mouth. In this case, should not be afraid, as it is quite a common situation.

Immediately after washing, you cannot go out or enter in the nose remedies for the treatment.


Cleansing of nose by the introduction of specialized tools sometimes the only solution when treating the common cold, so do not ignore this method of treatment. It is of great importance solutions which you intend to conduct the operation.

In addition, pay attention to the size of the syringe and the mechanism of the procedure. If you are unsure of your actions, please seek qualified help.