How to wash the nose with saline child: can I wash the sodium chloride and how often to wash

Can I wash the baby’s nose with saline?

Saline is a multifunctional drug, which is characterized by the presence of antibacterial and healing properties. The drug is used for the treatment of various diseases.

Doctors recommend the use of sodium chloride for flushing of the nose children. With it, provides not only treatment but also disease prevention.

Features manipulation

Everything the parents should know how to wash the nose with saline child. The characteristics of the manipulation directly affects the quality of treatment. During the procedure it is necessary to take into account the age of the youngest patient.

For gradnica

Rinse nose with saline breast baby needs with the utmost care. During the rinsing, you need to ensure that the newborn was calm. Otherwise you can damage the mucous membrane of the nose. Most often, manipulation is performed using an ordinary pipette. It is necessary to dial the saline and the drip nose boy.

Rinse nose with saline for the baby, you can use the dropper bottle. In some cases, a small pear, which is characterized by a narrow and soft tip.

Doctors recommend to use a bottle that has a nozzle spray.

If not found the above devices, then you can use an ordinary syringe without a needle.

If used for washing the pipette, it is necessary to enter in the nose baby a few drops.

If you use the syringe or the syringe only when the child is lying on its side. In the upper nostril and inserted the tip of the fixtures and results solution. Fluid intake should be done gradually so as not to scare the baby. Manipulation should be carried out until, until the liquid begins to exit from the other or from the same nostril. Next, the kid should turn to the other side and repeat the procedure.

To wash the nose a child under one year with any necessary adaptations only after consultation with the doctor.

2-and 3-year-old kids

If the child is 2 years, then rinse the nasal cavity is performed using different techniques. The child must be put over a wide capacity and lowered his head down. Chin peri this necessarily have to touch the neck. The kid should be asked to open your mouth as it will lead to a cure. The introduction of the salt solution is carried out using a syringe or Turkey Baster. Fluid intake should be under pressure.

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After complete leakage of the first dose of saline to repeat the lavage or switch to the other nostril. After washing, it is recommended to ask the child to blow his nose, which will completely get rid of the accumulated mucus.

If the child is 3 years and there is a strong nasal congestion, before washing we recommend the use of vasoconstrictor drops. If the child is afraid of manipulation, then it is mandatory to calm him down.


To treat older children use the flow-through washing. Manipulation is indicated for congestion of both nostrils. Is strictly prohibited to perform rinsing with one clogged nostril.

In this case, there may be ingress of gidromaster in the Eustachian tube, damage to the ear canal. In order to carry out the rinsing, you need to ask the kid to turn his head to one side. The solution is poured into the upper nostril and comes out through the bottom.

Important! In order to eliminate the possibility of liquids in the throat, a little patient should be asked to pronounce the sound «And» that will lead to the closure of the larynx. Such manipulation will allow to eliminate the possibility of getting liquid in your mouth.

Children of senior school age often recommend the application of the method of active rinsing. It is that fluid as quickly as possible moved in the cavity.

Rinsing is carried out with the use of the aspirator. For this purpose, two soft tubes are inserted in the nose of the patient. One of them is the flow of a fluid into the nasal cavity, and the second – instant of its pumping. During the washing, the child should be in supine position.

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Avoid getting the solution into the oral cavity of the child is necessary to ask constantly to say «cuckoo» during washing. That is why the method is often called a cuckoo.

Find out how to wash the nose with saline at home?

The link information about whether it is possible to wash the nose drug Dolphin?

You can also use mug Esmarch. It is a reservoir for liquid, which connects the tip with a soft tube. Set the circle over the patient’s head at a height of half a meter. The introduction of the tip is in one of the nostrils. It is made by pouring liquid from a reservoir.

Breathing when the patient needs a nose. The best quality wash allows this device due to the ingress of solution into both nostrils. In order to provide a comfortable nasal breathing in more clogged nostril is introduced a large amount of fluid.


Adolescents can carry out washing of the nose using a small teapot. It must be pre-sterilized.

The baby’s head when rinsing needs to be on your side. In the upper nostril of the patient is necessary to fill the tool that will leak through the bottom. When the nasal passage will flow pure water, then you need to change direction. Manipulation is considered to be carried out only when the leakage of clean water from the nose.

Most parents do not know whether you can wash the nose with saline kids? Rinsing the nose is not only permitted, but also recommended by doctors. This is due to its efficiency and safety.

How often to wash

First of all, parents need to know how often to wash the nose with saline for the baby?

  1. If the baby is observed in disease of the nasal cavity, rinsing is recommended 1-2 times a day.
  2. For the prevention of these diseases is recommended to use 1-2 times a week.
  3. When using a pipette to rinse the nose manipulation should be performed 2 to 5 times a day.
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  1. The undeniable advantage of rinsing the nasal cavity is easy — it is necessary to drip in nose a few drops of medication or spray 2-3 times.
  2. To conduct the rinsing you must use the drug at room temperature. If the solution will be very hot, it can cause burns. When you use over the cold means there may be fear in a child. Saline from the common cold in children should be applied regularly.
  3. Rinse to make sure that the jet strength was weak. Otherwise the tool can get into the respiratory tract.

A runny nose is a serious pathological condition in which difficulty breathing child. To eliminate this condition it is necessary to conduct comprehensive treatment.

Auxiliary means is a nasal wash. Conducting the rinsing is performed by several methods. The selection of a specific of them depends on the age characteristics of the child. Before rinsing parents must consult a pediatrician.