How washed the nose with sinusitis in the home

How to washed the nose with sinusitis at home?

Profuse discharge with a cold accumulate in the sinuses of the patient. Person difficult to breathe as his swollen mucous membranes. However, many patients do not know how to get rid of pus, which blocks the nasal passages. The sinus rinse nose with saline?

Instructions for the preparation of the solution

Pour 200 ml of water a quarter teaspoon of salt. To enhance bactericidal properties of the liquid, add a drop of iodine. Before the procedure to ensure the safety of funds.

Too concentrated salt solution will irritate the lining of the nose. With the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the process of rinsing you need to add fluid in small amount of water.

How to perform the procedure

Lavage of the sinuses when sinusitis is designed to remove pus, which is the cause of headaches. Pain associated with the violation of the outflow of mucus, which begins to accumulate in the nasal passages of the patient.

For nasal lavage can be used:

  • syringe;
  • syringe.

The solution temperature should be around 25-30 degrees. To clear mucus from the nose in an adult require at least 400 ml of fluid.

The solution for rinsing the nose with sinusitis should be fresh. The procedure is performed above the sink. Before the cleansing of the nasal passages you need to blow your nose.

To remove snot from babies, you can use the aspirator. Do not make sudden movements in the cleansing process of the nose. Babies are too delicate mucous membranes, which can accidentally damage. This will lead to the occurrence of bleeding.

Select the method of cleaning will depend upon the extensiveness of the inflammatory process. In some patients, the infection only affects the sinuses. In this case, the washing can be confined to the cleansing of the nasal passages.

In some patients, the inflammation affects not only the sinuses, but also the throat. In this case you need to use a different technique of washing.

To clear mucous, you need to tilt the head forward and close one nostril. Thereafter, the patient draws liquid in opposite nostril. So it is possible to achieve a better purification of mucus, which worsens the patient’s condition.

In accumulating secret begin to multiply pathogenic microorganisms. In humans, inflammation occurs, which is concentrated in the area of the sinuses.

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With the help of a syringe

Doctors recommend washing out the nose with sinusitis in the home to quickly get rid of unpleasant symptoms. However, before use of the solutions you need to consult with your doctor.

Constraints can be associated with the patient’s age, individual characteristics and comorbidities.

The patient may experience Allergy symptoms to certain substances contained in the solution.

This leads to edema of the mucous nasopharynx. Special care to the choice of drug should be approached in the treatment of children.

Narrow nasal passages complicates the process of purification of mucus, which stands out in the cold.

Too rapid flow of the solution may cause damage to mucous membranes. On its surface causing abrasions and microtraumas.

Features of use of the syringe

Experts advise to regularly rinse your nose with sinusitis. Thanks to the syringe, the patient can quickly remove the pus, which causes the development of inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx.

When you select the syringe you need to choose a model having a volume of about 200 ml. This amount of solution should be sufficient for purification of one nasal passage. It is better to abandon the idea to use the syringe with rigid tip.


In the process of washing of the nasopharynx must adhere to the following rules. With the introduction of the liquid into the nasal passages, you need to hold your breath. This technique will allow to avoid hit of water in the auditory tube.

Failure to do so may cause the development of otitis media. To prevent inflammation of the ear need to tilt your head and get rid of the salt solution.

The frequency of procedures

How often to wash the nose in the sinus? To eliminate unpleasant symptoms sufficient to carry out the procedure of cleansing the nasal passages 3 times a day. This will help to get rid of pus, which complicates the breathing of the patient.

The duration of treatment may depend on severity of the disease. Due to lavage solutions on the basis of sea salt can prevent the development of colds.

Contraindications to the procedure

The nose cannot be washed in the following cases:

  • in the process of diagnosis revealed the tumor, which was formed in the nose of the patient;
  • if the patient is too weak vessel walls.
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Effective solutions

How washed the nose with sinusitis? The choice of an appropriate drug depends on the patient’s age, the presence of Allergy to certain substances. Below is a look at the most popular types of solutions for washing of pharmacies.


Dolphin helps cleanse the mucous membranes from pathogens. The solution has antibacterial properties and accelerates the recovery processes of the mucous membrane.

After a few treatments the patient start to recover function of the epithelium. In humans, increased immunity and normalizes water-salt balance in the nasopharynx.


In the production of drug uses sea water from the coast of Brittany.

Tool for nasal irrigation is available in bottles of 5 ml.

Each with a special tip, which greatly facilitates the use of tools.

It can be used to dispense the amount of sprayed liquid.

In sterile water retains all the minerals necessary for healing mucous membranes of the nasopharynx

Other types of pain

Preparations for washing liquefy mucus and facilitate its removal from the nose. These include other types of pain, which consists of sea water, the past sterilization.

In the composition of the fluid includes chlorine, magnesium, sodium and calcium. Due to such structure, the solution moisturizes the mucous membranes of the nose and reduces swelling.

The solution reduces the viscosity of mucus and facilitates its excretion from the nasal passages. Constant stress suppresses the activity of pathogenic bacteria that multiply in the nasopharynx of the patient.

Aqua Maris

The composition of the solution includes not only sea water. In the liquid there is dexpanthenol, which accelerates the regeneration of damaged cells. The solution helps with atrophy of the nasal mucosa, sinusitis and rhinitis.


The product contains sterile sea water, which has a beneficial effect on the nasal mucosa.

The solution helps patients suffering from allergic and viral rhinitis.

Physiomer cleanses the nasal passages of mucus, which contains allergens and pathogens.

It normalizes the functioning of cells responsible for the secretion of mucus in the sinuses.

Physiomer soften peel, which is quite difficult to remove without damaging mucous membranes. The tool helps to eliminate swelling, promotes healing of small abrasions.


Remember to boil water as it might contain pathogenic microorganisms. After dissolution of the drug should be a yellowish liquid.

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Nose to rinse in the normal way. The solution is administered into the nasal passages of the patient 4 times a day. The procedure should be carried out within 7 days. Contraindications to the use of Furatsilina is the idiosyncrasy.

Patients with renal disease and predisposition to allergic dermatitis better to choose another drug.


The drug helps with bacterial rhinitis.

Before washing is necessary to drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drops.

Dioksidina solution reduces the viscosity of secretions and destroys harmful bacteria.

The tool is able to quell even the most persistent strains of pathogenic microorganisms.

The drug should not be used by pregnant women, children under the age of 16.

Dioxidine can harm people suffering from kidney disease.

Important! The tool can be used only after consultation with your doctor.

Some patients experience side effects:

  • the temperature rises;
  • appear cramps;
  • there is a headache which deprives the patient of rest;
  • disrupted the digestive system.
  • the patient may begin insomnia.

Herbal teas

Infusions based on chamomile or yarrow has antimicrobial effects. They clear the nose of pus, stop the inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx.

Important! From nasal lavage herbal concoctions have to give patients who are prone to allergies.


A nasal wash helps eliminate symptoms of sinusitis. Solutions based on sea water soften crusts and facilitate the process of their removal from the nasal passages.

When washing the patient gets rid of mucus that contains the toxins and pathogenic microorganisms. Cleansing the nasal passages facilitates the patient’s condition and speeds recovery.