Hurt and lays his ear: what to do, and how to treat

What to do if laid my ear and it hurts?

Not everyone can answer why it hurts and lays her ear, even though this phenomenon is quite common. Headache and stuffy ears can indicate several pathological processes. To understand how to eradicate the problem in this situation, you should first identify the cause.

She may be hiding in the organ of hearing and the pathology of adjacent organs. In any case, doing it yourself is contraindicated, it is much safer to refer to the otolaryngologist for accurate diagnosis. To ignore such pronounced symptoms is not necessary, it can lead to partial or complete hearing loss.

Causes of pain in the ears

Congestion of the auditory apparatus is the consequence of disorders in the auditory tube and tympanic cavity. It creates a kind of blockage, not giving full force to catch the sound pulses. Itself clogged ear is caused due to the fall in the channel of a foreign body, it can be an excessive amount of sulfur, liquid, purulent discharge.

If the congestion goes along with pain, this indicates the beginning of the inflammatory period. In the process of activity otolaryngologists often hear from patients that the ear hurts, planted and hard of hearing. List that able to give such a reaction on the body:

  1. Changes in atmospheric pressure. Malaise can happen in low pressure drop, for example, in the train, plane, subway or Elevator. It all depends on the individual tolerance of the organism. Usually the symptoms of vertigo, pain, and congestion are intermittent and go away on their own.
  2. Increased intracranial pressure. When blood circulation are the organs of hearing, and there is migraine. Sometimes the disease is accompanied by the appearance before the eyes of flies is a bad sign, talking about the disease.
  3. Stuffy nose. During inhalation, the middle ear and the Eustachian tube is air. When inflammation of the nasal mucosa, the pressure inside the tympanic cavity decreases, and the membrane is pressed, resulting in an increase in pressure of the inner labyrinthine fluid and the reduction of auditory perception. Along with this, there is a headache, the severity, knocking in his temples.

To specify the exact reason for causing congestion with pain, maybe only a preliminary diagnosis and examination from the doctor. The fact that these symptoms may not be related to each other.

The spectrum of disease, occurring with similar characteristics is quite extensive, pathology can be a part of not only an otolaryngologist, but as you have seen a neurologist and cardiologist.

Diseases fall under suspicion

When ears pop and shot in the head, not a pleasant feeling. Usually these symptoms are of short duration. However, congestion takes the form of a long and headaches on the contrary amplified. This may be the result of:

  1. Ear trauma.
  2. The middle or inner ear infections.
  3. Proskvozilo ear.
  4. Infections.
  5. Sulfuric tube.
  6. The overgrowth of tonsils.

To determine the true cause of the pain and congestion of the ears, the doctor just needs to hear complaints from the patient, and after inspecting Otoscope. If the disease has not been identified, prescribe other tests such as acoustic reflectometry, timpanometry or impacientes.

Methods of eliminating disease

What to do if laid my ear and it hurts, and the doctor’s visit will happen soon? When you know the reason, and it does not take the severity, discomfort can be dealt with independently. To reduce pain can be almond, sea buckthorn, and olive oil. The heated solution is introduced into the ear, then take a rest.

To deal with the pain sensation you can use onions or horseradish. You must obtain the juice of one of the ingredients and bury the affected ear 3 times during the day. You can also mix the squeezed onions or garlic, wrap in gauze, put in your ear at night.

It is permissible to use a swab of honey. The use of folk remedies are only able to ease pain and congestion in the hearing aid.

Only a doctor can fully answer the question, why laid, and sore ear how to treat it.

An Earache with a cold or the flu

When cold, inflammation from the nose can go on the mucosa of the auditory tube, it gives swelling of the Eustachian tubes, causing congestion and ear pain. Therefore, to eliminate, first of all, the source of the inflammatory process, and incidentally to carry out symptomatic therapy.

You can use the vasoconstrictor nasal drops. They clear nasal passages and relieve stuffy ears. For elimination of the common cold will fit the drugs Immediately, Physiomer, Oxymetazoline, and Naphazoline Grippferon.

You can also make your own solution of baking soda or salt, for washing the nasal sinuses. The process is not pleasant, but gives results. In a glass of warm water, place a tablespoon of salt. The solution is washed not only the nasal passages, and ears. It disinfects the passage and softens the tube, if available.

If he had an Earache, then laid what you do not know, you can try a weak solution of manganese. It several times injected in the ear with a syringe, without the needle.

Well proven propolis tincture and camphor oil. One of the selected features are applied on a cotton swab, then on compression the paper. Lay the compress in the ear and kept there for a few hours. Wound the ear with a scarf, to warm up.

When there is no desire to inject anything into the ear canal from congestion, it is possible to do massage. This extends the lower jaw, and are circular motion. Exercises should be run intensively, but carefully, there is a risk to dislocate her jaw. The proper execution comes with characteristic clicks.

In the following exercise closes the nose, attempts exhalation. Cotton will signal that the pressure of the middle ear returned to normal. More to relieve congestion, you can begin to swallow with active regularity. To have the process go better, it is possible to take chewing gum.

If the ear blew

Generally, the purged ear makes itself felt in the dead of night. At first, the symptoms are not pronounced, so not many people pay attention to them. Over time, the ear pain starts to increase, there is sometimes congestion, noticed deterioration of hearing.

If the process is run and does not provide urgent measures, there is inflammation, and painful sensations rise to the level of a toothache. Then to treat a sore ear will have drugs, under a doctor’s care. When sick and laying down the ear, and what drug you do not know what to doctor visits, to correct the situation on their own. If there is no temperature, you need to warm up the affected ear warmer or salt.

Into the ear canal you can place a swab moistened with onion juice and produce heat bandage. Drip purged ear can camphor oil. This is done morning and evening 1-2 drops in the ear canal. But the decoction of chamomile is perfect for washing.

You can still make a poultice of camphor alcohol. To do this, the gauze behind the ear should do the hole. Wet it in the solution, to put the hearing aid on and then wrap everything with a scarf. No less effective is the compress of vodka. Cotton wool soaked in warm vodka and draped it around the ear. Then wrap the ear with tape, cover it with a handkerchief.

Fungal infection

Infection is not dangerous but cause discomfort and pain can. The disease appears due to fungal infections that thrive on the inner walls of the ear. Raise the alarm is necessary, when the ear begins to itch, and with increasing intensity.

After penetration of microbes in the skin, there is congestion, discomfort and soreness. All this passing is accompanied by a variety of color watery secretions. If time does not begin treatment, the infected begin to suffer from headaches with a permanent character.

Usually if the fungus outer prescribed ointment Nystatin, levorin, Multifuncion, Canesten. But you can use in the initial stages to self-treatment. To prepare the solution is mixed in equal proportions with warm water, hydrogen peroxide, ethyl alcohol.

The resulting mixture is introduced into the ear and hold for a minute. After it can be eliminated with cotton swabs. The treatment is carried out three times a day for ten days.

You can prepare the ointment from the clove of garlic and tbsp of vegetable oil. Chopped garlic oil cook two hours on low heat. The resulting ointment smeared the affected area of the ear. Another equally effective tool is the juice of a walnut.

From nuclei squeezed juice and smeared them my ear. Further impregnated with a juice and a tampon is placed inside the ear canal for two hours a day. And also you can do a drop from a bow. Onion juice five drops injected in the ear before bedtime for 4 days.

Inflammation of the ear — otitis media

Since this disease is an inflammatory disease and is divided into several types, the treatment will depend on the nature of the disease itself, as well as localization of the disease. However, before going to the doctor to take a few standard measures.

To eliminate the pain you can drink Paracetamol, Analgin, Aspirin, etc. After the drip vasoconstrictive drops in the nose Naphazoline, Galazolin, Oxymetazoline, Nazivin, which will reduce swelling, and will reprove the General condition.

In addition, to reduce pain, use of hormonal and non-hormonal ear drops type Sofradeks, Otinum, Garazon. To know what a drop is allowed to drip from the pain in ears can be found here. Also it is appropriate warming ear any known method. If the otitis external, you can handle it with green paint, so over the 4 days.

Zelenka has warming and infectious means, so the result will be noticeable. If you want to place into the ears the juice of onions, garlic impossible, if the disease is accompanied by pus, it is forbidden to make a moist hot compress.


Congestion and ear pain can be caused grey. When the secret is accumulated a lot, and then it gets wet, there is a swelling of the sulphur, leading to a feeling of stuffiness. To remove a sulfuric stopper by yourself is impossible. His manipulations it is possible to push deep into the ear or damage the eardrum.

If you have no opportunity to speak to the doctor, then to extract the cork can be at home, observing the rules to remove it.Should take 3% hydrogen peroxide, apply it on a cotton swab, then install inside the patient’s ear for half an hour. This procedure will soften and partially dissolve the plug.

You can act differently. In a sore ear drip 2-3 drops of peroxide and wait while he drained the contents. But to completely eliminate sulphur does not succeed, the peroxide will only allow it to soften, thereby reducing congestion.

Remember, these actions is done if you are sure in the presence of cerumen, if you have perforation of the eardrum or infection, such manipulation is strictly prohibited.To completely eliminate congestion, as mentioned previously, you manganese.

A weak solution of potassium permanganate typed in a syringe without a needle. After a quick and sharp taps of the contents of the syringe is injected into the ear canal. Repeat procedure 2-3 times.

If cerumen is formed in the ear of the child, as it is safe to remove it here.

The overgrowth of tonsils

Mainly in childhood, the child’s body is actively interacting with infections of various kinds. Lymphoid tissue as of the pharyngeal ring, and the whole body respond to infectious stimuli.

Lymphoid tissue of the pharynx, inflammation of the nasal mucosa gives the reaction in the form of overgrowth of the tonsils. Due to hypertrophy of lymphoid tissue, there is a decrease in the passage of the Eustachian tube, there is a feeling of stuffy ears and pain. To ease the symptoms before going to the doctor, the methods presented in the beginning of the article.


Preventive measures, often prevents this kind of diseases because it strengthens the immune system. But in any case, when the first bells should not self-medicate and wait for the development of pathologies of the auditory organ. Traditional medicine can help to relieve pain and congestion, but without identifying the true disease to begin effective treatment will not work.

Though folk remedies have established themselves well, you need to be careful not to neglect traditional treatment. Is the first opportunity to visit a doctor and consult with him about combining procedures to guide the action of agents in the right direction.

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