Hurt your ears in the cold: how to treat at home

How to treat colds ear at home?

In the season of cold weather, many are wondering what to do if prostudio ear. Inflammation in the ears by frostbite or complication of catarrhal inflammation appears quite often. Patients most often complain of pain and shooting sensations. To determine if how to treat sore ears with a cold, it is necessary to pass diagnostics in the office of the ENT doctor.

Often described symptoms occur in other forms of inflammation. To prescribe the correct course of treatment, the patient has to undergo several types of studies and to determine the nature of the disease. Self-treatment in this case is unacceptable, but there are several recipes that can ease the symptoms of pain and other symptoms.

How to understand the ear zastuzheny

Earache with a cold occurs as the first symptom of inflammation. For colds or the first signs of otitis media the patient feels discomfort in the region of the middle ear. The inflammation may be severe acute or develop gradually, but in both cases, the need for timely treatment.

Inflammation in this area can be caused by many types of diseases, and also due to mechanical impact or ignoring the rules of hygiene. Other reasons include:

  • allergic reactions;
  • long-term use of medications;
  • untreated sinusitis;
  • long-term rhinitis;
  • hypothermia.

Cold in the ears occurs mainly in children, but is often found in adults. If you do not start the treatment of colds in time, the inflammation can turn into chronic stage and lead to serious pathological processes.


Despite the fact that the fairly common cold ear inflammation it is useful to clarify the symptoms of the disease. If you have a long time runny nose and sore ear, it is necessary to address to the otolaryngologist, since this is the first signs of inflammation.

Other symptoms zastuzheny ear include:

  • pus;
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane;
  • swelling of the ear;
  • unbearable pain;
  • shooting sensations;
  • strong pressure on the eardrum;
  • the secretion of mucous fluid;
  • the hearing impairment.

With such signs it is necessary to correctly diagnose the disease and begin the correct course of treatment developed by the doctor-otolaryngologist.

How and what to treat colds ear at home

After diagnosing the nature of the inflammation, the doctor will prescribe medication.

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But not always, the patient has the opportunity to speak to a qualified doctor.

In such a situation to postpone treatment is unacceptable, so use the following tips.

  1. If the cold ear made on the educational background of the inflammatory process, get a special vasoconstrictor drops.
  2. In the case of acute pain it is necessary to use painkillers based on paracetamol or ibuprofen. They will provide not only reduced pain, but also act as anti-inflammatory drugs.
  3. Most often doctors prescribe a combination of drugs, which include antibiotics – Sofradeks, Otofa, Kandibiotik and others.
  4. In case of strong pressure on the area of the tympanic membrane need to use polymyxin b Rivanol, Decamethoxin, and others.

Enter the drops in the ear is permitted strictly on the dosing pipette. Its advance must be processed alcohol-containing preparations or dipping in hot water. So you disinfect the drug.

Before the introduction of drugs in the ear heat up a bottle of medicine to body temperature. So, you will improve the effect from the medicine.


In the further course of treatment should include the following drugs:

  1. The virus often affects the area of the nasopharynx. To cleanse the sinuses get Litozin drops Sulfatsil-sodium Gasolin Nazol and others.
  2. These medications will reduce swelling and reduce pressure on the area of the eardrum.
  3. If the inflammation has moved to a heavier phase, the patient needed antibiotics — Tsifran, Flemoklav.
  4. Do not forget to clean the ears of a purulent discharge. To do this, use hydrogen peroxide.

For external use, use boric alcohol and oils. Don’t bury alcohol-containing substances in the ear canal. Thus, you can injure the skin and cause burns. In addition, alcohol can lead to rupture of the tympanic membrane and disrupt the function of the hearing aid.

Apply these medicines only with permission ear doctor. Many drugs have serious side effects, so before use, carefully read the user manual.

But if you are not able to consult a doctor in the next few days, take advantage of other methods of treatment. At home to alleviate the symptoms of the common cold in several ways.


To eliminate pain and other symptoms patients use heat compresses, turundy soaked in medicines and oils. Best of all cold ear to be treated in the following ways:

  1. Finely chop the onions.
  2. Squeeze the juice of the vegetable and add to it three drops of olive oil.
  3. Stir the mixture and soak a gauze in the composition of the flagellum.
  4. Enter turundas in the ear canal for fifteen minutes.
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This recipe will help relieve swelling and pain, but not eliminate these symptoms to end.

Onion and linseed oil

To reduce pain and other discomfort you need to purchase linseed oil.

Add to the oil an equal quantity of onion juice.

To do this, grind the onions to a pulp and squeeze the juice.

Stir this mixture and soak cotton wool in it.

Then enter it in the ear canal for a few hours.

Repeat this procedure every day once.


Effective result have different tinctures. They can be purchased at the pharmacy, but have made themselves more effective action.

To make a tincture, you need to choose the main ingredient of the solution. They may be the roots of the raspberry, rosehip, as well as on the basis of propolis. Bee product has the best effect, so to make home tincture is recommended to choose this ingredient.

To do this, purchase propolis and chill it in the fridge. After a couple of hours the product is ready for manufacturing solution.

Grate it on a coarse grater and pour boiling water for thirty minutes. After that, drain the water and pour the mixture in two cups of rubbing alcohol.

The tincture should be left in a dark place for thirty days. If the pain becomes unbearable, it is possible to drip the solution is already fourteen days after the infusion.

In addition to the tincture of propolis with protogenos ear, you can use sunflower oil mixed with an alcohol extract of propolis in a proportion of two to one.

Then make turundas and soak it in the solution. Then insert in the ear canal for an hour.

Tincture of propolis can be replaced by a purchased solution of calendula. Before the introduction of the in-ear solution to be diluted with water in equal proportion. Moisten the cotton wool in the resulting tool and enter in your ear for half an hour.

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A good therapeutic agent have different broths. It is best for making broth suitable Bay leaves or chamomile flowers. To prepare the broth in a saucepan you must add two cups of water and add the selected ingredient.

Then bring the broth to a boil and leave in a dark place for three hours.

Bury the resulting solution required ten drops in the sore ear and simultaneously ingest three tablespoons.

To prepare the infusion of chamomile is necessary to fill the dry flowers in hot water. Cup, leave for thirty minutes and then strain. Take the medicine orally, and also conduct flushing of the ears.


For colds ear first to get rid of the pain. To do this, preheat the pan a small amount of salt or grain.

Then collect the mixture in a gauze bag and apply to the aching ear.

Apply these bags every three hours.

Immediately after the procedure the patient feels a decrease in pain and improvement of blood circulation in the affected location.

Preventive measures

Regardless of the choice of treatment, consult a doctor for advice. Sometimes alternative medicine can give a significant result, and in some cases be detrimental.

Remember that inflammation is easier to predict than to cure. Therefore, preventive measures and try to protect the body from colds and viral diseases.

Do not forget to vaccinate against colds and flu, and also do the vaccination against pneumococcal infection.